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Olivia Munn is an American actress as well as a former television host. Not only she is a beautiful actress but also she has pretty hair. Oval shape Oliviya Munn styles her hair in several ways. Her haircuts come in various shapes and lengths, it seems that in many events she wore mid-length hair. Munn used to opt for some prettiest hairstyles every time whenever she sets foot in front of the camera. She is turning heads with many dramatic hair transformations, seen these years. 

You may like to obtain a new look for different seasons, but it is not an easy thing to have the best haircut for yourselves. Olivia’s splendid different hairstyles tell everything about her personality. Before going to your stylists, you must consider the texture and length of the hair and the shape of the face. If you don’t get any idea, scroll down to look at Oliviya Munn’s awesome hairstyles.

Top 14 Olivia Munn Hairstyles & Haircuts

1. Side Parted Short Bob Hairstyle

This short bob is well suited for Oliviya Munn’s red velvet party wear dress. The side parting style gives her a breezy look and it silhouettes her pretty oval face which makes her sweeter.

2. Short Straight Bob

It’s the best idea for girls who have shoulder-length or mid-length hair to style this haircut. This short straight bob showcase a stunning transformation going from bangs to no bangs. The color of the ends highlights the face and also suits very well to Olivia Munn’s skin.

3. Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

Olivia Munn has changed her hair many times and she looks stunning in her all hairstyles. She channels the rocker chic to elegant style with so much ease. Olivia Munn’s fishtail braid hairstyle renders her a casual look and seems she is out for a vacation. Whatever, this hairstyle shapers her face perfectly.

4. Straight Parted Ponytail

Olivia Munn’s straight-parted ponytail is very creative. Though it is a very short ponytail with the normal tresses, it is super fab. What is more, Olivia’s eyes are bright because of this trendy hairstyle, and along with her black attire, she is wonderful.

5. Mid-length Bob Hairstyle

This black bob can fit all types of party wear and it is excellent with a blue casual outfit. It is a chin-length bob that shapes her face in a great way. It has subtle waves at the ends and it doesn’t look too much tousled. This mid-length bob style is just above the shoulder and assists to discover the collarbones.

6. Chignon

A chignon bun is an updo hairstyle with a low bun present at the nape of the neck. Olivia Munn’s chignon hairstyle looks so younger and more gorgeous than ever. With pinky cute attire and pink lipstick, the combo looks like she is in the fantasy world as it gives her an outstanding appearance

7. Straight Hair Cut Without Bangs

Olivia Munn is in straight hair cut without bangs and it creates tame as well as sleek tresses. This hairstyle has side-parted bangs and one of the side bangs is presented behind the ear. This haircut makes her an edgy look with a pair of earing. A white elegant dress with pinkish red lipstick bestows her with a top-notch look.

8. Medium Wavy Cut

Olivia Munn’s medium wavy cut is a medium-length style with a long side parting hair. It doesn’t have big rings but looks like a tousled. Her fluffy tresses with milk lipstick offer her a rich and grandy look in a black dress. 

9. Long Center Part

Olivia Munn’s is great in the long center part hairstyle and excellent black dress. This long center part is back after a long hiatus. Most celebrity is raving about the long part hairstyle that complements all faces shapes. Olivia Munn’s is not an exception and it fit her so well for an event.

10. Long Ponytail

There is nothing good than doing a long shiny ponytail for girls who have long hair. Oliviya looks fabulous wearing her ponytail. Her look with white and red lipstick grants her a sleek and chic appearance.

11. Medium Wavy Cut

Medium wavy cut hairstyles are the perfect way to perk up the look. These dazzling waves and layers suit Oliva Munn’s warm skin beautifully. Absolutely high fashion, as well as the cool appearance of this medium wavy cut, gives her a fresh new look.

12. Loose Ponytail 

Olivia Munn’s loose ponytail proves that girls don’t need impossible long locks to rock with sky-high ponytails. To elevate a pony at the crown of her head, she wrapped some of the hair around and it makes her a gorgeous woman.

13. Shoulder Length Bang

Olivia Munn’s shoulder-length bang takes her to the next level of beauty. Chic, elegant and simple, this shoulder-length bang is perfect for a party. This hairstyle is fit for anyone who needs a simple look that still feels done up.

14. Front Puff Straight Hair

Olivia Munn’s front puff straight hairstyle is effortless and we’ll suit all occasions. These front puff looks amazing when paired with a sleeveless grey glamourous dress and it assists frame her face. No matter what the hairstyle, she is stunning in all, her front puff straight hairstyle is one among them.

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