30+ Best Buddha Tattoo Designs & Meanings

Buddha Tattoo Designs

Buddha is the epitome of love and devotion in Buddhism. It represents the power of overcoming fears in human life and choosing a path that can lead to enlightenment. Let us see some amazing variations of buddha tattoo designs.

30+ Best Buddha Tattoo Designs & Meanings

1. A Man in Buddha’s Pose

This is a meaningful tattoo in which a man mimics the pose of Buddha’s meditating pose with folded hands. The circular objects around the person indicate that the universe continues on its own path and still man strength to avoid any distraction and focus on self-improvement. Lotus symbolizes purity, gracefulness, and strength attained through meditation.

2. Colorful Buddha Tattoo in a Forest Setup

The tattoo shows a colorful setup in the forest with flowers, butterflies, and animals. Among these, Buddha is seen to be in deep thoughts, searching for the meaning of life, which implies, that when you are focused on your aim, no matter what is around you, it would affect you at.

3. Buddha Outline Tattoo on a Lotus

This is a simple yet elegant tattoo for arms. The outline of Buddha symbolizes peace and contentment and the intricately designed lotus indicates the need for focus while meditating and searching for the meaning of life.

4. Buddha in a Ruminating Pose

If you have been searching for the meaning of life, this would be a great tattoo for you as it shows Buddha on his lotus seat, thinking over something. This symbolizes the urge to be free in life.

5. Buddha Tattoo with His Teaching

The tattoo with Buddha’s meditating pose along with His teaching below it implies clarity, balance, and long life. Both these tattoos can be inked in either of the arms to remember the teachings in every phase of life.

6. Happy Buddha with a Modern Twist

In this tattoo, the laughing Buddha is given a modern twist by making it wear Google and large earrings, besides a colorful jacket. This is a good choice for someone who wants to have something interesting and different inked on their skin.

7. Happy Buddha Tattoo

This is a jovial fat Buddha tattoo that shows your happy and relaxed nature. It even symbolizes love for delicious food and the geometric shape surrounding it with circles at the intersection of the lines indicates that he exudes happiness to everyone around him and creates a positive environment.

8. Intricate Buddha Tattoo

When you love attention-grabbing intricate designs, this is a perfect option for you. Buddha and the lotus flower in black and white symbolize the brave, bold, and courageous nature of an individual.

9. Buddha with Pink Lotus

This is a beautiful buddha tattoo with an elegant feministic touch in the form of a pink lotus. In Buddhism, this lotus has much relevance as it is considered to be Buddha’s holy seat.

10. Mandala Pattern and Buddha Tattoo

The circular mandalas below Budhha’s tattoo signify the circle of life which keeps on moving. It signifies that in such a situation, we need to motivate ourselves to understand the ultimate meaning of life.

11. Mandala Pattern and Buddha Tattoo

The mandala pattern around Buddha’s head as well as on his forehead signifies focus and meditation. This is shown along with a full lotus, which is considered to be His seat.

12. Buddha in a Meditative State

This is a minimal black and white tattoo with the meditating pose of Buddha. The lotus is represented in the form of a mandala pattern, symbolizing focus and mental strength.

13. Buddha with a Lotus and Mandala

The mandala pattern at the top of Buddha’s head in this tattoo symbolizes the universe with patterns in them, showing how ae we are all connected. Along with it, the lotus at the bottom adds to its spiritual meaning.

14. Little Buddha on Lotus Tattoo

Want to get Buddha’s tattoo inked on the skin but make it look cute? This is a great choice in black and white, with Buddha sitting on a lotus with a calm and contented expression.

15. Buddha with Om on Lotus Tattoo

Follower of Hinduism and Buddhism as well? Show your faith in both religions by getting om inked in the Lotus found with Buddha whose outline is seen in the tattoo meditating.

16. Buddha-Outline Tattoo with his Teaching

Love small and meaningful tattoos? This simple Buddha outline tattoo is perfect for both genders and symbolizes peace, patience, and contentment.

17. Laughing Buddha Tattoo

The Laughing Buddha tattoo symbolizes luck, wealth, prosperity, and abundance. It doesn’t have any intricate designs and is hence is best for someone looking for a minimalistic, yet meaningful tattoo.

18. Buddha and Unalome Tattoo

Unalome tattoo is related to the Hindu religion’s Lord Shiva’s third eye, symbolizing wisdom and a path to excellence. Along with this, the Buddha’s tattoo on the lotus indicates a calm and peaceful disposition during the quest for the meaning of life.

19. Younger Buddha in Meditating Pose

Here Buddha is represented in his younger age and his meditating pose symbolizes that humans should start searching for the meaning of life at an early age to ensure inner peace and streamline their activities for spiritual advancement.

20. Simple Buddha Tattoo in Standing Pose

Looking for a minimalistic tattoo of Buddha? This is the simplest one you can get inked to show your determined spiritual side.

21. Black Strokes Buddha Tattoo

22. Buddha and Mandala Tattoo

23. Buddha Figure with Flowers

24. Buddha Outline Tattoo

25. Buddha Tattoo on Forearm

26. Buddha Tattoo on Leg

27. Buddha Tattoo on the Back

28. Buddha Tattoo on Waist

Buddha Tattoo on Waist

29. Buddha Tattoo with Colorful Touches

30. Buddha Tattoo with Flowers

31. Buddha Tattoo with Lotus Flowers

32. Buddha Tattoo with Rich Details

33. Colorful Buddha Tattoo on Leg

34. Cool Buddha Tattoo

Cool Buddha Tattoo

35. Flower Buddha Tattoo on Leg

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