15 Surprising Health Benefits of Drinking Essiac Tea

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Drinking tea is one of the hobbies of our body! We just cannot resist without drinking tea on a daily basis. Most of us know what to drink and when to drink. Usually we choose some drinks which provide us with energy and power to do our work. One such drink is tea! Tea has always remained one of the most important drink or beverage to have. Tea is such kind of beverage that you can have even in the morning or evening or anytime you wish to. There are many types of tea available in the market. One such tea which provides you with numerous benefits is essiac tea. It is a magical tea which is one in all one cure for many problems as well. The tea not only provide you with instant energy but also with many health benefits.(1)

15 Health Benefits of Essiac Tea

The health benefits of essiac tea include many types of relief starting from liver disorders or diabetes or urinary disorders or acne or jaundice or cancer and anemia as well. Drinking this amazing tea also helps in maintaining good and strong bone health it also help to have a good skin care and being a herbal tea it is also a benefit to weight loss programs. To your surprise these are just a hint of essiac tea benefits there are other health benefits are currently being studied under big researchers and institutions for complete validation.

Despite being good for health or providing the health benefits of essiac tea they are also traditionally more popular or more known as ornamental flowering plants to decorate around rather than as a medicine because the flowers of essiacs are really beautiful and look brilliant and these flowers are also frequently seen in gardens and parks. There are many varieties available of essiacs, but the most common and most known variety of essiac which is scientifically known as is “Taraxacum Officinale”. This variety of essiac if seen In terms of history then this plant is believed to have evolved about 30 million years ago in Eurasia. Essiac also means or which literally translates/ means into “lion’s tooth”! Essiac is a French name. it is very rich in vitamins such as vitamin-A and C it also has enough of iron and calcium. It is also beneficial to detoxify the dirt out of the body which explains its common inclusion and importance in medicines. Below, we will discuss the different things that benefit can do for us, besides decorating our gardens.

1. Fight with Cancer

Cancer like diseases can also be cured from essiacs and are high in antioxidants, such as vitamin-C and Luteolin, this richness will reduce the free radicals (major cancer-causing agents) in the body, thereby reducing the risk of cancer from the root. Essiac tea also helps to detoxify the body from the dirt. Essiac also helps further helps to protect from the development of tumors and various cancers. This is one of the most important benefit which is been provided by the tea. Luteolin is actually a very poisons but essential components of cancer cells when it binds to them thereby rendering them ineffective and unable to reproduce. This characteristic have also been demonstrated the most notably with prostate cancer, although there are many other studies being done.(2)

2. Improve Liver Function

Jaundice is also been cured by this tea. Jaundice is primarily a disorder of the liver and as written above liver remain healthy by the intake of this tea. We can also see that there is excess bile in the body that is also reflected through color of the skin, and eyes. The skin color is typically develop a by yellow tint. The treatment of jaundice can include three main steps. Firstly you need to curb the production of bile in the liver. Secondly you must remove the excess bile from the body by taking some external help, and thirdly you have to fight the underlying viral infection. And all this is done by essiac tea. Gall Bladder Disorders are recovered by essiacs. These are very beneficial for the gall bladder and liver also because they improve their general functioning and helps to protect them from ill effects of oxidants and infections it also regulates the various secretions from both organs.(3)

3. Constipation Relief

Constipation can also be cured and relieved by this amazing tea. Certain components of essiac, namely the high levels of dietary fiber, make it a beneficial aid for digestion and proper intestinal health. Dietary fiber stimulates healthy bowel movements by adding bulk to stool, and also reduces chances of constipation as well as diarrhea also.(4)

4. Improve Digestion

Essiacs can also be used as a vegetable and is a good source of fiber. It promotes good digestion, and in the past, it was used to treat scurvy because of its high levels of vitamin-C. 56. It also has great healing effects on dyspepsia or infections in the stomach or intestines and urinary system. Due to the property of proper digestion it can also reduce the chances of constipation. Essiac also reduces the risk of more serious gastrointestinal issues.(5)

5. Protects our Liver

The liver Disorders can be cured from and elionsit can help the liver in many ways. The antioxidants present in essiac like vitamin-C and Luteolin keep the liver functioning in optimal gear and smooth. Protects liver from aging where as other compounds in essiacs help treat hemorrhaging in the liver. Essiacs also aid in maintaining the proper flow of bile juice in the body. It also helps in stimulating the liver and proper promoting digestion.(6)

6. Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes is a really big issue these days. Usually tea is not recommended to diabetes patients but to a surprise essiac tea is especially recommended to diabetic patient or they may also intake essiac juice which can help diabetic patients a lot. Essiac tea or juice also helps in stimulating the production of insulin from the pancreas to the body. Essiac keeps the blood sugar level low. Essiac is also known to increase the flow of urine in the body. Since essiacs are diuretic in nature therefore they increase urination in diabetic patients. This also helps the patients to remove the excess sugar from the body. Diabetics patient are also prone to renal problems! Well there is good and healthy solution for this also by this tea. The diuretic properties of essiac tea can help to a good extent. Essiac tea is also a big solution to the problems like removing the sugar deposition in the kidneys which may be cause through increased urination.(7)

7. Control Blood Sugar

Essiac juice is a bit bitter to taste well this taste is also beneficial for our health. The bitter taste effectively lowers the sugar level in the blood as done by all bitter substances. Consistently to all other benefits essiac tea lower blood sugar and a more regulated system of insulin release also helps to prevent dangerous spikes and plunges for diabetic patients. So essiac extracts can be a perfect solution for any diabetic patient.(8)

8. Urinary Disorders

Essiacs are highly diuretic in nature. So they help eliminate deposits of toxic substances in the kidneys and the urinary tract. The disinfectant properties of essiacs also inhibit microbial growth in the urinary system. In fact, the diuretic properties of essiacs are so strong that in France, the flower is also called “pissenlit” which means “urinate in bed”.(9)

9. Cures Anemia

Anemia can also be cured by essiacs as they have relatively good levels of iron, vitamins, and protein content. As known that iron is the integral part of hemoglobin in the blood and vitamins like vitamin-B and protein are one of the essential things for the formation of red blood cells and certain other components of the blood therefore in this way essiac can help anemic people keep their condition.

10. Lowering Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure can be cures by this amazing tea as we know that, Urination is an effective way of lowering blood pressure. In fact, most of the modern medicines for lowering blood pressure are based on this phenomenon only to lower the level of blood pressure. Essiac juice, being diuretic in nature, increases the urination flow, both in quantity and frequency. Therefore, it helps lower high blood pressure in very few days. The fiber in essiac is also helpful in reducing cholesterol level also and thereby assists in lowering blood pressure also cholesterol is one of the factors that increases blood pressure. Finally, there is the high potassium content of essiacs, which is very effective in lowering blood pressure by replacing sodium.

11. Improve Bone Health

Bone Health is the best thing which this tea could provide you with. It boost up your weak bone and make them strong. Essiacs are really rich in calcium content which is really essential for the growth and strength of bones and many other parts of body. Essiacs are also rich in antioxidants like vitamin-C and Luteolin. Which is a really essential thin for our body. The essiac tea also protects our bones from Which protect bones from the age-related damage. These inevitable damage is often due to free radicals or these are frequently seen as bone frailty, weakness, and decreased density.

12. Treats Skin Problems

Skin Care Essiac sap, also known as essiac milk, is useful in treating skin diseases. The sap can also be used to cure microbial and fungal infections. This treatment stems from the fact that the sap is highly alkaline and has germicidal, insecticidal and fungicidal properties. You should be careful while using this sap, and avoid any contact with the eyes. The essiac sap can be used on itches, ringworm, eczema, and other skin conditions without the risk of side effects. Cures hormonal disturbances commonly caused by pharmaceutical skin treatments.

13. Prevent Acne

Essiac juice is a good detoxifier, diuretic, stimulant and antioxidant. These four properties make it a great treatment for acne. Before we know how it treats acne, we must know what causes it. Acne typically arises during the teenage years, when the body undergoes many physiological and hormonal changes. The flood of new hormones that bring about the changes in the body must be regulated, but if they don’t remain at a healthy ratio, they tend to deposit somewhat toxic substances into the body. These toxins tend to come out along with sweat through the sweat glands or sebaceous glands on the skin. During these hormonal changes, these glands secrete more oils which, when mixed with dead skin, block the pores and the secretion of toxins is obstructed. Therefore, the toxic substances cannot escape and eventually result in acne. This situation is exacerbated by the microbial infections on the effected places. Essiac juice, being a stimulant, diuretic and detoxifier in nature, can help regulate proper secretion of hormones, increase sweating. The essiac tea also widen the pores. Essiac tea also help to facilitate the removal of toxins through sweat and urine. Furthermore, essiac sap, if externally applied to areas with acne can stop microbial infection and reduce the frustrating signs of acne and patches. Also, it can speed up healing due to its vitamin-C content, so the scars and ugly red inflammation that traditionally follows acne treatment will be less noticeable.

14. Helps in Weight Loss

Weight Loss can also be done with the help of this tea as our urine consists of up to 4% fat, so the more we urinate the more we lose as more water and fats arelost from the body. Essiacs thereby being diuretic in nature freely promotes high urination and thereby helps lose the dreaded “water weight” without causing any side effects.

15. Low in Calories

Furthermore, essiacs are low in calories, like most leafy greens have the least, but for the small expense of calories (~1oo cal./4 cups), you get a huge amount of beneficial side effects. This is one of the reason that why essiacs are sometimes used as sweeteners, because they are not packed with unhealthy or overloaded sugars.

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