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Traditional microfiber and cotton towels may cause bacterial breeding and odors. Acquire this Atitifope Cleansing Towel which is disposable and can be applied to people of all ages and can be used by the whole family.

This eliminates the hassle of repeatedly washing towels and supports a healthier and more convenient environment . It can be used by babies and those with sensitive skin.

How it Works:

  • Atitifope Cleansing Towels are 100% viscose material which is an artificial fiber used, it does not contain any chemical components. It can be naturally decomposed and doesn’t burden the earth.
  • It has excellent water absorption and water retention and can be used both dry and wet.
  • You can enjoy a wide range of applications depending on your needs such as face wash towels, makeup removers etc.
  • The soft and smooth texture of these wipes are gentle to touch and can be used by babies and those with sensitive skin.


  • Made from high quality viscose fiber, which is good for skin care.
  • Can be used in many ways.
  • Larger than the size of a normal cleansing towel.
  • Soft and environmentally friendly.
  • Can be reused.


  • It takes time to remove waterproof makeup.

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Easy to use the extraction type, you can use it conveniently just by placing it in the washroom or dresser. It is hard to tear and easy to use.

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 Frequently Asked Questions (FQA’s)

Q. Is this item durable?
Ans: Yes. It is durable.

Q. What are the dimensions of the product?
Ans: 6.3 x 5.31 x 4.84 inches; 12.45 Ounces

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