How To Use A Diffuser On Wavy Hair

How to use a diffuser wavy hair

If you have wavy hair, a diffuser is a must-have. The product can be used to create defined, bouncy curls or effortless beachy waves. But don’t know how to diffuse? Our guide will help you achieve salon-quality results. All you need to do is follow our step-by-step process.

Before we move in, let’s know why we should use a diffuser.

Why Should You Use A Diffuser?

Blow dryers straighten your hair and dry it out. You must, however, use the best diffuser for wavy hair correctly when using it. Even if you have the best diffuser for wavy hair, you will not achieve the results you want if you misuse it. The following are some of the benefits of using a hair dryer diffuser:

Increased Volume And Faster Drying

Diffusers for wavy hair add volume to your hair. The diffuser diffuses or disperses air, preventing frizz and protecting the hair cuticles.

Lowers Heat Damage

The diffuser distributes heat over a larger area of hair rather than concentrating it in one area.

How To Use A Diffuser For Wavy Hair:

1. Try Using A Moisturizing Conditioner

Moisture is essential for waves, curls, and coils. You must follow this step if you want defined curls or waves that aren’t dry or frizzy. Apply a moisturizing conditioner and detangle your hair using a wide-tooth comb. While conditioning your hair, you must remove all knots and tangles so they can easily slide out.

2. Gently Dry Your Hair With The Towel

First, the type of towel you use will impact the outcome. Regular towels can cause frizz and undefined curls because they are abrasive. Instead, use a microfiber towel. Even if you don’t have one, that’s okay! Try using a soft cotton cloth. They are more gentle than the conventional ones.

Also, please pay attention when you use it to dry out your hair. Don’t rub your hair with a cloth or towel because it will create frizz, friction, and damage to your hair. Instead, squeeze out the water from your hair and gently scrunch upward.

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3. Prepare Your Hair For Styling

Leave-in Treatment:

It is a great way to prepare your hair for styling with heat. It not only protects your hair from heat damage, but it will also help moisturize and hydrate your hair. Also, the Leave-in treatment provides UV protection, strength, and frizz control to your hair. As a result, it reduces blow dry time and speeds up the process.

Go With The Best Styler:

Adding a perfect styling product plays a major role in the hair care routine. To get voluminous, bouncy hair, try out the best styler. How? Apply it around your damp hair and blow dry it. This helps achieve fabulous volume in your hair without leaving any crunch and sticky feel.

4. Use A Diffuser

Let’s get into the diffusing process.

Once your hair is damp without any wetness, begin the diffusing process. How?

  • Spritz it with some water and dampen it again
  • Set your diffuser to medium heat and low airflow. Progressively high the heat and airflow to frizz potential.
  • Decide where you need more volume. If you want a voluminous look at the root, flip your hair carefully forward, provide a gentle cup section, and diffuse towards the root in steady and slow motion.
  • This process should be done until it is almost fully dry.
  • If you have long hair, stand upright and diffuse around each section.
  • Now, place a small section of hair onto your diffuser and move upwards toward your head.
  • For this, you should use the cold setting to dry out the hair.
  • This will help in avoiding heat damage to your hair. That’s it.

5. Style As Per Your Desired Look

Once you diffuse your hair, you need to pick some curled hairs separately and fluff a little or shake towards the root.

At this level, add some serum to your hair and a bit of shine. Then, try out your favorite style on your shiny, glossy hair.

Add on tips

Here are some things you should remember when using a diffuser on your hair.

  • Use a heat-protectant spray
  • Use proper technique based on your hair length.

If you have wavy hair, a diffuser is useful to have around!

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