Jhansi Paveen

I'm Jhansi Paveen, An MBA holder from a reputed university based out of Hyderabad. After completing my MBA, I spent multiple years as a HR in retail segments such as Infinity and Future retail etc. Nevertheless, I'm blessed with two kids and have a loving husband, But my passion has always stood interested in exploring contents from the web and writing articles which keeps everyone to read and believe in the right information which in turn helps my users to make right choices. Therefore I became a valued content writer over the past 4 years. I was born and brought up in Hyderabad and I am passionate about Pets, Fishs, Birds and Planting. As most of you trusted and rated me, I have both skill and a will to write relevant articles about Fashion, Pets, Hairstyles etc. And I also have been given a voice over to many YouTube articles.

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