Bedtime Weight Loss Tips – 10 Ways to Lose Weight at Bedtime

bedtime weight loss tips

We all like to sleep. A disturbance-free soundless sleep is the best way to unwind and rejuvenate. And a good sleep can do wonders to your metabolism and make your skin glow beautifully. And if that was not all, a good night’s sleep is very important for weight loss.

What Should I Do Before Bed to Lose Weight?

The key to losing weight is to identify factors that make you gain weight and then inculcate a holistic regime which enables you to lose weight speedily.

1. Don’t Eat After 7 Pm

Eating your dinner timely will help in easy digestion and your body will use the food as fuel and not store it as fat. At times the metabolism is weak and it takes time for food to get digested, and undigested food will cause sleep disturbances, apart from being stored as body fat.

Your eating time is also dependent on the time that you go to bed. If you sleep late, you can push your dinner time to a little late. The idea is to create a substantial gap between the meal time and the bedtime so that the food is digested by the time you retire to bed. Also, eat a nutritious diet which is high in protein and low on carbs so that you do not crave for midnight snacks. Have your meal at least 3 hours before bedtime so that you can have a relaxed sleep.

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2. Sleep More

Sleep deprivation can lead to insulin resistance, raise hunger hormones, and increase stress levels. Studies have also proved that woman need to sleep more than men. A good night’s sleep means 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep for an adult.

If you get a good night’s sleep, your hormones will be in control and your metabolism will be revved up. So now you know, a robust metabolism is the secret behind quick weight loss!

3. Avoid Night Time Work

Do you get work home from the office and work at night? If you are unsuccessfully trying to lose weight, then this nighttime work could be the culprit.

Working at night will disrupt your sleep hormones and you might not feel sleepy even after you retire to bed. Secondly, work-related issues could cause stress, which again, will hinder your sleep.

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4. Forget the Stress and Do Meditation

Stress has crept in our busy and competitive lives, leading to disturbances in our sleep routines. While some issues cannot be avoided, you must learn how to manage difficult situations so that the stress does not take a toll on your health.

One great way to combat stress is to do meditation before going to bed. Meditating before bedtime will relax your mind and body and induce peaceful sleep. Meditation is an exercise for the mind and provides mental strength. Some people also practice nighttime yoga as it relieves stress. Pick any activity that relieves you from the all-day stress.

5. Consume Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese and other varieties of cheese are rich in a compound L-tryptophan and also contains casein. These substances promote a good night’s sleep. Hence, add cheese to your dinner to promote quality sleep.

6. Switch off Gadgets( T.V, Mobile, Laptops, etc)

Gadgets are a major distraction for inducing sound sleep at night. Make a routine to check your social media accounts or play games on gadgets or watch T.V at least 30 minutes before retiring to bed for sleep. Using gadgets before bedtime will increase your stress and diminish your sleep levels. The result will be a disturbed sleep schedule.

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7. Hot Shower and Massage

How about a lukewarm water shower before going to bed? Relaxing, soothing and cleansing. You can add Epsom salt or essential oils to your bath water which help soothe your tired body and calm your anxious nerves.

Massage your body with a nourishing moisturizer or oil which will further relax your body and release tension from your muscles. Also, you can go in for a foot soak and a foot massage if your tired feet need some pampering. Enjoy a good night’s sleep thereafter.

8. Dance/Exercise

I’m sure you are tired after the long strenuous day. Though it may sound strange, dancing may actually help you unwind after a long day and help you relax. Exercising before dinner will help you sync your body with your mind and also help shed extra kilos.

You could also opt for walking, running, exercising, swimming, and more. Do have protein shake one hour before you start exercising.

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9. Drink Milk

This is an age-old Indian practice where all members of the family had a glass of milk before retiring to bed. Milk contains casein, a protein that builds and sustains lean muscles in the body. This mechanism boosts your metabolism which in turn, promotes a healthy sleep regime. Heat one cup of milk and add some turmeric to it.

Drinking warm milk also helps in clearing bowels smoothly in the morning a bonus if you want to lose weight). Not only will you sleep well, but you will wake up fresh and energetic.

10. Turn Off Lights Early

The amount of light coming into your room at night is crucial in determining a good night’s sleep. You should turn off lights well before you actually go to bed. This creates a quiet and soothing environment in the room which will help you concentrate well on your sleep. If you like, you can put some relaxing music or meditate for a while.

Sleeping in the dark induces the sleep hormone melatonin. It will relieve stress and improve your quality of sleep. Women who sleep in the dark are less overweight than women who sleep in lit rooms.

So you see, some very small lifestyle changes can actually improve your sleep quality. Instead of using gadgets, read a book before sleeping. Eat a light dinner, take a walk, make your bed and use comfortable pillows and clean sheets. Keep your environment noise-free and dim the room lights. Take a shower and wear loose cotton clothes to bed. Sound sleep is bound to follow.

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