20 Best Straight Hairstyles For Women

straight hairstyles

Straight hairstyles are the best hairstyle that reflects light and looks shiny and smooth look. If you have straight hair, you won’t need to do much styling after each wash because it will naturally fall into place. That is the reason people fantasize about having straight hair, irrespective of length. Here we have some of the best best-picked hairstyles for straight hair.

20 Best Straight Hairstyles For Women

1. Half Pulled-up Hairstyle For Straight Hair

The straight hairstyle gives a smooth texture to the hair, and they turn up to be silky. The blonde mix appears to be shiny with a half-pulled-up hairstyle.

2. Medium Length Straight Hair With Front Bangs Hairstyle

The cute medium hair is straight with front bangs. It is the easiest way of making hair for any occasion. This hairstyle is less prone to tangles and can be handled easily.

3. Angular Bob Hairstyle For Straight Hair

The radiant appeal of straight hair with angular Bob is pretty. The hair is drawn to cut in an angular direction with a back-up and front-long hair look.

4. Long And Sleek Hairstyle For Straight Hair

The charming look of straight hair with a long and sleek appearance stuns everyone. The hair is middle parted to make hair be more authentic even after styling.

5. Medium-length Gray Hair Hairstyle For Straight Hair

The graceful look of straight hair with medium length is wonderful. It is middle-parted and has a smooth and gray color texture.

6. Wet Bob Hairstyle For Straight Hair

The stylish wet straight hair flaunts a lustrous shine. The Bob cut makes it more unique and special for any event. The bangs in the front are gapped in between for desirable styling.

7. Long And Straight Cut Hairstyle For Straight Hair

The modern hairstyle of straight hair is very much appreciated for its long length. It has been middle parted to make it easy to divide and appear equal from both ends. They are frizz free and the least tangled

8. Ponytail Hairstyle For Straight Hair

The latest hairstyling comes with a ponytail of straight hair. The hair is taken for tying a knot to look realistic. This is with a black color shade of hair that suits everyone.

9. Straight Hair With Side Bangs Hairstyle

The coolest hairstyle of straight hair is with a long length. The side bangs add a pleasant and formal look. It is in the gray shade with middle-parted hair for equal distribution of hair.

10. Long And Straight Blonde Hairstyle For Straight Hair

The beautiful hairstyle of straight hair is blonde with long length. It is middle parted for a natural hair look, the ends of the hair are uneven which gives the best finishing.

11. Side Parted Black Straight Hairstyle

The tremendous official look of straight hair is side parted. It is in black color for unique appeal. The texture of the hair is silky and smooth with semi-curls at the ends.

12. Pixie Cut Hairstyle Of Straight Hair

The side view of the short pixie hairstyle is remarkable with side bangs. The straight hair grabs the attention of the spectators. It is effortless to handle and comfortable to comb.

13. Short Bob Hairstyle With Front Bangs Straight Hairstyle

The unique glance of straight hair is with a short Bob cut. The elegant appearance of the hair is with short brown bangs in front. Overall hair is in black color for the best finishing.

14. Ice Blond Bob Hairstyle With Side Bangs

The super stylish ice blond hairstyle with straight is just flawless. It has come with side bangs with middle-parted hair. This hair look is more suitable for official attire.

15. Straight Hairstyle For Round Face

The classic look of straight hair with medium size hair gives a nice look for a round face. It is middle parted for equal distribution of hair at the ends.

16. Layered Cut Hairstyle For Straight Hair

The fashionable hairstyle of straight hair comes in long lengths. It has layers at the base with semi-curls inwards. The hair color is black and brown with middle-parted hair.

17. Pink Ombre Bob Straight Hair Hairstyle

The latest hairstyle of pink ombre shade of straight hair gives an unreal look to hair. It is middle parted with slight waves at the bottom that gives a rocking appearance.

18. Updo Hairstyle For Straight Hair

The mysterious hairstyle of an updo with straight hair gives a clean look. The hair is side banged for neat grooming, which is in a brown shade with blondes in between.

19. Long And Straight Copper Red Hairstyle With Front Bangs

The artistic long straight hair is pretty with front bangs. The unique glance of the hairstyle is all because of the copper red shade. The hairstyle is very much appreciated when it flows with the air.

20. Bob Hairstyle For Straight Hair

The side-parted hair is with a Bob hairstyle that’s super cool. It is straight hair that appears very smooth and shiny. The brown hair has opted for extra elegance.

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