Can Antibiotics Make You Tired And Weak?

Can Antibiotics Make You Tired And Weak

Feeling tired lately and wondering if it could be because of your medications like antibiotics? Knowing that antibiotics make you tired is essential to stop feeling dull and exhausted. 

In general, tiredness is not a side effect of antibiotics. However, it may be a symptom of the illness you are treating by taking antibiotics. At the same time, it could be one of the irregular side effects connected to the antibiotics that you are taking.

Let’s learn more about how antibiotics may impact your body and what you can do to compensate for these effects.

What are Antibiotics?

Antibiotics are strong medications that stop or slow the growth of disease-causing bacteria, thus curing infections they induce. Antibiotics don’t work on sickness caused by viruses but bacteria. They are incredibly efficient at helping fight off diseases. Like any medicine or medical procedure, risks and advantages are associated with their intake.

How Do Antibiotics Work?

Antibiotics (1) work by killing bacteria or making it difficult for them to develop and reproduce in humans or animals. They can be taken in different forms, such as-

  1. Orally
  2. Topically via skin
  3. Injection

Antibiotics That Can Cause Fatigue

Fatigue or unusual tiredness is a potential side effect of several antibiotics. These antibiotics are used to cure a wide variety of infections; they include:

  1. Amoxicillin (2)
  2. Azithromycin (3)
  3. Vancomycin (4)
  4. Itraconazole

If you have an infection that your doctor prescribes antibiotics for, it is essential to follow the recommended treatment protocol to rid yourself of the disease. That said, always bring up any questions or concerns about a medication with your doctor before taking it.

It is important to note that not everyone will experience fatigue from antibiotics, and the severity of fatigue can vary from person to person.

Can Antibiotics Make You Tired And Sleepy?

Can antibiotics make you tired and sleepy

If you feel exhausted, particularly after taking antibiotics, you are advised to discuss the same with your doctor. You can also discuss this with your druggist and check the safety and prescribing details to see if uncommon tiredness or weakness is listed as a possible side effect.

Usually, antibiotics may cause adverse effects such as bloating, diarrhea, indigestion, loss of hunger, nausea, dizziness, etc. However, tiredness has never been listed as one of its side effects.

How Long Does It Take For Antibiotics To Work?

In general, how long an antibiotic will take to work depends upon the intensity of infection you are treating with it. Usually, it takes around 2 to 3 days for you to start feeling better after taking antibiotics.

Often, antibiotics are advised for 7 to 14 days, depending upon the infection’s severity. Even if you start feeling good, it is recommended to complete the antibiotics course to ensure that the infection-causing microbe is left with no chance of surviving. It will make sure that infection and other symptoms do not reappear.

What Do You Do If Antibiotics Make You Tired?

antibiotics make you tired

Antibiotics do not make you tired. However, consult your doctor if you are not feeling fine after its consumption and feeling a little skeptical. Additionally, you can do the following-

  1. Avoid driving that needs you to be awake until you fully understand how antibiotics impact.
  2. Avoid other medicines that list sleepiness as a side effect while taking antibiotics.
  3. Avoiding alcohol and other implications that can make you feel tired.
  4. Maintain healthy sleep habits and ensure you take rest for the whole night.
  5. A balanced diet filled with nutrients can help to ease fatigue.
  6. Limit the consumption of caffeine and nicotine, especially before bedtime.
  7. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  8. Gentle exercise such as walking or meditation can improve the mood.

Call your doctor if the fatigue doesn’t get better or worsens within days of starting an antibiotic. Your doctor may want you to come in for a follow-up to ensure the antibiotic suits you or to decide if you’re experiencing one of the more extreme side effects.


Antibiotics are vital for treating bacterial infections. If you question whether antibiotics can make you tired, the answer is NO. 

However, some individuals may have side effects, such as unusual tiredness or weakness, which can be blamed on the illness for which they consume the antibiotics.

Speak to your doctor if you’re concerned that your antibiotic makes you feel fatigued and hampers your daily activities. It may include your performance, driving skills, and physical work. 

You may visit your doctor, who can decide if your fatigue is a symptom of the infection being cured by the antibiotics or an uncommon side effect.

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