Slippery Elm: 8 Amazing Health Benefits

Slippery Elm Benefits

Did you Know Slippery Elm Benefits are Many? Well, It is widely used to treat skin disorders. It has great soothing effect for anything that it comes in contact with. This herb is nature’s gift to us. It has many health benefits. It is a body detoxifier. Using this herb can be a sanity saver for many. The various ways this herb benefits us is:(1)

How to Take it or Make it:

  • Tea: Boil 2 cups of water and add 4g of powdered bark. Let it be. You can drink it for 3 times a day.
  • External application: Mix powdered bark with boiling water to make it into paste form. Cool it and apply it on affected area.
  • Tincture: You can use 5 ml # times per day.

Slippery Elm Benefits for Health and Beauty

1. Slippery Elm Benefits for Hair

Elm promotes healthy hair, heals damaged hair and gives strong and long hair. The light and slimy nature of elm promotes healthy hair growth giving bouncy, voluminous and shiny hair. The extract of this herb nourishes the hair and make them healthy.(2)

2. Healthy Digestive System

Elm extracts provide soothing effect on intestinal tracks, digestive system and cure ulcers in stomach. It is also helpful in diarrhea, constipation, acidity and gas. Using the elm extract in diet relives from all the above problems.(3)

3. Relives Cold, Cough and Flu

Elm supplements provide relief from severe cold, cough and common flu. This elm formula creates wonders for both children and adults. It is also effective for prolonged flu. Throat congestion can also be cured by its help.(4)

4.  Anti Inflammatory

Slippery elm is used to cure ulcers, wound, burns and all inflamated surfaces. It soothes, heals and reduces pain and inflammation. As it is anti inflammatory in nature it cures little burns and wounds and also gives a soothing, soft and gentle effect on it.(5)

5. Cancer

It is greatly know for a formula, which is popular treatment for cancer. The inner bark of elm is used for curation of cancer. The gel of inner bark is very beneficial for health. This formula is made up of elm.(6)

6. It’s a Nutritional Food

It contain nutrients like vitamin B1, B2, B3 and C.Calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc tannin, phosphorous etc, this strengthens the body and mind to perform actively and creates healthy hair, skin and bones. It gives great benefits when included in diet.

7. Treats Vaginal Infection

Do you feel unhealthy, week and uncomfortable with the reoccurring vaginal infection?Are they painful and stressful? This can be cured easily at home with the use of inner bark of slippery elm. Inner bark mixed with water can be applied all over the infected area so that it becomes clean, healthy and hygienic.

8. Tooth pain

It is said that powered elm put into a hollow tooth arrest the pain and greatly delays decay. Did you ever hear this? Yes it’s a proven remedy. Whenever your tooth pains or you have a cavity at a very early stage, this slippery Elm provides relief and prevents decay of tooth. Thus the elm also provides teeth problem solutions.

Additional Slippery Elm Benefits

  • It absorbs toxins which cause intestinal problems
  • helpful in irritable bowel syndrome
  • haemorrhoid’s
  • heartburn
  • it effectively is used as medicine to cure women related problems

Things you Should Know about the Herb Elm

  • Do not apply it directly on wound.
  • It is body friendly and has no side effects.
  • Pregnant ladies should not use this as it leads to miscarriage.
  • It has a gummy texture.
  • Its gel resembles fenugreek seed gel.
  • Its flowers also have medicinal properties.
  • It is dried and powdered and then used.
  • It can be used in our diet too.

Scientific Evidence:

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