Botox for Double Chin: How to Prepare, Side effects, And More


Double chin is a drawback to facial aesthetics, and when it appears wrinkly, it reduces the look even more. If you are looking for some fruitful solutions, Botox for double chin is one of the safest methods to overcome it. 

Fine lines and wrinkles on the face and chin are signs of aging and can make anyone self-conscious, especially because it makes the person look old. However, multiple aesthetic procedures prevail that can make the skin youthful again, and Botox is one of them. 

Can You Use Botox For A Double Chin?

Botox is a toxin that paralyzes the muscle’s movement underneath the layers of the skin. In this procedure, surgeons remove the wrinkles from the lower part of the jaw. 

Wrinkles on Chin

Wrinkles on Chin

The wrinkles in the chin are typically known as dynamic rhytids (1), which means the wrinkles take shape depending on movement from the muscles underneath the skin. These rhytids are caused by the muscles repeatedly making the same movements. 

Botox is delivered by injection to the area that wants to stabilize. Botox on the chin is a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved procedure suitable for anyone (2).

How Does Botox For Double Chin Work? 

In the procedure, Botox is injected directly into the chin muscles.

Normally, the brain and muscles communicate when and how the face should move. This communication system works by use of the acetylcholine compound (3). When Botox is injected, it blocks the release of acetylcholine for a temporary period, resulting in paralyzed muscles once the toxin takes effect. 

Botox on your chin can target the loose skin types of chin wrinkles and loose skin in the chin and jaw area. This includes: 

  1. Deep creases in your chin. 
  2. Double chin caused by loose skin or sagging muscles. 
  3. Dimples on your chin. 
  4. Wrinkles in your chin. 

Botox is a preventative treatment if there is a predisposition to deep wrinkles in the chin area in the family history.

What Causes of Double Chin?

What Causes of Double Chin

A double chin is caused by accumulating an extra fat layer beneath the chin. While having a double chin should signal that a person is gaining weight and needs to be proactive about weight loss, it can be caused by other factors. These factors include:

  1. Bad posture: Bad posture can cause the muscles around the chin to weaken, thus allowing the skin to loosen. When the skin is loose, it won’t hold the body fat around this area well, thus forming a double chin.
  2. Genetics: It might be a common occurrence in the family. In this case, genes are to blame because they naturally make the skin lack elasticity. This increases the likelihood of developing the condition. 
  3. Aging: As you age, the skin loses elasticity and becomes saggy. Therefore, the chances are more likely that you have this condition.
  4. Overall weight gain: Bad dietary practices and lack of exercise means the body has more fat. 

How to Prepare for Botox for a Double chin?

The provider should give detailed instructions on preparing for the Botox appointment, and the person who wishes to get Botox should follow these instructions carefully. They may advise to:

  • Stop taking over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) (4), such as ibuprofen, and supplements like fish oil and ginkgo biloba for a week before the injection appointment.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol for 48 hours before the appointment.
  • Inform the doctor of any health conditions or prescription medication you are undergoing.

What To Expect After Botox For Double Chin?

After the procedure on the chin, a person can resume most normal activities immediately. Some burning, numbness, or discomfort-like sensations may occur as the toxin slowly takes effect.

Don’t expect to walk out of the first Botox appointment with the total result of the treatment on view. Results may be noticeable after a day or two, but complete results can be seen after a week or ten days. 

No Botox treatment is permanent—the average length of time for the effect of Botox to last ranges between 3 and 6 months.

How To Find A Provider?

Botox is a powerful treatment for chin wrinkles and dimpling for most people. To ensure safety, you should be cautious about who you choose as your provider. A good provider can demonstrate that they’re licensed and certified in the treatment you want, answer questions about cost and side effects, and have photos of before and after treatments they can show you.

Other Treatments For Double Chin

Plastic surgery has many procedures to remove excess fat around the body. These procedures include:

  1. Liposuction: This procedure covers the neck and face and removes fat from the face.
  2. Facelift: Face-lift surgery allows the surgeons to remove fat and loose skin from the chin and neck.
  3. Necklift: In neck lift procedures, surgeons remove extra skin or fat from the neck to improve the appearance. Combining a traditional neck lift and this procedure can cause a tight feeling around the neck that lasts many months.

After these procedures, bruising, and swelling can last 10 -14 days. The general anesthesia used for so many double chin surgeries poses severe risks for some people with severe health conditions. 

Smokers and people taking anti-clotting drugs, such as warfarin, may also face increased bleeding risk during any surgical procedure.

Side Effects Of Botox For Double Chin

Botox is considered low-risk and safe for most people. In the days after Botox injections, there are some common side effects that anyone may experience. These include:

  1. Pain, bruises, or swelling at the injection site.
  2. Headache.
  3. Temporary nausea.
  4. Muscle twitching.
  5. Crooked smile 

Besides, if the symptoms are severe seek medical help immediately. The severe symptoms are-

  1. Blurring or double vision.
  2. Muscle weakness or painful spasms
  3. Difficulty speaking.
  4. Loss of bladder control.
  5. Labored or constricted breathing.

How Many Units Of Botox For A Double Chin?

According to dermatologists, women typically require 2 units of Botox per chin muscle to get rid of them. However, men tend to have more fatty tissues; therefore may require more, that is, around 3 to 5 units of Botox for a double chin. 

Besides this usual recommendation, there are other factors as well that determine how many units of Botox are required for a double chin. These are-

  1. Facial muscle strength: The stronger the facial muscle, the more units of Botox will be needed to straighten the crease.
  2. Desired outcome: Fewer units will be needed if you want to keep muscles mobile and vice versa.
  3. Frequency of use of facial muscles: People who smile, frown, pout, or scowl more than others tend to use their facial muscles more. It means they will require more units of Botox.
  4. Metabolism: How well your body can break down Botox injections also determines the units of Botox needed for a double chin. It is observed that people with good metabolism require frequent as well as more Botox injections than others.
  5. History of Botox treatment: People who frequently get Botox usually require fewer units to upkeep their skin.  


Botox treatment can be a life-changing experience because it can drastically change the appearance. Even though Botox treatment is safe, effective, and tailored to patients’ needs, precautions and aftercare are essential to get the desired results.

Botox for double chin can effectively help one get a youthful look. 


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