5 Best Yoga Poses for Strong Shoulders

yoga for strong shoulders

Shoulders are vital parts of the body. They often get injured and it becomes really tricky to treat the shoulders. The muscles and the ligaments around the shoulders require proper exercise to keep them always fit and active. Yoga has some great poses to take care of your shoulders. If you have any injury, you can try some yoga poses to strengthen your shoulders.

5 Yoga Poses to Strengthen the Shoulders

1. Gomukhasana

gomukhasana for shoulders

‘Gomukasana’ means to make a pose like ‘the face of a cow’. This pose brings several parts and joints of the body in harmony.

How to do it:

  • At first, sit and then bend your legs.
  • Your left leg will be under your right leg and the knees will be on each others top.
  • Your left hand will come from below and your right hand will come over your right shoulder.
  • At the center of your back, both the hands will hold each other.
  • You will be looking straight.

How it Benefits:

  • Different joints in your body, including the shoulders will function better.
  • Your back pain will reduce.
  • The muscles in your chest will work better.

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2. Warrior II Pose

Warrior II Pose for shoulders

The name of the pose itself declares its purpose. Another name of this pose is ‘virabhadrasana’. The pose was practiced by ancient warrior’s to strengthen their shoulder and hip muscles.

How to do it:

  • To start, stand with your right knee slightly bent (forward position).
  • Face the right side.
  • Lift both of your arms and keep them at 180 degree angle (like a straight line).
  • Your left leg will be straight and it will support your hip.
  • Your face will be straight towards the right arm.

How it benefits:

  • The asana will strengthen your shoulder’s and arm’s muscles.
  • The muscles in your legs will also be strengthened.

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3. Downward Facing Dog

downward dog pose for shoulders

This pose is popular for more than one reason. The pose is truly beneficial for the shoulders and for the back muscles.

How to do it:

  • Stand on your two arms and two legs.
  • Lift your bone tail upwards.
  • Keep your face close to the ground, but in the air.
  • Try to make a ‘Tip of an arrow’ shape.

How it benefits:

  • The shoulder muscles and your back muscles will get strengthened.
  • Your digestive function will be improved.

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4. Ardha Pincha Mayurasana

dolphin pose for shoulders

The pose or the asana is inspired from the peacock bird. The pose is also known as Dolphin pose.

How to do it:

  • At first, stand on your palms and legs.
  • Stretch your legs.
  • Now, your hands will fold and your forearms will support you.
  • Your palms will be on the floor. The fingers of your palms will be stretched.
  • Your tail bone will be lifted upwards and your body will take a ‘Tip of an arrow’ shape.
  • Keep your face close to the ground, but in the air.

How it benefits:

  • The shoulders will be strengthened.
  • Your neck muscles and back muscles will be relaxed.

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5. Plank Pose

plank for shoulders

The pose may get the fifth position on the list, but the pose has no lesser significance. The pose is Inspired from ‘plank’ and its purpose is to make the shoulders robust.

How to do it:

  • To begin, lie down, facing the ground.
  • Then, Lift your body on your arms and legs.
  • Keep your body in that position and try to keep your body as steady as a plank.

How it benefits:

  • The pose is truly beneficial for your shoulders.
  • The muscles, all around your body, will be strengthened.
  • The bones in your arms will be strengthened.

The above – top 5 yoga poses to strengthen the shoulders – should be practiced with proper guidance. You should be breathing normally while practicing these poses.

These are natural ways to strengthen your shoulders. So, they have no side effects and you can practice them without any doubt in your mind.

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