20 Ways to Keep Your Nails Healthy and Strong

Just like you love to get dressed and wear makeup, your nails too require proper dressing and maintenance. But the most sad part of maintain nails is people still don’t know how well to take care of them and even today cutting of nails is considered a taboo is various area. Well manicured and maintained nails are considered to a good sign for both men and women. While there are vast variety of information are available on how to maintain your skin and hair, there are only few who give a proper guide to your nails. Some of the people believe people in the saloons are best guide givers for nails. So, here are some cool ways to keep your nails perfect as well as healthy.

1. Biotin Supplements:

If you commonly experience thickening of nails and splitting you should take biotin supplements. Recently research has proved that talking biotin supplements help to strength nails and avoid its splitting. Eating biotin supplement of 2.5 milligram for several months will surely benefit you with good results.

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2. Use Lemon:

If you face the problem of discoloration of nails, you should use lemon to clean them. Due to citric acid present in the lemon, it helps to get rid of the yellow skin over nails. Rubbing lemon for few days or weeks can help to get rid of pale nails.

3. Drying of Nail Paint:

Beautiful nail paint can always make your nails look beautiful. So, it is necessary to look how you are drying after applying nail pain. You should always allow nail paint to dry in natural air and avoid using warm air from your mouth. This will lead to destruction of quality of nails.

4. Moisturize:

If you often experience breaking and chapping of nails, you must constantly moisturize your nails. There are wide a variety of cuticle nail available in the market, you can use any of them and apply to the nails.

5. Clean your Cuticles:

Along with your nails, you should always clean your cuticle with the help of cuticle oil. If you are missing on cuticle oil, you can use coconut or palm oil to do so. Any essential oil may do wonders.

6. You Should Avoid Buying Acetone Based Nail Paint Removers:

If you find your nail paint remover is acetone, than you should avoid buying it. Various studies have proved that cleaning your nails with acetone based nail paint leads to chipping of nails.

7. Don’t Go for Often Manicures:

Agreed to the fact that nothing can beat the luxury of manicure and pedicure but in the reality, getting manicure done regularly and often lead to bad condition of nails as well as cuticle area. You often encounter red skin around.

8. Trim your Nails Often:

If you find your nails are brittle and prone to be chapped, you must maintain them by trimming frequently. A good trimmed nails always look better than an ugly grown nail.

9. Avoid Frequent Use of Removers:

Many of them are obsessed by removing and putting again of nail polish. You must limit to this as chemicals in the remover tend to destroy your nail and also the surrounding area.

10. Changing of Shampoo:

Yes, shampoo can actually affect your nails. While you think you have oily hair, you tend to buy a product to add some dryness to your hair. At the same time, if your nail is already dry you land up drying them even more.

11. You Should Remember your Toenails:

Whatever we have discussed about finger nails should be applied to toe nails too. They need the same amount of pampering like your finger nail deserves. Try to keep them neat and clean.

12. Keep a Watch Over your Nail:

If you find that particular nail paint is irritating your fingers, you should immediately wipe it off and avoid using it the next time. Same applies for the removers. Removers contain high quantity of alcohol which may sometime irritate your skin.

13. Filing Nails:

Now you are expected to leave behind the old orange board that was used to file your nails. Instead use a smooth nail filer to file the nails and avoid filing them in to and fro directions. Choose your nail filer appropriately.

14. Don’t Cut your Cuticle:

Some people tend to cut off their cuticle, which is actually wrong. Cuticle helps to protect against fungus and bacteria which when you cut is lost. So avoid doing this sin.

15. Apply Nail Paint:

Always apply nail paint over your nail; this will avoid them from become pale as well as brittle. You can choose any shade to be applied, as bare nails more tend to become brittle as well as break soon.

16. Rubbing Nails Vigorously:

While removing nail paint, you should not rub your nails with nail remove vigorously. This may directly hurt the cuticles and lead to damage. Just a light push to cuticle can give you pain for a day.

17. Nail Hardeners:

You should not always use nail hardeners in fact people who have extra ordinary brittle and soft nails are benefited with nail hardeners. Study says these products are not studied clinically, so make sure you do not overuse them.

18. Avoid Nail Extensions:

You should avoid nail extension as experts say it directly leads to bacterial and fungal infection. If asked you should choose for nail tips rather than nail extension because even if it causes harm the area of damage is small and can be brought back after some efforts.

19. Nail Condition:

Over weight of nail can show your liver condition. Half pink nails can related to kidney diseases whereas pale nails can show anemia. Whereas yellow tinged nails will show diabetes and yellow and thickening of nails and slow growth rate can show lung diseases.

20. Limit Nail Contact with Cleaning Material:

You should avoid frequently washing your times with several chemical based washes and also avoid your nails coming in contact with cleaning material. Cleaning material contain chemical compound which will destroy nails.

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