Teenitor 48 Colors Glitter Set Review

Teenitor 48 Colors Glitter Set

To provide multiple options for making gorgeous looking and to make sparkling among people acquire this Teenitor 48 Colors Glitter Set. You can use these to decorate your home ornaments and masks.

This glitter set is used to make the face and nails shiny and sparkly. It is commonly used in arts and crafts to color, accessories and texture items. The small, brightly colored particles often stick to clothing, skin and greeting cards.

Teenitor 48 Colors Glitter Set

How it Works

  • These small, reflective particles will come in different shapes, sizes and colors.
  • These are specially selected colors to create the ultimate glitter craft set.
  • User friendly, shake and pour removable lids which will ensure you to get the most out of each and every pot.
  • No waste means no worries.
  • This will be good as nail art, face, eye, body and hair cosmetic glitter powder.
  • It is suitable for festival decorations and dancing decorations.

Pros and Cons


  • Used it for hair art, as eyeshadow, nail arts and face painting.
  • Can be used in a spray bottle for arts and crafts.
  • To decorate candle holders and works.
  • Used for making shining slime and epoxy crafts and epoxy tumblers.


  • This product is not safe for the lips.

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Teenitor 48 Colors Glitter Set is a multipurpose glitter powder. This extremely fine powder is in nice color and very sparkly.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Q. Can preschoolers use this glitter in the classroom?

A: It’s non toxic but I would not recommend giving glitter to preschoolers as it could very easily end up in their eyes.

Q.Can you use this with temporary tattoo kits for kids?

A: Most likely. as long as you have the adhesive to make it stick!

Q.Can you use this in epoxy resin?

A: I tried it in a bowl I made and found the glitter settles to the bottom. If you’re doing a thin pour I think it will work fine.

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