25 Awesome Mandala Tattoo Designs & Meanings Simple Gallery to Choosing Your Tattoo

Mandala Tattoo Designs

Tattoo art these days are not only popular but have become one of the best ways to adorn your body. Getting inked is the new craze and every other person engraves something or the other in their body. The intricate design and its detailing makes the tattoo an art of appreciation. A good tattoo completely depends on the design you choose from, with lot of options available it becomes a daunting task to choose the best one. You can choose anything from floral designs, animals, celestial bodies, symbols, numbers, quotes, names, alphabet, nature or realistic designs.

In this article we will take you through 10 best Mandala tattoo designs, which will spellbound you.

1. Bold color mandala on the arms and forearms

2. Multi Coloured Mandala

Multi coloured mandalas are quite eye catching, the bold colours look great when matched well, and the little designs are not only made well but also detailed very well. This Mandala symbolizes the youthful, adventurous journey of one’s life.

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3. The Lotus Mandala

Created using the bold shade of black, this tattoo would definitely grab attention. The intricate design not only uplifts its but also gives a bold statement. This mandala tattoo pleases your senses, becoming a source of inspiration for a wholesome life.

4. Butterfly Mandala

This tattoo is pretty self-explanatory, it signifies freedom, unity, and brotherhood. The bold butterfly designs are not only mesmerizing but also holds a deep meaning about life. This mandala is unique in its own way.

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5. Gorgeous madala on the thigh

6. The Chakra with Dots

Chakra with dots is the symbol of unmanifested, the circle depicts wholeness integrity and unity, and it resembles the shape of the celestial body like the sun, moon or earth. It also points towards the circle of life.

7. Black mandala on the hand

8. Black color mandala on the shoulder

9. Big black color mandala on the front portion of the thigh

10. Elaborate flowery mandala on the forearms

11. Tribal Mandala

The tribal mandala tattoo also has a deep connection with circles, as it plays an important role in the rituals and ceremonies of many tribe across the globe. This tribal tattoo is inspired from the celestial body like sun, moon, earth and nature therefore it has both circle and floral motifs on it.

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12. Big black color creative mandala on the front portion of the thigh

13. Blue Floral mandala With Yellow Dot

This tattoo stands out because of its bold colour and intricate design. The yellow dot in the middle signifies that “everything is one” and the flower symbolizes the inner beauty.

14. Gorgeous black blue and maroon mandal on the soulder

15. Black color flowery mandala on the shoulder

16. Simple black color Mandala

17. Pink and Blue Flower Mandala

This beautiful Mandala Tattoo symbolizes unity, eternity and femininity. The circle in the middle indicates oneness. The colour combination provides a soothing effect to the eyes and catches attention at the same time. You can also change the colours according to your own personality.

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18. Nature Mandala

This mandala is slightly different from the other ones, this tattoo has more of nature into it. The intricate floral design makes it stand out from the crowd. The Lilly like pattern along with the ferns on the side makes it elegant as well as raw at the same time.

19. Black Color Elaborate Mandala on the Shoulder

20. Flowerry mandala on the hand

21. Elaborate black color mandala on the side portion of the thigh

22. Mandala with Feng Shui Symbol (Ying-Yang)

This tattoo is not only beautiful to look at but also has a spiritual meaning to it. The black and white fengshui symbol “Ying-Yang” depicts the universe both constant and cyclical. This amazing piece of art has every little detail in it.

23. Small but gorgeous mandala on the back

24. Elaborate flowery mandala with leaves on the arm amd forarm

This mandala is a beautiful creation and combination of black and royal blue, the fine work in it makes it look unique. This design has been inspired from ancient scriptures which talk about the practices of Buddhism.

One such tattoo is the “Mandala Tattoo”. “Mandala” is derived from a Sanskrit word which means circle, these tattoos have a deep spiritual meaning and their designs are dominated by the circle. Mandala tattoos needs lot of attention and looks really great if done by an expert. These tattoos resemble the floral design however have a much deeper meaning. They symbolize the journey of life and each mandala has a different story to say. So if you are planning to get a tattoo done then do think about these lovely mandala designs, they not only look good but also have a deeper meaning about life.

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