45 Beautiful Ankle Tattoos and Their Meanings You May Love to Try!

ankle tattoos

Were you looking forward to getting a tattoo on your ankle ? You will be glad to know that you are in the right place!, Because today we will have the pleasure of sharing with you some of the most charming ankle tattoos designs . So, let’s get started!

45 Beautiful Ankle Tattoos and Their Meanings:

Getting a tattoo is one of the desires to be fulfilled by many of us, and it is common that the question always arises: “in what part of the body should I do it?”. That is why here I leave you some wonderful options of tattoos that you can do in the area of the ankle.

1. Wave Tattoo on Ankle:

Wave tattoo on ankle

2. Small Moon Tattoo on Ankle:

small moon tattoo on ankle

3. Hourglass Tattoo on Ankle:

hourglass tattoo on ankle

4. Owl Tattoo on Ankle:

owl tattoo on ankle

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5. Lotus Flower Tattoo On Ankle:

Lotus Flower Tattoo On Ankle

6. Anchor Ankle tattoo:

Anchor Ankle tattoo

7. Small Music Note Tattoo on Ankle:

small music note tattoo on Ankle

8. Stars Tattoo Ankle:

Stars tattoo ankle

9. Compass Tattoo on Ankle:

compass tattoo on ankle

10. Mandala Tattoo on Ankle:

mandala tattoo on ankle

11. Cat Ankle Tattoos:

Cat ankle tattoo

12. Seahorse Tattoo Ankle:

seahorse tattoo ankle

13. Small Heart Tattoo on Ankle:

small heart tattoo on ankle

14. Wings Tattoo Ankle:

wing tattoo ankle

15. Mountain Range Tattoo on Ankle:

Mountain range tattoo on ankle

16. Delicate Ankle Tattoo:

delicate ankle tattoo

17. Mother & Daughter Ankle Tattoo:

Mother and daughter Ankle Tattoo

18. Seashell Tattoo on Ankle:

Seashell tattoo on ankle

19. Arrow Tattoo on Ankle:

arrow tattoo on ankle

20. Diamond Tattoo on Ankle:

diamond tattoo on ankle

21. Flower Tattoo Design on Ankle:

Flower tattoo design on Ankle

22. Cross Tattoos on Ankle:

cross tattoos on ankle

23. Ankle Tattoo Ideas for Disney Lovers:

Ankle Tattoo Ideas for Disney Lovers

24. Dream Catcher Tattoo on Ankle:

dream catcher tattoo on ankle

25. Koi Fish Tattoo Ankle:

koi fish tattoo ankle

26. Elephant Tattoo on the Ankle:

Elephant tattoo on the ankle

27. Guitar Tattoo on Ankle:

guitar tattoo on ankle

28. Ballet Shoes Tattoo:

ballet shoes tattoo

29. Yin Yang Tattoo Ankle:

yin yang tattoo ankle

30. Bow and Arrow Tattoo on Ankle:

bow and arrow tattoo on ankle

31. Butterfly Tattoo on Ankle:

butterfly tattoo on ankle

32. Feather Tattoo Ankle:

feather tattoo ankle

33. Triangle Ankle Tattoo:

triangle ankle tattoo

34. Anchor Tattoo Ankle:

anchor tattoo ankle

35. Cat Tattoo on Ankle:

cat tattoo on ankle

36. Travel Tattoo on Ankle:

travel tattoo on ankle

37. Celtic Ankle Tattoo:

celtic ankle tattoo

38. Sunflower Tattoo on Ankle:

sunflower tattoo on ankle

39. Palm Tree Tattoo Ankle:

palm tree tattoo ankle

40. Kung Fu Panda Ankle Tattoo:

kung fu panda ankle tattoo

41. Dancing Doll Tattoo on Ankle:

Dancing doll Tattoo on Ankle

42. Crown Tattoo on Ankle:

crown tattoo on ankle

43. Map Tattoo on Ankle:

map tattoo on ankle

44. Sun and Moon Tattoo on Ankle:

sun and moon tattoo on ankle

45. Carpe Diem Ankle Tattoo:

Carpe diem ankle tattoo

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