How To Do a Starburst Braid

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Have you find difficulty in making starburst braid? If yes, then this article is for you. Starburst Explosion Up do hair style is so good plus easy to perform it also gives stunning look to you. This stylish hairstyle is ideal for a night out, a romantic first date, for a party, for prom, homecoming, stylish reception, graduation party, wedding guests plus all type of particular occasions plus evening events. The complete style looks extremely elaborate plus complicated. Turns out, all you require to perform is divide the hair at the circlet of the head plus french braid in a round path.
I guess this is extremely hard to do out of the entire crown braid hairdo, not because it require complicated braids otherwise whatnot but as it takes up above time plus attempt. You might still require somebody else to perform it for you or assist you with it because if you try to do it yourself, your arms might go numb. Sideways from that, although, it’s fairly easy plus the result is simply dramatic. I think this hairstyle is best for school girls, collage girls as well as for the women who are going to office also.

How To Do a Starburst Braid

There are numerous hairstyles but today ladies give more attention on different kinds of hairstyle and starburst is one of them. Attempt this Starburst Explosion Updo hair style to compose you cute girl. Wonder how to turn flat, limp strand keen on sexy supermodel hair? Eternally wanted to observe whatever a moon walking pony would appear like? Therefore today in this article we are going to provide you all the instruction that how to make starburst braid.

Best Method to Do Starburst Braid

Requirement: rat-tail comb, Brush, spray bottle, hairspray, 2 small hair elastics.

Time needed: 8 minutes.

Skill Level: High.

The Starburst Braid has lots of possibilities plus the finished look is stunning!

Suggested Tools plus Products:

  • Comb – For section the hair.
  • Long hair pins
  • Thermal spray – Applied to the hair before using the Iron to protect the hair.
  • Texturing Iron – Utilized to put in texture plus volume to the hair, building it easier to handle.
  • Hair bungee
  • All soft argan-6 oil – Utilize as a lotion for braiding to put in shine plus make extra slip.

The Starburst Braid Instructions


  • Textures the hair as of scalp to tops to make extra volume plus also to create the hair simple to cope whereas braiding.
  • Brush throughout the hair by your Styling Brush to eliminate tangles and take care that the hair is straight.
  • Utilize your Tail Comb to make a big round section at the crown of the head plus safe into a high ponytail by a hair bungee.
  • Make a low side part at the face of the head just over the place of the eye.
  • Start by taking a 2-3 inch flat section at the part line plus start by a normal braid, crossing the top strand (closest to the round of the head) over the middle strand, then crossing the bottom strand (closest to the forehead) over the middle strand. Once you have completed one braid it’s time to add hair.
  • Traverse the top strand above to the middle strand however this time you will include a small section as of the high ponytail plus cross it above the top strand plus into the middle.
  • After that, cross the bottom strand above to the middle plus also select up hair form beneath the bottom strand moreover put in that to the center section, just similar to a French braid.
  • Carry on braiding your way about the head, addition of hair from the high ponytail to your top section.
  • Choice: You can end adding hair to the base strand one time you obtain to the ear uncertainly you desire to go away the bottom out otherwise you can carry on to put in hair from the nape area to braid all of the hair.
  • One time you get to the conflicting ear, start to add sections of hair from below the bottom strand. You will put in hair as of the high ponytail throughout the whole braid.
  • Later than you have additional all of the hair opposite the ear plus in the ponytail only finish by a regular braid plus secure by an elastic.
  • Currently, take the finish of the simple braid plus pop it up and under the starburst, along the side or wherever you decide it sits best and is well hidden.
  • Finish off by securing the ends of the Starburst braid by some long hair pins. Steam the hair by hairspray to stay in place.

Alternative Method of Starburst Braid

  • Clip out a rectangle section on your circlet. Place the rest of your hair in a lofty ponytail.
  • Smear hair wax to describe your braid plus to manage fly aways. On children’s hair, you can utilize some water plus gel in its place.
  • Clutch a small section on your crown plus split it in 2 to begin a normal braid.
  • Grasp a small section from the ponytail to make the 3rd piece for the braid. At the moment get those 3 strands along with create a French braid.
  • While you braid, include in hair from the crown plus from the ponytail.
  • Once you run out of hair to include from the crown, knob to a half-French braid plus continue braiding about the ponytail to make a ponytail braided bun.
  • Later than braiding all the way to the split ends of your hair, bind it by elastic.
  • There will be a gap, add the braid into this, plus drape it about the bun. Pin the whole thing in place.

So, these are the best steps to make starburst braid. I hope you like this article and find it best as their proffered hairstyle. Stay beautiful!

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