Can You Shower After Botox?

can you shower after botox

Botox treatment is used for reducing the signs of aging, such as the wrinkles on the face. It is made from the bacterium Botulinum toxin but despite its harmful nature, the small doses lead to effective results when administered by an experienced doctor. The process takes a few minutes but can you take a shower after Botox treatment? How to cleanse the skin after this? Read on to know more.

Taking A Shower After Botox

This is fine as long as the temperature of the water is normal because hot showers can increase the blood flow to the face, resulting in Botox shifts and causing undesired outcomes. So, you need to avoid steam showers, soaking in the hot tub or cleansing your face using hot water.

Waiting Duration For Taking A Hot Shower After Botox

Make sure to wait for 24 hours before taking a hot shower once the Botox treatment is done. The same applies to facial, massage or other spa services to avoid any discomfort and unwanted outcomes.

The Best Way Of Skin Cleansing After Botox

You can cleanse your skin and still be gentle by using normal temperature water and applying gentle pressure on the treated areas. When you don’t prefer cold water, you can use lukewarm water and let enough time for the skin to rest for the best outcome. After a day or two, you can be back to your regular skin routine. Botox treatment needs special aftercare, for at least 1-2 days depending on where the Botox was injected. Make sure to follow the tips mentioned above to clean your skin and still ensure that you have the desired outcomes of Botox treatments.

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