20 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Throw Away The Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon Seeds

As soon as you take a good chunky bite of a juicy watermelon piece, there is one unwanted piece that pops in your mouth. Yes, those dreadful black seeds which you have to spit out. Though there are seedless watermelons available, you still encounter situations where you get your hands on seeded watermelons and it sure is a pain to remove those seeds.Now if you thought that this post was about how to conveniently remove those seeds then you are wrong. Instead this post is all about why you should not throw away those watermelon seeds. Confused? Well, read on!

Top 20 Benefits Of Watermelon Seeds

Benefits Of Watermelon Seeds

1. Vitamin B-9

Folate or vitamin B-9 is vital for the proper functioning of our brains. Watermelon seeds contain folic acid through which the homo cysteine levels can be controlled. This is one of the major benefits of consuming watermelon seeds.

2. Calories

When compared to a bag of potato chips, watermelon seeds definitely contain lesser calories. So, the next time you want to have a quick snack, I would suggest you have some roasted watermelon seeds.

3. Iron Content

Haemoglobin is the process through which oxygen is carried throughout our body and one of the main components of haemoglobin is iron. Watermelon seeds contain iron and having a handful of watermelon seeds everyday is quiet beneficial for our body.

4. Lowering Bad Cholesterol

There are certain fatty acids which can help in reducing the bad cholesterol in our body and protect against the risk of stroke and heart attack. Watermelon seeds consist two such fatty acids – polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids.

5. Rich In Magnesium

Our body requires magnesium to maintain our immune system, nerve function, bone health, muscle function and healthy heart. This mineral is present in abundance in watermelon seeds. So to maintain the metabolic functions of your body, make sure you eat those seeds.

Rich In Magnesium

6. Copper

Copper is an essential mineral found in watermelon seeds. The pigment which is responsible for your hair and skin color is called melanin and this is produced in our body with the help of copper. The copper content in watermelon seeds also help in transporting iron which is used for making hemoglobin.

7. Blood Pressure Control

Eating watermelon seeds is great way to control our blood pressure. This is done by increasing the nitric oxide and reducing the aortic pressure through a compound called citrulline.

8. Relief From Inflammation

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties present in watermelon seeds can give you relief from disorders occurring due to inflammation such as oedema or urinary tract infections. Just have a handful of watermelon seeds and you will be good.

9. Bacterial Infection

Your body needs antimicrobial agent to fight off against the various bacterial infections. Phytochemicals are the antimicrobial agent present in watermelon seeds which are quite effective in treating pseudomonas aeruginosa and klebsiella pneumonia.

10. Minerals

Who knew that the tiny black seeds was a minefield of minerals. Different minerals are required for the the complete functioning of our body and watermelon seeds consist of minerals like sodium, phosphorous, zinc, potassium, etc., all of which are absolutely essential.


11. Proteins

It is not just fish and poultry through which you can get proteins. Watermelon seeds are also an excellent source of proteins which contain amino acids. Arginine is one of the amino acids which can treat coronary diseases as well as regulate the blood pressure. Glutamic acid, lysine and tryptophan are some of the other amino acids that are part of the proteins in watermelon seeds.

12. Hair Benefits

Watermelon seeds oil is super beneficial for your hair. You can improve the growth of your hair, prevent hair breakage and moisturize your scalp by massaging and applying the watermelon seeds oil.
Because of its light texture, you can be rest assured that this oil will not clog the pores on your scalp.

13. Anti-Aging

Having watermelon seeds once a week is another great way to prevent your skin from aging quickly. The antioxidants present in the seeds will help you in maintaining a healthy and younger looking skin and will take care of various aging symptoms likes, fine lines, sagging of skin, wrinkles, etc.

14. Skin Moisturizer

Watermelon seeds oil works as a great moisturizer for your skin. It not only moisturizes the skin but also gets rid of all the impurities, dirt, sebum and grease that clogs the pores of the skin. This is why baby oils will often have watermelon seeds oil as one of its ingredients.

15. Treatment For Acne

The removal of all the dirt and grime will ensure that your skin remains acne-free. Another benefit of using watermelon seeds is that it can improve the elasticity of your skin which in turn gets rid of your dull looking skin. You can also protect your skin from cancer and other disorders by using watermelon seeds.

Treatment For Acne

16. Healthy Kidney

Kidney stones is a very common problem which can be eliminated by consuming watermelon seed tea. Used for cleansing of kidneys, watermelon seed tea is a natural diuretic.

17. Memory Booster

If you want to shapen your memory and give it a much needed boost, then you should munch on some watermelon seeds. You can also use them while your are recovering from any illness.

18. For Pregnant Women

It is recommended that pregnant women should include watermelon seeds in their diet since they are rich in vitamin C and beneficial for the immune system.

19. Detoxification

Removal of toxins from our body is quite important and watermelon seed oil can help in the process of detoxification. Give your body a good massage using some warm watermelon seed oil and you will notice the toxic waste exiting your body through the sweat pores.

20. Liver Protector:

Certain studies have proved that watermelon seed oil can be used to as a remedy to decrease the liver damage. It is a hepatoprotective which reduces the levels of ALT and AST in the blood. This is how you can determine that your liver is healthy and strong.

Liver Protector

I hope these 20 amazing benefits have made you realize that the next time you sink your teeth in a juicy watermelon piece, you will not throw away those seeds. You can roast them and carry them around with you as a healthy snack to munch on during the day!

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