10 Most Effective Ways to Use Castor Oil for Eyebrows Growth

Eyebrows are very attractive part of face that provides elegant look with softness and helps in expression. It’s like a clothing ornament, it plays great role to maintain a great personality as well. That’s why you need support for the best and natural ways of your beauty and increase the elegance of your eyebrows. Castor oil has an ancient history and has been quite popular with and for black-browed beauties.

Castor oil was used for its therapeutic qualities and was massaged into the skin to protect from small cuts and wounds and to protect from the harmful benefits of sun exposure. Castor oil contains several curative properties due to the presence of ricinoleic acid, stearic, oleic and linoleic acid. The most beneficial properties of castor oil for growing eyebrows is that it soaks fatty acids and boosts hair follicles, hair fills the absorbent structure, stimulates active renewal and silky hairs.

How to Apply Castor Oil on Eyebrows?

  • There are loads of benefits of castor oil but the correct application is important. It is necessary to apply castor oil before 8.5-9 hours of going to sleep.
  • There are 3 ways of applying castor oil on the eyebrows- with a cotton pad, cotton swab and a special brush.
  • Make sure you clean all your eye makeup including your eyebrow make up, eye shadow and mascara. For enhanced effects always use warm castor oil. It has all nutritional properties, if the oil is warmed for 3-5 seconds in water the bath or put in the microwave.
  • Get a clean cotton pad, sticks or brush to apply castor oil on the eyebrows.
  • Cover all the eyebrows with a cotton swab dipped in castor oil.
  • A great option is a tube with a unique brush, comb or brush. This works as a mascara brush. Use this to cover the hair on the eyebrows.
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Recipes Lotions Based On Castor Oil for Eyebrows:

Balms and lotions containing castor oil help to promote growth and intensification of the eyebrows. Some of the recipes for eyebrows that contain castor oil are as follows

1. Castor + Burdock Oil:

  • In a tube mix 1 part of burdock oil and 2 parts of castor oil.
  • Mix thoroughly.
  • Apply in any one way as suggested above.

2. Castor oil + Mixture of Vitamins:

  • The castor oil should be combined with vitamins A and B vitamins.
  • Take buckthorn and vitamin – sunflower oil.
  • This lotion helps to fill posechennye areas and restore hair.

3. Castor Oil + Lemon:

  • Take 30 ml of castor oil add 10 drops of lemon juice.
  • This gives instant hair growth and density.

4. Castor Oil + Aloe:

  • Combine 30 ml of castor oil with 15 drops of aloe juice.
  • This lotion helps to make your eyebrows thick.
  • If such a combination to take away make-up from eyelashes, we get a double effect: food and cleaning cilia, and age.

5. Castor oil + Blueberries:

  • Take 30 ml of castor oil and add 10-15 drops of blueberry juice.
  • The hair structure will be fortified if the lotion covers the lashes, they will grow much more active.
  • Remember that lotion should be stored in a container with dark walls in a cool place not more than 1 week.

6. Castor oil + Henna:

  • In 30 ml of castor oil add 20 grams of dried henna.
  • Using this lotion you will get a great effect as it provides great improvement and eliminates staining dark eyebrows in a warm honey color.

7. Castor oil + Beeswax:

  • Heat on a steam bath 10 ml of castor oil and add some melted wax.
  • After 30 min. add chamomile oil.
  • Beeswax has large amounts of propolis, saturated with organic amino acids that make the hair follicles stronger.

8. Castor oil + Egg:

  • In 30 ml of castor oil beat egg yolks until smooth.
  • The effect of this lotion is visible in the rejuvenation and renovation of the weak hair in the eyebrows.

9. Castor oil + Brandy:

  • Combine in equal proportions castor oil and brandy.
  • Cognac contains a high percentage of tannins and the alcohol base promotes hair growth.

10. Castor oil + Pepper Tincture:

  • Add in equal proportions castor oil and pepper tincture.
  • This recipe is called a radical remedy for hair growth.
  • Pepper promotes circulation causing effective re growth of eyebrow hair.

All proposed recipes are ideal to fortify and encourage the growth of eyelashes.


The only way to enhance the growth of eyebrows is to use certain naturally available oils and essential oils. Castor oil has gained a lot of popularity as it is proven very effective in helping attain desired results when it comes to growth of eyebrows.


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10 Most Effective Ways to Use Castor Oil for Eyebrows Growth
Castor oil has an ancient history and has been quite popular with and for black-browed beauties. The most beneficial properties of castor oil for eyebrows

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