Top 12 Italian Influencers on Instagram

Top 12 Italian Influencers on Instagram

In the ever-evolving realm of social media influence, Italian Instagram influencers continue to captivate millions with their style, charm, and magnetic personas. These individuals aren’t just trendsetters; they’re cultural icons, shaping fashion, lifestyle choices, and even business ventures. From the prolific Chiara Ferragni to the rising stars like Enia Genci, each influencer brings a unique flair to the digital landscape.

Top 12 Italian Influencers on Instagram

1. Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni stands at the forefront, not just as an influencer but as an entrepreneur with a thriving brand empire. Her transition from a fashion blogger to a global icon reflects her impeccable taste and business acumen.

Key Highlights

  • Global brand recognition beyond digital boundaries, evident in her successful shoe line and fashion empire.
  • Balancing a thriving career with family life, inspiring working mothers across the globe.
  • Continuously setting trends, showcasing a life that blends ambition with family values.

download 1 Follower Count : 30M followers
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2. Anna Dello Russo

Anna Dello Russo epitomizes elegance and sophistication. With a profound influence in the fashion world, she brings an avant-garde flair and unique style to her audience.

Key Highlights

  • Pioneering avant-garde fashion choices and pushing boundaries, influencing high-fashion enthusiasts worldwide.
  • Cultivating a dedicated following based on her distinct, sophisticated aesthetic.
  • Extending her influence beyond Instagram through collaborations with renowned brands and publications.

download 1 Follower Count : 2.7M followers
download 1 Profile : Anna Dello Russo’s Instagram
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3. Benedetta Rossi

Benedetta Rossi brings the warmth of home-cooked meals to a vast digital audience. Her culinary expertise and charming presentation style have made her a beloved figure in the online cooking community.

Key Highlights

  • Bringing the warmth and simplicity of home-cooked meals to millions, making cooking accessible and relatable.
  • Transitioning from a passion for cooking to becoming a household name and establishing a successful brand.
  • Inspiring families and individuals to explore cooking as a joyful and creative endeavor.

download 1 Follower Count : 4.7M followers
download 1 Profile : Benedetta Rossi’s Instagram
png transparent world globe website logo miscellaneous symmetry cartoon thumbnail Website : Fatto in Casa da Benedetta
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4. Beatrice Valli

Beatrice Valli, with her distinctive style and engaging content, has carved her niche in the fashion and lifestyle domain. Her journey from reality TV to becoming a prominent influencer reflects her evolving persona.

Key Highlights

  • Evolving from reality TV fame to become a prominent influencer, showcasing personal growth and adaptability.
  • Curating content that blends elegance and modernity, appealing to a wide audience.
  • Engaging her followers by authentically sharing her life experiences and motherhood journey.

download 1 Follower Count : 3M followers
download 1 Profile : Beatrice Valli’s Instagram
png transparent world globe website logo miscellaneous symmetry cartoon thumbnail Website: WhatevsWorld

5. Veronica Ferraro

Veronica Ferraro stands as an embodiment of contemporary fashion and lifestyle. Her sophisticated yet relatable approach to style resonates with her followers, making her a revered figure in the fashion landscape.

Key Highlights

  • Offering a relatable take on high-fashion, making luxury brands accessible through personal styling tips.
  • Fostering a strong community by sharing everyday moments and relatable stories.
  • Collaborating with renowned brands while maintaining authenticity and individuality.

download 1 Follower Count : 1.4M followers
download 1 Profile : Veronica Ferraro’s Instagram
png transparent world globe website logo miscellaneous symmetry cartoon thumbnail Website : Not After Ten
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6. Diletta Leotta

Diletta Leotta, beyond her striking looks, is a multifaceted personality. Her meteoric rise in the sports broadcasting industry and fashion world showcases her versatility and appeal.

Key Highlights

  • Making waves in sports journalism while influencing fashion and lifestyle choices, defying conventional stereotypes.
  • Using her platform to empower and inspire women, advocating for equality and social responsibility.
  • Maintaining a balance between professionalism and personal charm, connecting with her audience on a human level.

download 1 Follower Count: 9M followers
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7. Chiara Biasi

Chiara Biasi, known for her distinctive style and vibrant personality, has amassed a significant following. Her journey from social media to establishing herself as a fashion influencer speaks volumes about her impact.

Key Highlights

  • Establishing a notable presence in the fashion world through unique and expressive style choices.
  • Promoting body positivity and self-confidence, inspiring inclusivity and acceptance.
  • Collaborating with brands while maintaining an authentic and relatable persona, fostering genuine connections.

download 1 Follower Count: 4M followers
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8. Enia Genci

Enia Genci, a rising star in the influencer sphere, brings a fresh and youthful perspective to fashion and lifestyle content. Her growing popularity among the younger demographic showcases her influence.

Key Highlights

  • Building a dedicated following among Gen Z with engaging and relatable content.
  • Showcasing a versatile approach to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends, appealing to a diverse audience.
  • Connecting authentically with her followers, creating a sense of community and inclusivity.

download 1 Follower Count : 130K followers
download 1 Profile : Enia Genci’s Instagram

9. Erika Boldrin

Erika Boldrin’s influence extends beyond fashion into the realms of beauty and lifestyle. Her captivating content and expertise in the beauty industry resonate with her engaged audience.

Key Highlights

  • Sharing expertise and insights into beauty trends, skincare, and makeup
  • Inspiring followers with a mix of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content, offering a holistic approach.
  • Collaborating with renowned beauty brands while maintaining authenticity and trustworthiness.

download 1 Follower Count : 645K followers
download 1 Profile : Erika Boldrin’s Instagram
png transparent world globe website logo miscellaneous symmetry cartoon thumbnail Website : Honieh Beauty

10. Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert

Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert’s eclectic style and influence in the fashion world are unparalleled. Her unique approach to fashion and artistic expression makes her a revered figure among enthusiasts.

Key Highlights

  • Pioneering innovative fashion choices that blur the lines between art and style, pushing creative boundaries.
  • Collaborating with high-end fashion houses and leaving an indelible mark in the industry.
  • Curating a distinct visual aesthetic that captivates and inspires her followers, offering a unique perspective on fashion.

download 1 Follower Count : 1.8M followers
download 1 Profile : Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert’s Instagram
png transparent world globe website logo miscellaneous symmetry cartoon thumbnail Website : Giovanna Engelbert

11. Maria Belen

Maria Belen’s magnetic presence and diverse career span modeling, television, and entrepreneurship. Her massive following is a testament to her multifaceted appeal.

Key Highlights

  • Successfully transitioning from modeling to television and now a successful entrepreneur, showcasing versatility.
  • Using her platform for philanthropy and raising awareness on social issues, advocating for positive change.
  • Engaging her audience with a mix of lifestyle, fashion, and entrepreneurial insights, offering inspiration and guidance.

download 1 Follower Count : 10.6M followers
download 1 Profile : Maria Belen’s Instagram
png transparent world globe website logo miscellaneous symmetry cartoon thumbnail Website : Mar de Margaritas

12. Marzia Kjellberg

Marzia Kjellberg’s artistic talents and creative pursuits have resonated with a wide audience. Her journey from content creation to entrepreneurship reflects her versatility and influence.

Key Highlights

  • Transitioning from content creation to entrepreneurial endeavors with a focus on creativity, demonstrating adaptability.
  • Maintaining a genuine connection with her followers by sharing authentic and diverse content, fostering a sense of community.
  • Inspiring her audience through creativity, lifestyle choices, and entrepreneurial insights, empowering individuals to pursue their passions.

download 1 Follower Count : 8.8M followers
download 1 Profile : Marzia Kjellberg’s Instagram

This list is just a glimpse into the diverse and vibrant world of Italian Instagram influencers. There are countless other talented individuals shaping the digital landscape, each with their unique voice and contribution. To discover more, you can explore the profiles mentioned above, follow relevant hashtags, or check out online resources dedicated to Italian influencers.


Italian Instagram influencers continue to redefine the digital landscape, showcasing not just fashion and lifestyle choices but also embodying entrepreneurship, creativity, and individuality. As these influencers evolve and diversify their platforms, they maintain an unwavering connection with their audience, solidifying their positions as cultural icons and trendsetters in 2024. Join the journey as they continue to inspire and captivate with their unique perspectives and influence across various spheres of life.

This dynamic mix of talent and innovation cements Italy’s place as a hub for influential personalities who transcend boundaries and leave an indelible mark on the global stage.

Remember, this list is a snapshot of the diverse talents within the Italian influencer landscape, and there are many more remarkable individuals shaping the digital world in captivating ways.

Explore their profiles, delve into their worlds, and discover the charm and influence of these incredible Italian personalities.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and trends from the world of Italian influencers.

[Please note that the follower counts and other statistics are based on the data available until 2024 and may have changed over time.]

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