Rose Water for Hair: Benefits and How to Use It

Rose Water for Hair: Benefits and How to Use It

Almost every household has a bottle of rose water. It is a flavored concoction made by steeping aromatic rose petals in water. While it has many everyday uses, only a few know that rose water can be a game changer in managing our hair.

If you wonder what rose water for hair can do, continue reading till the end!

Is Rose Water Good for Hair?

Rose water contains vital nutrients like Vitamin A, B3, C, D, and E, that contribute to healthy and nourished hair. Our scalp and hair follicles absorb these vitamins when we apply rosewater to the hair, thus nourishing them from the roots.

Moreover, rose water has proven antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties help restore damaged hair, spur hair growth, and maintain well-nourished hair. In fact, it is effective for all Volume and textures of hair, both natural and color-treated.

How to Use Rose Water for Hair

There are several ways to incorporate rose water into your natural hair routine. The most common way is to spray it directly into the scalp and wash it off. Rose water works wonders if mixed with other ingredients for hair.

Below are some easy ways to incorporate rose water in your hair care routine

1. Post-shampoo Rinse

Post-shampoo Rinse

Pour rose water over the scalp after shampooing and conditioning the hair. Leave it for a few hours before rinsing it off with water. People can follow this hair care routine during summer and monsoon.

2. Glycerin and Rose Water

Mix rose water with glycerin in a ratio of 1:1. Use a comb to part the hair and keep applying this mixture from scalp to tip. Leave it for an hour or two before washing it off for the best results.

3. Egg and Rose Water

Add half a cup of rose water to three well beaten eggs in a bowl. Stir the mixture well to ensure a pleasant and loose paste. Apply this mixture gently from the scalp to the tip of the hair. Let it sit for 30 minutes before you wash it off, followed by shampooing and conditioning it.

4. Misting the Hair and Scalp

Rose water is often found in the form of a hair mist. Applying it as a mist is best for smoothing frizz and giving a great scent to the hair.

5. Massage

You can massage rose water directly to your scalp to diminish scalp issues. You can dab rose water directly to the scalp using a cotton ball for an easy application.

Benefits of Rose Water for Hair

rose water for hair

Along with its calm and soothing fragrance, rose water has several benefits for our hair-

  1. Controls oily scalp: A Oily scalp can interrupt with your washing schedule. Greasy hair can attract dirt and cause several hair care issues. One of the significant benefits of rose water is that it controls the oily scalp. The pH level of rose water can reduce the production of oil.
  2. Hydrates the hair: Moisture is essential for having shiny and lustrous hair. The hair becomes dry and frizzy in the lack of moisture. Using rose water for hair will moisturize the scalp. And reduce the effect of heat and pollution on your tresses. Re-hydration makes it easier to manage hair and prevents frizz.
  3. Scalp health: Rose water is used as a mild astringent, so it has a fantastic ability to soothe an irritated scalp. Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties that help to fight fungal infection of the scalp. Including rose water in your hair wash routine can help eliminate dandruff from fungal infection. It also helps to relieve psoriasis and eczema issues in the scalp.
  4. Repair hair damage: Heat styling gives you beautiful hair but also causes damage to your hair. Massaging your scalp with rose water can increase blood circulation and rejuvenate the hair follicle. You will notice the difference after the first wash itself.
  5. Provides nourishment: Rose water is rich in nutrients that helps to nourish the scalp and provide a favorable condition for your hair to grow its full potential.

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You can spray or pour rose water directly to the hair and scalp to acquire its maximum benefits. It is a natural product with no side effects. Along with hair, it is popularly used for improving skin texture and quality. You can easily make your own organic rose water at home by soaking rose petals in boiled or distilled water to capture their oil and essence.

Remember, it is recommended to use rose water NOT more than 2-3 times per week to keep the pH of the scalp balanced.

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