6 Simple Yoga Poses to Increase Height

yoga to increase height

The height of a human being depends upon many factors like for instance the genetic and non-genetic factors including nutrition and other environmental factors. Scientists say that the growing stages of a child need to follow a lot of things, this is as from a balanced diet, exercises, proper sleep and also physical activities. An individual’s height stops to grow at an age of between 16-21 years. Herein are some effective yoga poses to increase height:

6 Simple Yoga Poses to Increase Height

1. Standing Forward Bend (Hasta Padasana)

standing forward bend for height

This is a standing yoga pose whereby a person roots one leg and holds the other one in a fully extended position in front of the body while trying to look for a balance.

How it is performed:

  • Upon inhalation, an individual establishes focus and goes ahead to root the supporting leg.
  • The non-rooted leg will begin to lighten on exhalation.
  • On the second inhalation, the knees of this leg will travel up to the chest as the leg rises.
  • The fingers that correspond to the leg being lifted will wrap around the big toe during mid-inhalation as the leg extends forward gently.
  • Upon full inhalation, the leg will be found with flexed toes and in an extended position in its final.
  • The supporting leg will be further grounded upon exhalation.


  • It synchronizes and awakens the mind and breath.
  • It reunites the back and front of the body.
  • Results into spiritual equilibrium and a deep sense of awareness.

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2. Shoulder Stand

shoulder stand for height

This is a yoga pose wherein an individual tries to balance the whole body on the shoulder.

How it’s performed:

  • First, you need to lie on your back while placing the hands by side.
  • Make one movement by lifting your back, buttocks and legs so that you raise up high the on shoulders.
  • It is now time to move the elbows towards each other as you move the hands along the back slowly to the shoulder blades.
  • Lift the heels higher as you maintain the legs firmly.
  • Then over the nose, bring the big toes and next consider pointing them up.
  • Maintain a deep breath and stay still for half or whole a minute.


  • The brain gets nourished with more blood.
  • Reliefs an individual from problems of indigestion, varicose veins and constipation.
  • Helps to normalize the functions of the parathyroid and thyroid.
  • Helps in keeping the spine flexible.

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3. Tree Pose (Vrksasana)

tree pose for height

This is a standing yoga pose that helps to improve focus, balance and mental clarity.

How it’s performed:

  • By the arms by the body side, stand straight and tall.
  • Place the right foot high at the left-hand side thigh while bending your right knee.
  • Seek balance and then take a deep breath in, from the side, raise the arms over the head gracefully and bring together your palms.
  • Keep taking long deep breaths as you ensure that the spine is kept straight.
  • Relax the body at each exhalation and with slow exhalation, bring down the hands gently.
  • End by standing straight and tall and repeat the process with the other leg.


  • Improves concentration.
  • Helps sciatica sufferers.
  • It brings equilibrium to the mind.

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4. Downward Dog Pose

downward dog pose for height

This yoga pose has gained popularity for its importance in contemporary practice. It normally can be a resting position and also act as a transitional pose.

How it’s performed:

  • With the knees underneath your hips and the wrists underneath the shoulders, come to your knees and hands.
  • Now curve the toes under and try to push back to lift the hips through your hands and keep the legs straight.
  • Follow by spreading the fingers and ground down into the fingertips from the forearms.
  • It is now time to try broadening your collarbones by rotating your upper arms outwardly.
  • Move the shoulder blades far off the ears to the hips as the head left hanging.
  • You will be at your final stages now.
  • While you keep your tail high enough, do a rotation of the thighs inwards and then sink the heels to the ground.
  • Lastly, breathe out and bend the knees to release and make a comeback to your knees and hands.


  • Help to decrease anxiety.
  • Brings about deepened respiration.
  • Reliefs you from back pain.
  • Brings about increased full body circulation.

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5. Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana)

seated forward bend for increasing height

This is a yoga pose that entails intense stretching of the backside of the body. It is a forward bend that is humbling in its simplicity.

How it’s performed:

  • Make to sit up while you make the legs remain stretched in front of you straight as you keep the toes flexed towards you and the spine erect.
  • Then make to raise all arms above the head as you make an inhalation and then stretch up. As you exhale, bend forward, chin directed to your toes.
  • The next thing involves placing the hands on the legs, make a slight lift of the head as you make to take a deep breath and lengthen the spine.
  • After this, you will exhale and the navel will move towards the knees gently.
  • Make repetition of this for about two or three times.
  • You are almost at the final stages, now drop the head down and take a deep breath for about a minute.
  • Make your arms stretch in front.


  • Helps to tone the shoulders.
  • Helps to stretch the hips, lower back and hamstrings.
  • Tones and massages the pelvic and abdominal organs.

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6. Camel Pose

camel pose for increasing height

Is a yoga pose that allows an individual to experience a deep extension of the spine without arms supporting your weight.

How to perform it:

  • Start by kneeling with your body in an upright manner and your hips stacked on the knees.
  • Try to draw the hands upwards until the armpits are reached by the thumbs.
  • The position of your chest needs to be maintained as you try to reach the hands back to catch the heels.
  • For those who would like to add more height, they need to tuck the toes under.
  • Ensure the hips stay over the knees by bringing them forward.
  • Let your head make a comeback if it feels good then release.


  • Helps in strengthening the back.
  • Boots energy and mood.
  • Open up the chest, shoulders and quadriceps.

For those who admire to increase their heights, here are some of the best yoga poses to consider achieving the goal. You need them on regular basis, at least twice a day. Try it today.

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