Yoga for Adrenal Fatigue: 4 Best Yoga Poses to Heal Adrenal Fatigue

yoga for adrenal fatigue

Yoga poses are powerful practices that help support the healthy lifestyle of a person. You need to make yoga poses your routine workouts as they have got a lot of benefits. Herein in are effective yoga poses to improve adrenal fatigue.

4 Best Yoga Poses to Heal Adrenal Fatigue

Supported Corpse Pose

supported corpse pose for adrenal fatigue

This yoga pose uses a supportive thing like a blanket bolster to relieve knee and neck strain.

How to Perform it:

  • Lie down on your back. Start by separating the legs and then hold them straight in order the feet to fall to either side open.
  • It is now time to bring the arms alongside the body, Make the palms face upwards but not keep them open and let your fingers curl inwards.
  • To gain enough support, you need to tuck the shoulder blades into the back.
  • Follow by setting up the limbs and release any kind of effort from maintaining them in position.
  • Stay in a relaxation mode and allow the body to feel heavy.
  • Stay this way for at least five minutes then you plan to come out of it.
  • Stretch the arms overhead from the feet to the hands for a full stretch.
  • You will be almost at the end, bring the knees into the chest and try rolling over towards one side while the eyes closed.
  • Support yourself with the hands to return to a sitting position.

Benefits: The mind trying resisting deep relaxation is something quite normal. This yoga pose acts as an ultimate conscious surrender. With regular practice and patient, adrenal fatigue will be eliminated easily.

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Supported Bridge Pose

supported bridge pose for adrenal fatigue

For individuals wishing to open up your chest and back without much stress, this is what you need to keep practice.

How to perform it:

  • For this, start by lying on the back while the knees bent and keeping the feet soles flat at the ground.
  • Then follow by extending the arms on the ground as the fingers reach the heels.
  • Your feet need to be kept parallel and maintain this position all through the pose.
  • Then now press into the feet soles to enable you lifts the hips from the ground.
  • Then directly under the sacrum, it’s time to slide the yoga block that is under the back.
  • The position you will be at needs to be a comfortable one.
  • You can stay this way for many minutes as you can before you plan to come out of it.

Benefits: This is a great yoga pose to beat adrenal fatigue. It helps to improve blood circulation, thereby reducing body stress and fatigue.

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Legs Up The Wall Pose

legs up the wall pose for adrenal fatigue

This is an inversion pose whereby you will lie on the ground and just right next to a wall and try placing the legs together vertically against it.

How to perform it:

  • Start by getting sited on the ground near a wall.
  • The legs need to be stretched in front of you straight.
  • Breathe out and lie down gently on your back.
  • Then engage the hip muscles and the core to raise the legs into the air as the feet bottoms point straight to the ceiling.
  • It is now time to keep your body pivoted for the leg backs to touch the wall.
  • Right to the ground brings the sitting bones to flush and maintain your position as close to the wall as possible in order your legs and torso make to create an angle of 90-degrees.
  • You will be almost at the end, place the hands on the belly as you relax the neck and place your focus on breathing and while you make each breathing pattern, be releasing any anxiety or stress right from the feet.
  • Stay at this position for like ten to twenty minutes before you come out of it.

Benefits: At the time you will be performing this pose, you will breathe naturally while eyes closed, by this way, you will be eliminating tension that might be in the body thereby relieving you from adrenal fatigue.

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Corpse Pose

corpse pose for adrenal fatigue

This is a tradition practiced pose at the end of any yoga sequence but however, it can too be performed at the beginning.

How to perform it:

  • Begin by lying down on your back and allow the legs to maintain separate with the feet at about the hip distance and the toes kept relaxing outward.
  • It is now time to allow the arms to stay in a relaxation mode on either side of the body; the palms need to face upwards.
  • Breathe in for some time through the nose and make to breathe out through the mouth.
  • Make at least 20 deep breaths or even longer than that.

Benefits: Corpse Pose is such an excellent energy booster. When put in our daily schedules, it can relieve anxiety, stress and also stimulate the circulation of blood in the body thereby relieving adrenal fatigue.

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