35 Tips To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

tips to make a girl fall in love with you

If the Weasely twins were to find out these tips and tricks to make a girl fall in love with you, then they would stop selling “love potions.” Well, you do not live in a fantasy world where you can brew a simple love potion and make someone fall in love with you. But what you can do is improve your chances at a doting relationship with the girl you like.

Love is a simple four-letter word, yet it holds so much depth and meaning. Read this post to know how to make a girl fall in love with you.

35 Tips To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You: 35 Simple Ways

So, you like a girl, and you want her to feel the same way for you. Learn these tricks in no time to impress her.

1. Make her a priority 

Some women like it when you pay attention and give priority. However, putting your girl first does not mean you have to ignore your friends and family. Instead, show selflessness through your actions. Put her needs and desires first and give her quality time. For instance, if you are shopping, call her to ask which T-shirt or sunglasses to choose. She will appreciate the gesture and may fall for you.

2. Be affectionate 

Bringing her flowers or chocolates are small gestures to make her understand how much you adore her. Show cute gestures of kindness and affection towards her—hug her or hold her hand when she is anxious. If she is having a bad day, take her out on an ice cream date and let her express what has been bugging her all day.

3. Understand her desires 

Every girl is different and has unique needs and desires. Understanding those will help you figure out what she wants and how you can make her happy. For example, is she expecting a dinner date with you or subtly hinting at going to a place? Surprise her and take her out.

4. Make an ever-lasting first impression 

It matters a ton how you present yourself to a woman when you meet her for the first time. So, first impressions need to be pleasant. Don’t come off as someone creepy or weird, and you should be good to go. However, if your first impression was not the best, try impressing the woman the next time you meet her.

5. Be intimate with her 

Now here’s the thing: many people confuse intimacy with something sexual, but it is not. Intimacy comes from hugs and forehead kisses, or when you are lying down, and you look into each other’s eyes. Romance and intimacy go hand in hand. Cuddling is also a sweet form of intimacy.

6. Be confident 

Most women are impressed by confident men. So be assertive because women do not want men who are in constant need of care. But of course, make sure that you do not become brash while trying to exude confidence because there’s a fine line between both, and sometimes one is mistaken for the other.

7. Exchange your interests 

Tell her about your passion and life goals, and she will share hers as well. This way, you both can open up to one another and know each other even more. For example, if art is your passion or photography is what you like, show her your work, and she might be interested in it. You two can also share a hobby, which gives you even more time to spend with one another.

8. Be kind and caring 

Kindness is a gesture that is underrated. Your girl will notice how you behave with strangers, her family, or even animals. When you show her your kind and caring side, she will understand that having you by her side would result in a sanguine life. And she might crave for it and you as well.

9. Show her your responsible side 

Women tend to look for responsible partners. If you show her that you are someone she can depend on during difficult times, she may start to fall in love with you. Stability and consistency are two important things in a relationship, and women seek them more than anything.

10. Compliment her 

If you want her to be your “queen,” treat her like one. Give her compliments that are sincere so that she understands how smitten you are by her. When she puts her efforts into something, make sure you notice them and compliment her.

11. Help her unwind

Women these days have full-time jobs besides household chores and managing their family. Try to help her regularly by sharing the workload—this little gesture of affection will make her understand how much you care for her and love her. Little by little, she will return the care and nurturing you give to her, and eventually, she might fall for you.

12. Listen to her 

Being a good listener if she is ranting about something or discussing her interests. She may fall in love with you if you are an active listener and understand her. Be ready to help her solve the problems she might be facing. One of the reasons she might be sharing these things with you could be because she wants your perspective on it.

13. Be devoted towards her 

Some women are attracted to men who are devoted to them. If you are dating and want to take things further, talk things through with your girl, and let her know that you are not seeing anyone else outside. Moreover, remain faithful to her, no questions asked.

14. Create a romantic ambiance 

Every girl craves the feeling of being “special” in the eyes of their partner. So, light up some candles and create a romantic ambiance for a date, so she gets positive and intimate vibes from you. It would make her fall for you.

15. Earn her trust 

Women want to spend their lives with someone trustworthy. However, earning someone’s trust takes time, so be patient and go through the process slowly. The girl of your dreams will notice your effort and fall in love with you. But do not lie or cheat on her because it becomes difficult to mend once the trust breaks.

16. Dress up well 

Most girls appreciate a well-dressed man. If you take pride in your appearance, it will automatically reflect in your personality. There are no set of rules when it comes to fashion, but you know what looks best on you, so why not dress to impress from next time on?

17. Be chivalrous 

If your girl wants a knight in shining armor to swoop her off her feet, then give her that. If you like her, no one will stop you from going the extra mile. Most women love nobility and chivalry. Pull out the chair for her or open the door for her—these small gestures will make her fall in love with you, and she will be swooning over you in no time.

18. Share your plans 

Now, this might seem like a long-term relationship “stuff,” but there is no need to freak out when she brings up her plans. If you do as well, you both can have a conversation. After all, you both are

mature, and you know where you want to be. If you envision your life with her and she does the same, it means she is falling in love with you and has been planning a future with you.

19. Deem her as an equal 

Assigning gender roles in this century is not only old-fashioned but also icky. No matter who works long hours or earns a bigger salary, it is important that you deem your girl equal. For example, if she does the dishes today, volunteer to do it tomorrow or help her with other household chores.

20. Surprise her 

If she has been busy with work and family lately, then surprise her with a cozy date. Surprising her with some quality time will make her understand that you think about her, and she will adore you for that.

21. Don’t be clingy 

When you are trying to impress a girl and make her like you back, it is necessary that you give her space. If you are clingy, she might not like it. When you give her the space, she might start missing you and want to spend some time with you.

22. Serenade her 

As cheesy as it might sound, it could woo your girl. You might not be a good singer, but she would appreciate a man who tries to soothe her or comfort her through singing. So prepare a song that she loves and sing to her, and it’s a guarantee she will fall in love.

23. Have a great sense of humor

Someone who has a sense of humor entices a girl. What is life if there isn’t a little joke thrown around occasionally? So, make your girl laugh and have a good time. When she feels good being around you, she wants to spend more time with you, which is how you make her fall in love with you.

24. Send her cute texts 

Sending good morning or goodnight texts to the girl you like can charm her. She will know you are the first thing on his mind in the morning and the last one before going to bed. Moreover, you can send her a cute song that reminds you of her or a picture of something that you find funny. It’s the constant communication that will make her fall in love with you.

25. Maintain proper hygiene 

Good hygiene is a must if you want the girl you like to swoon over you. Shave, shower, and apply perfume to smell the best. It is an underrated tip that would help.

26. Be patient 

If you are serious about the girl, it is important not to pressure her. Instead, let things flow naturally, give her time, and eventually, tell her how you feel. When you are steady with this, she will slowly but surely fall in love with you.

27. Be a friend and confidant 

You should make sure that you both are friends first before anything else. Be her confidant so she can share anything without hesitating. When she talks about her problems, guide her into doing the thing that will benefit her.

28. Make her feel protected and safe 

Having a muscular body isn’t the requirement for making the girl feel safe. Instead, it’s more about being an anchor through her tough times, someone she can rely on. When everyone lets her down, she should be able to come to you because you are her safe harbor. Support her with encouraging words when she is beating herself up.

29. Pay attention to the little things 

A partner who listens to every detail that you talk about is truly a godsend. A girl wants a partner who listens to her talk about anything and everything. Pay utmost attention to the minute details that might seem insignificant because when she brings it up, you won’t feel out of place.

30. Be honest about how you feel

Telling her your honest feelings and intentions will make her understand that you care about what she thinks. Don’t deceive her because women tend to have a sixth sense when it comes to liars. But, if you desire to win her heart, be honest.

31. Give her small gifts 

Surprising her with small gifts that she might like is a cute gesture. Give her something that she loves, and the little surprise will amaze her. She will appreciate your thoughtful gesture and adore you for it.

32. Show romantic gestures 

If your girl likes romantic gestures, plan a date and spend some quality time with her. Make her feel that she is a part of a rom-com movie. You could also take her on a long drive or a walk along the beach during sunset or night. You both could sit by the water and listen to the waves crashing the rocks.

33. Don’t make it a competition 

The girl you like might have a lot of friends, and some of them might be guys. Do not make it a competition. Don’t show jealousy over any guy she talks to because it is an unattractive trait that no one likes. With little gestures of affection that you show, she will fall in love with you and choose you.

34. Be optimistic 

Don’t mope around the girl you like. If you are constantly giving off an aura of pessimism and negativity, chances are the girl will feel drained out. So it is best to be optimistic without faking it. Of course, it isn’t possible for any individual to remain happy all the time, but being pessimistic will do you no good anyway.

35. Win the favor of her friends 

Be nice to her friends. No, it might not be as important as the other tips, but if you want those brownie points, this is the way to go. Moreover, when you impress her friends, they will act as the crusader in helping you win over the girl of your dreams.

Be original in everything you do. When you show her little gestures of affection or kindness, she may fall head over heels for you. Compliment her and express your honest feelings without rushing. Being patient is the key here. As long as you are level-headed, the girl will fall in love with you.

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