4 Best Tanning Mitt Alternatives

tanning mitt alternatives

Getting a beautiful tan is not only possible during bright and sunny days. Most people like to create the glow using self-tanning products. Applying the self-tanning lotion using a mitt is the best way to spread the product evenly and get a gorgeous tan.

What if you don’t have a tanning mitt? The fake tan may look unnatural or blotchy, and that’s why you need some good tanning mitt alternatives. Most people use a tanning mitt to apply the product (self-tanners),

Often those who use these self-tanners also prefer using a tanning mitt to apply the product evenly. This would probably help you resolve the blotchiness and tan line issue.

Tanning mitts are like oven mitts, but are designed with a porous and soft cloth. It feels like velvet! The mitts are famous and can be easily purchased from shops.

The application of self-tanning products using a tanning mitt is simple. You use the same motions as you use while applying a moisturiser.

In case you don’t have a tanning mitt, you can still apply the self-tanning product. There are some great tanning mitt alternatives that you can choose from.

Here’s an article that unravels the tanning mitt alternatives you can try. Take a quick look!

Are Tanning Mitts Expensive?

Tanning mitts are available in different price ranges. You could get a cheaper one, but ideally, women prefer buying a high-quality tanning mitt.

In some cases, you just want to use a DIY method to apply self-tanning products. It’s convenient to DIY with objects that are easily accessible in your home.

As you move forward, we will tell you about the best tanning mitt alternatives.

List of Tanning Mitt Alternatives For You

1. Rubber Gloves

In case you don’t have a velvety tanning mitt, consider using rubber gloves. Rubber is not a porous material, so the product won’t stick when you apply it on your skin.

The surface is even and non-porous, so the self-tanning product/solution will spread evenly. You will get the most natural look when you apply the product using a rubber glove.

2. A Delicate and Soft Sock

You might be wondering whether a sock works to apply the tanning mitt product on your skin.

Ensure using a smooth sock to prevent skin irritation. Since human skin is delicate, you may end up hurting yourself with a harsh and rough sock. The only downside is that the sock material will absorb a lot of the tanning product.

If you feel that you are much more comfortable using a sock, wear it over your hands and get started with the tanning lotion application.

3. Using Your Hands

You can use your hands as a tanning mitt alternative. Although experts don’t recommend it, you have better control over the hand movements when you use bare hands.

Take a handful of self-tanning lotion and slather it evenly on your body. The only downside of this method is getting an uneven look.

Moreover, your hands will also absorb the lotion and you will get an orange palm in no time. Ensure that you wash your hand after applying this lotion to your skin.

4. Cling Wrap Film

Cling wrap films are easily accessible. Apply cling wrap film around your fingers and start applying the self-tanner on your skin. You will not see any blotchiness when you apply the lotion using a cling wrap. The biggest advantage of using cling wrap film for self-tanning is – you won’t get a stain on your finger.

How Do You Apply a Self-Tanning Lotion Without Using a Mitt?

Now that you know about tanning mitt alternatives, you can use any of the above for good results. Ideally, a rubber glove or a sock would give better results. Avoid using bare hands as that might lead to an uneven appearance.

No matter what you choose – make sure you spread the tanning lotion as evenly as possible throughout your skin. Be very careful around the creases such as the back of the knees or your ankles. There is a possibility of the lotion spreading unevenly on bumpy areas of the body, so you have to be extra careful.

Once you are done with the application, make sure you wash the sock or the glove and even your hands.

Concluding Thoughts

Getting a natural tan under the sunshine is the best, but if you need a fake tan, select a safe and high-quality self-tanning lotion.

If you are not buying a tanning mitt, purchase a tanning mitt alternative that’s smooth and does not harm your delicate skin. You have to be as gentle as possible when applying self-tanning lotion for that beautiful glow.

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