How To Treat Burn On Roof Of Mouth

How To Treat Burn On Roof Of Mouth

You just couldn’t wait to take the first sip of a hot coffee, or first bite of that sizzling hot pizza, and ouch! The feel of that instant burn on the roof of the mouth.

If you ask, I just burned the roof of my mouth. How long does it take to heal, keep reading to get answers to your queries. 

Getting burned on the roof of your mouth is very common, something we all have experienced once in life. While terrible and annoying, it is not usually severe enough to require medical attention.

What is the Burned Roof of Mouth?

Burned Roof of Mouth

The roof of the mouth is called the palate, consisting of a hard and soft palate. While the hard palate is found in the front, separating both nasal and the oral cavity, the soft palate is found at the back. 

The palate is covered in moist tissues that are susceptible to burn. Consuming hot food or beverages can cause a first-degree burn, (minor burn) that can only damage the top layer of a person’s palate.

How Long Does The Burn Roof Of The Mouth Take To Heal?

Burns can damage the tissue of the roof of the mouth and kill the skin cells. As the burn starts to heal, the dead cells will peel away, and the new cells grow underneath. 

It can be seen as white skin hanging out from the roof after the burn. New skin will be tender initially, though it will toughen up quickly.

The process of the first-degree burn will usually take around 5-7 days. Superficial burns are shallow and heal quickly, but if the burns are severe, they may take up to 2 weeks.

What Are The Symptoms?

Burnt skin is annoying. Here are a few symptoms that you may experience-

  • Irritation
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Loss of sense of taste
  • Pain
  • Blister

What To Do Right After The Burn?

What to do right after the burn

Taking certain measures can help manage the burn. Here’s what you can do-

  • Use Ice Cubes: Immediately suck on an ice chip or sip cold water.
  • Avoid touch to prevent infection: Avoid touching the burnt area with the fingers or tongue to check the damage. The fingers may cause infection to the wound, and fiddling with the tongue can impair the healing process.
  • Apply topical cream: If the burn is severe and painful, apply over-the-counter topical numbing ointment.

How To Treat Burn On Roof Of Mouth

Wondering what to do immediately after burning the roof of my mouth? Here’re a few home remedies that can help manage the condition to some extent-

1. Yogurt or Milk

People find that drinking cold milk or eating yogurt helps ease the burn’s discomfort. Cow milk is rich in lactic acid, which gently exfoliates the dead skin from the affected area. Applying yogurt directly to the burn can also cool down the pain and inflammation.

2. Honey

Honey is used topically in the treatment of the burn wounds (1). Applying honey to the burnt area a few times a day can speed up the healing process as it contains proteins, vitamins, and amino acids. At the same time, it has antibacterial properties that reduce the chances of infection in the wound.

3. Mouth Rinse

One of the important jobs of our immune system is to protect against infection. However, in case of certain wounds, such as burns, the skin damages to an extent that immune system fails to protect it from infection. Such burns make skin vulnerable to infectious disease. 

In such cases, rinsing the mouth with warm salt water helps. It cleans the wound and improves oral ulcer symptoms to prevent further complications. 

4. Aloe Vera

Applying aloe vera gel topically can help treat the burnt area and wounds. The properties of aloe vera helps to soothe the inflammation caused by the burn. It would be great if you have an aloe vera plant. 

Cut a leaf, wash it thoroughly and extract some gel. Apply it on the roof of the mouth. Aloe vera is edible; therefore, there is no harm in applying its gel directly on the burnt areas to get instant relief. 

5. OTC Medications

Over-the-counter medicines does not help with healing but can provide some relief to the pain. Some ointment or gels are also available with the numbing effect if the pain and irritation caused by the burn is unpleasant.

What To Avoid After A Burn?

If you have burned the roof of mouth and wondering how long it will take to heal, try to avoid these things to hasten the healing process-

  • Hot drinks and food: Mistakes, once made should not be repeated.
  • Mint and menthol: Both mint and menthol can be very tingly and inflame the burn of the mouth.
  • Spicy food: Hot spices or sauces on the wound will cause more irritation and can worsen the condition. 
  • Alcohol and cigarettes: They are harsh on your mouth even during standard time but definitely should be avoided until the burn heals completely.
  • Acidic food: Food like tomatoes, citrus fruits, and orange juice is acidic and should be avoided during the burn as it can cause inflammation.


A superficial burn on the roof of the mouth usually heals by itself within a week or two. Using some of the home remedies that suit you will speed up the healing process. But if the burn is severe and causing serious issues, you should seek medical help and visit a dermatologist with a specialization in treating burns. 

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