Top 20 Uses & Benefits of Giloy (Tinospora Cordifolia) You Should Know

Health Benefits of Giloy

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we suffered from no ailments and disorders? Wouldn’t it make our lives a teeny-weeny bit easier if we are not constantly worried about falling sick? But since it doesn’t look like a possibility in the near future, let us help you in this task by enlightening you about a magical herb that can help you in dealing with these ailments successfully. Sounds good?

To start off, the herb that we are talking about is Giloy which has been used since the ancient times as an Indian medicine. This Ayurvedic herb when translated to Sanskrit means ‘Amrita’ which means ‘the root of immortality’. And, after going through its numerous benefits, you would definitely agree to it!

Amazing Benefits of Giloy

1. Treating Diabetes

Diabetic patients especially those who are suffering from type 2 diabetes can greatly benefit from using Giloy since it acts as a hypoglycaemic agent. You can also have Giloy juice to reduce your blood sugar levels. You can buy store bought Giloy juices and use it as per the instructions on the bottle.

2. Arthritis Cure

The magical herb Giloy has been proved beneficial in treating arthritis and its symptoms. This is possible due to its anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory properties. To cure rheumatoid arthritis, you can combine Giloy and ginger and for curing joint pains, you can boil some milk with powdered Giloy stem in it and drink it.

3. Immunity Booster

If you fall sick constantly, then one reason could be that you have a weak immune system and this is something you should address immediately. Your immune system will have to be boosted up by purifying your blood, fighting bacteria, maintaining healthy cells, fighting free-radical that cause harm to your body, etc.
Rather than spending time and money on different remedies to fix these issues, all you need to do is use Giloy which is a one stop solution for all of these problems. Some of the other awesome benefits of using Giloy are – removal of toxins from the body, used as a treatment for infertility and urinary tract infections and fighting liver related diseases.

4. Stress Relief

Do you suffer from severe bouts of anxiety and stress? Prepare a health tonic consisting of Giloy and other herbs and bring down your anxiety and stress levels. This tonic will also flush out all the toxins, will calm your mind and body and give your memory a much needed boost.

5. Cure For Jaundice

Here is a quick recipe that you can try out if you or someone you know is suffering from jaundice. Take 20-30 Giloy leaves and grind it up. Now take a glass of butter milk and add the grounded leaves in it. Mix it up and strain it before giving it to the patient.

6. Stubborn Ear Wax

There are times when removing ear wax becomes a tedious process and the commonly used ear buds also don’t come to our rescue. For such instances, using Giloy is a good option. All you need to do is grind some Giloy in water and warm it up. Now use this as an ear drop and add few drops in your ear twice a day. This will help you in getting rid of that stubborn ear wax.

7. Chronic Fever

For people suffering from chronic fever or diseases, using Giloy can be super beneficial due to its anti-pyretic nature. This helps in increasing the blood platelets, reduce symptoms of life threatening diseases and also remove the dengue fever symptoms.

Combining a little amount of Giloy extract with honey can be used as an effective treatment for malaria too.

8. Treating Piles

Piles are quite painful and the sooner you get rid of it, the better. This remedy using Giloy can cure all kinds of piles, so ensure that you follow the instructions thoroughly. Take coriander leaves, Giloy and harad in equal measures. Take 20 grams of this mixture, add it to half a litre of water and boil it. After boiling, add some jaggery and have it twice a day.

9. Improves Digestion

Another benefit of using Giloy is that it can help in bettering your digestion as well as cure any bowel related ailments. Try this recipe – take equal amounts of herbs Giloy and atees and ginger root; make a decoction using the three ingredients. Taking 20-30 grams of this decoction on a daily basis can relieve you off your bowel related ailments.

10. Treating Asthma

There has been a rise in the number of people suffering from asthma. If you are an asthma patient, then we suggest you start chewing on Giloy root as it will help in relieving you from tightness of your chest, wheezing, coughing and breathing problems.

11. Better Vision

Eye disorders are quite common nowadays and instead of shelling money on expensive treatments, try this cost-effective treatment which can cure disorders like corneal disorder, cataract, scleral, etc.

Take 11.5 grams of Giloy juice and add 1 gram of honey and 1 gram of rock salt to it and mix them all thoroughly. You can apply this mixture on your eyes.

12. Elephantiasis Cure

When a person’s body parts swell up to massive proportions, he or she is said to be suffering from Elephantiasis and it is caused by the filarial worm. It can be easily cured by using Giloy. Take 10-20 grams of Giloy juice and add 50 ml of bitter oil in it. Have this decoction early morning on an empty stomach and you will be amazed with the positive results.

13. Treatment For Liver Disorders

Use this remedy if you are suffering from liver disorders and are looking for a natural cure to treat it. You will need 2 grams celery seeds, 2 small pieces of pepper, 2 neem branch sticks and 18 grams of fresh Giloy.

Now you need to crush them all together, put the crushed product in an earthen pot and fill it with 250 ml of water. Leave this solution overnight and next morning grind the solution and strain it before using it. For effective results, this remedy has to be followed over a course of 15-20 days.

14. Aphrodisiac

Looking for ways to make your sex life more interesting? Want to impress your partner? Care to try a natural remedy? You can give your libido a much needed boost simply by using Giloy. It has been proved that it contains aphrodisiac properties which can play a major role in improving your sex life.

15. Signs Of Aging

One problem that we women go through is aging. Those wrinkles and fine lines can be so bothersome, isn’t it? Our search for the best remedy to remove all those wrinkles and dark spots is never-ending. Keeping that in mind, here is another natural remedy that you can try out.

It has been tested and proved that Giloy contains anti-aging properties that can remove dark spots, wrinkles, pimples and fine lines.

16. Respiratory Problems

Respiratory problems like cold, tonsils, cough can all be easily cured by using Giloy due to its anti-inflammatory properties. These properties are super beneficial in controlling and fighting your respiratory problems.

17. Cure For Vomiting

This remedy can be used if you are suffering from vomiting, bronchitis or bronchial asthma. To make this decoction you need Giloy, yellow berried night shade and bark of Malabar nut. Take equal quantities of these three ingredients and boil them in half litre of water.

You can add some honey as well to this decoction while drinking it.

18. Urinary Disorders

For urinary disorders like burning sensation or painful urination, using Giloy is a good option. Make a decoction using 20-30 grams of Giloy and Leadwort have it twice a day. Alternatively you can also try having 1 gram of Giloy exract mixed with 3 grams of honey. This should also be taken once in the morning and once in the evening.

19. Treatment For Gout

This natural herb is one of the best treatments for gout. For a permanent relief from this persisting problem, try mixing castor oil with Giloy extract and apply it wherever required. You will see visible results within a few days.

20. Anemia

Lack of sufficient red blood cells in your body leads to anemia. You can say goodbye to all the anemia symptoms like dizziness, fatigue, short breath, etc., by using Giloy. You can either use Giloy in its powdered form or make a decoction to treat anemia.

Didn’t we tell you that after going through this post you will definitely agree that this magical herb stands true to it’s meaning of ‘Amrita’? We hope you try out these Giloy remedies and if you have already tried them, we would love to hear you views on it.

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