7 Best Fabric Softeners For Sensitive Skin

Fabric Softeners For Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive skin need to take extra care of their skin. Apart from using skin care products meant specifically for sensitive skin, they also need to check the labels of their fabric softener. Even though it may sound awkward, regular fabric softeners can cause allergic reactions on sensitive skin.

If you feel itchy and the skin inflamed after wearing clothes washed with regular fabric softener, it’s time to change your softener. While sometimes the reaction is mild, in other cases, it could cause severe skin issues.

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Fabric Softeners

Fabric softeners contain chemicals that can harm the skin, causing allergic reactions. Therefore, here we have listed the best fabric softener for sensitive skin that will keep allergies at bay, giving freshly scented and soft clothes.

All these products are hand-picked based on their quality and performance. So, if you have sensitive skin, check them out and keep skin reactions or allergies at bay.

7 Best Fabric Softeners For Sensitive Skin

1. Hypoallergenic: Tide Store Bounce Dryer Sheets Laundry Fabric Softener

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  • It is dermatologist tested and approved to be mild and gentle on the skin
  • It is free of dyes, perfumes, and other harmful ingredients that may harm sensitive skin
  • The special formula helps reduce wrinkles, so you don’t have to spend too much time ironing the clothes
  • It consists of biodegradable cationic softeners and a polyester substrate

What We Don’t Like: Some people find the smell of this fabric softener overpowering.

2. Gentle and Effective: Amazon Brand – Presto! Concentrated Fabric Softener

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  • It has two times more strong softening power due to its concentrated formula
  • It is free of artificial fragrances and dyes, delivering premium results while staying gentle on the skin
  • It helps control static and reduce wrinkles on clothes
  • The highly effective formula helps cleanse fabric deeply and leave them fresh and clean

What We Don’t Like: Concentrated formula may cause slight irritation.

3. Freshly Scented: Method Fabric Softener, Ginger Mango

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  • The presence of plant-based softening power makes this fabric softener highly effective
  • It is suitable for both hand washing and standard washers
  • Makes fabric aromatic, soft, and fluffy
  • Makes ironing clothes super easy as it reduces wrinkles
  • The refreshing scent of mango and zingy notes make it smell pleasingly fruity

What We Don’t Like: It is pricey.

4. Effective and Affordable: Downy Ultra Laundry Fabric Softener Liquid, April Fresh Scent

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  • It helps fabric from stretching, fading, and unnecessary fuzz
  • It softens the fabric and leaves a refreshing smell on them
  • Stays gentle on the skin and works best for people with sensitive skin type
  • The smell lasts for longer, and you feel good and fresh wearing them

What We Don’t Like: The quantity of fabric softener is less.

5. Lenor Sensitive Fabric Softener Conditioner

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  • It stays gentle on the skin, thus works best for problematic skin
  • The hypoallergenic formula keeps cloth as well as skin safe
  • The pleasing smell clings to the clothes for longer
  • It makes the fabric super soft to the touch without fading or stretching them

What We Don’t Like: The smell could be overpowering.

6. Safe for Baby Clothes: Pure Essential Oil Works Wool Works Organic

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  • It is made with 100% Pure Organic Premium New Zealand Wool
  • There are no fillers, additives, or chemicals in this product, making it safe for all skin types
  • It absorbs excess moisture and thus reduces drying time by up to 40%
  • It works best for baby clothing and people with sensitive skin.

What We Don’t Like: Overwhelming smell.

7. Dermatologically Tested: Downy Ultra Plus Free & Gentle Laundry Fabric Softener Liquid

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  • It comforts all types of fabrics, leaving them refreshingly aromatic and fresh
  • Suitable for baby clothes and works wonderfully in softening the fabric
  • It uses downy infusions of calm in-wash scent booster beads that keep cloth safe and aromatic
  • Free of dyes and perfumes

What We Don’t Like: It is pricey.


Now that you know some of the most effective and best fabric softeners for sensitive skin, it’s time to replace your regular softener with any of these. Most of these products are hypoallergenic, which are tested and approved by dermatologists. Also, the presence of skin-safe chemicals will not cause any issues on your sensitive skin.

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