5 Best Tanning Goggles To Protect Your Eyes

Best Tanning Goggles To Protect Your Eyes

There is no denying that tanning beds have become one of the most popular choices for developing a gorgeous sun-kissed glow. Twenty minutes in a tanning bed gives the same effect as 2 hours under the sun. Being less time-consuming, people are opting for tanning beds more.

Since tanning beds emit UV rays to develop a tan, it is essential to protect the skin from damage. Apart from skin, protecting the eyes is more crucial because UV rays can harm the eyes abundantly.

Wearing high-quality eyewear ensures that your eyes remain safe from harmful UV rays. So, seeking a pair of eyewear that fits your needs and preferences is a must.

Here we have hand-picked the best tanning goggles you can have while entering the tanning bed. Check them out!

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Super Sunnies Evo Flexible Tanning Bed Goggles UV Eye Protection Black GlassesBuy on Amazon
USUIE Red Light Therapy Glasses And Tanning GlassesBuy on Amazon
Angrycat Tanning GogglesBuy on Amazon
JILERWEAR Tanning EyewearBuy on Amazon
Flex Pods Tanning Bed GlassesBuy on Amazon

5 Best Tanning Goggles To Protect Your Eyes

1. Super Sunnies Evo Flexible Tanning Bed Goggles UV Eye Protection Black Glasses

Super Sunnies Evo Flexible Tanning Bed Goggles UV Eye Protection Black Glasses

With the ability to block 99% of UVA and UVB rays, the eye protection from Super Sunnies provides the best protection for indoor tanning. They are made with black plastics, which are stiff yet flexible enough to sit comfortably on your eyes.

The nose bridge in this goggle is flexible and high rising, allowing an easy fit for all facial structures. Moreover, it comes with an elastic headband to adjust or fit perfectly, irrespective of the head size.

The eyes cups are slim and eliminate the possibility of the raccoon-eye effect. It is advised to handle these eye protection glasses with care as they may get scratched easily.

All in all, it is an affordable tanning bed goggles with a high-rise nose bridge, consisting of an elastic headband and slim eye cups. However, this tanning goggle won’t fit perfectly if you have large eye shapes.

2. USUIE Red Light Therapy Glasses And Tanning Glasses

USUIE Red Light Therapy Glasses And Tanning Glasses

USUIE glasses can block light and keep eyes well-protected from all types of harmful radiation. It is made up of durable polycarbonate. Being an ultra-light goggle, there is no need to worry about carrying weight on your nose bridge.

So, whether you use it for light therapy or tanning beds, it will work excellently. We can say that USUIE glasses are blackout glasses ensuring that you won’t be able to see anything with them.

The company claims that these goggles block the light of wavelengths 380~1500nm. It improves visual clarity and reduces eye fatigue.

The edges of the goggles are polished and smooth, making the frame comfortable to wear for long durations. At the same time, the grille provides enough ventilation and prevents fog formation.

You get a cloth with these goggles to clean the glasses whenever required and a case to keep them in good condition for years.

Therefore, being durable, lightweight, comfortable, and stylish and coming with side grilles is all that makes USUIE tanning bed goggles one of the best to have. Remember to use them only while lying down as they black out.

3. Angrycat Tanning Goggles

Angrycat Tanning Goggles

Coming at a highly affordable price, the tanning goggles from Angrycat are perfect for use in the tanning bed. The best part is they are suitable for both- sun tanning and tanning bed.

When you use these goggles, everything looks dark green, making them suitable for light therapy. They have been rated at wavelengths 200-2000 nm.

The adjustable strap ensures that it will fit any size of the head without causing tan lines that look very bad. Furthermore, being lightweight, they do not pose any difficulty near the nose bridge, making them suitable.

Angrycat tanning bed goggles come in a plastic box so that you can carry them anywhere without the hassle and keep them in good condition for decades. It comes in a pack of two with a thin and adjustable strap. Moreover, the affordable price makes them more appealing.

4. JILERWEAR Tanning Eyewear

JILERWEAR Tanning Eyewear

Protecting 200-540 nm lasers, this tanning eyewear from JILERWEAR resists the invasion of UV, purple, green, and blue lights, except red. The polycarbonate lens ensures 360-degree protection. At the same time, polycarbonate makes it durable and long-lasting.

The curved frame minimizes eye fatigue and headaches– a common problem associated with eyewear.

The best part about this tanning goggle from JILERWEAR is it meets all the critical standards like EN207, A1EN207, and A1. Therefore, you can use it not only for tanning beds but also for freckle and hair removal laser devices.

Another good thing is the design of this eyewear, which makes it possible to wear prescription glasses underneath. You need to check the measurements before buying. You get a quality glass case, making it easy to carry them around.

5. Flex Pods Tanning Bed Glasses

Flex Pods Tanning Bed Glasses

Available in a variety of colors, these flex pods look super cute and are perfect to use in tanning beds. You can choose bright, neon colors, including orange, green, pink, blue, and purple.

They can block 99% of UV rays, keeping your eyes safe. At the same time, it allows vision, making them an ideal choice to use while tanning in the tanning bed.

The use of soft and flexible material makes this tanning goggle even more appealing. It stays comfortably on the nose, gives a soft, cushioned feeling around the eyes, and provides a relaxed fit. It comes with an elastic string, although you can also use them without the strong.

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