25 Most Amazing Skull Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

skull tattoo designs

Skulls has always been an interesting subject in tattoo art. People pick this design to symbolize something deeper or on a mere whim.. In this post we bring you 25 different and unique skull tattoo designs for your next tattoo. Take a stroll.

Skull Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Human skulls gives a very Gothic presentation, combined with roses they signify life, death and rebirth. Skulls have been considered as the vessel of soul or wisdom of ancestors.

1. Skull and Red Rose Tattoo on Shoulder

Skull and Red Rose

This tattoo is simple yet intricate, the combination of rose and human skull symbolizes death, life and rebirth. The usage of minimum colors makes it stand out. It is ideal for arm, lower back, neck and arm sleeves.

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2. Skull Tattoo Design on Hand

Human Skull shaded in Black

This is quite a common tattoo, almost all men love it, it is simple and looks great. This particular tattoo does not require coloring, the shades of black makes it unique in its own style. It can be created on the wrist, elbow, arm and fore arm.

3. Skull Tattoo on Thigh

Colourful human skull with multiple flowers On Thigh

This is quite a bold design, it has vibrant colors, lots of floral motifs and a big human skull. The color combination is quite nice enhancing the beauty of the art, this work needs lot of precision with great attention. The designs are very intricate and would surely turn heads. Ideal for thighs, back and upper arm as it needs bigger display area.

4. Funky Skull Tattoo with Flower

Funky Skull tattoo with flower

Use your imagination and make this tattoo as funky as possible, with the usage of bold colors it would look even more vibrant and catchy. You can ask for different shades of colors that would enhance your personality.

5. Sugar Skull Tattoo on Wrist


This is a temporary tattoo, you can wear it for any occasion, this tattoo is removable however if you wish you can also get it done permanently. This art form is very common in Mexico.

6. Skull Tattoo on Ear

Skull Tattoo on the ear

Now this is really tough, a skull tattoo on the ear is not only unique but also requires a lot of patience, getting inked in this delicate part can be painful, however as they say “No Pain No Gain”. This tattoo is different and very uncommon. It will surely get you loads of compliments.

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7. Human Skull Tattoo on Foot

Human Skull with bones

This tattoo brings the dare devilness of your personality. Usually a human skull with bones have always been associated with danger but here it is depicts one’s daring nature. This tattoo is quite punky and cool. If you wish you can also get it colored however a bold back would look better.

8. Skull Tattoo on Ribs

Love Pirate Tattoo on Ribs

The skull and cross bones have always been associated with pirates and danger however in this tattoo it symbolizes the uncertainty of love. It reminds us of the insignia that would be inscribed on a treasure chest.

9. Diamond Skull Tattoo on Thigh

Diamond Skull Tattoo

10. Simple Skull Tattoo on Wrist

Simple black color tattoo on the wrist

11. Small Skull Tattoo Back of the Ear

A small black skull tattoo back of the year

12. Big Flowery Skull Tattoo on Back

Big flowery tattoo on the back

13. Couple Skull Tattoo

Pair tattoo on the hand

14. Colorful Skull Tattoo on Forearm

Colourful skull tattoo on forarms

15. Quote Skull Tattoo

Skull tattoo with quotes

This tattoo takes the skull tattoo to another level of inspiration. It is a mix of well-balanced creative design with gorgeous colors. The quote mentioned on these tattoos motivates the person throughout.

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16. Skull Tattoo on Finger


17. Big Skull Tattoo with Red Rose on Forearm

A big skull tattoo with red rose for forarms

18. Flowery Skull Tattoo Design

Flowery Pirate Tattoo

Usually people with skull tattoos are often considered as daring and rule breakers, however this particular flowery skull design is quite contrasting. The usage of bold colors, detail design and soft pattern makes it not only eye catching but also unexpected. It is a fusion of masculine and feminine images.

19. Big Funky Skull Tattoo on Back

Big funky tattoo for back

20. Comic Skull Tattoo

Skull of a man with hat and name

21. Skull Tattoo on Feet

Tattoo with rose on the feet

22. King Skull Tattoo with Quotes

King tattoo with quotes

23. Flowery Skull Tattoos on Back

Flowerry tattoos on the back

24. Skull Tattoo on Back of the Ear

A small black skull tattoo back of the year

25. Colorful Funky Skull Tattoo

Colorful funky skull with hands

Mostly youngsters fancy this design as it looks uber cool and also goes with the whole rebel with a cause theme. In Mexico it is a popular theme and usually made of sugar therefore it’s called as the “Sugar Skulls”. It is created to celebrate the “Day of the Dead”, which is quite similar too All Souls Day or Halloween. These tattoo ideas would certainly uplift your mood and encourage you to get inked!

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