8 Easy Ways To Get Rid of Neck Wrinkles Naturally

Generally, neck wrinkles are only due to ageing factors but there are various studies which proved that neck wrinkles can be caused due to various other factors like irregular diet, improper exercise and anymore. Neck is one the most sensitive areas where signs of ageing include presence of fine line all over the neck. Because, we don’t pay attention to the area around our neck, the factors triggering wrinkles over neck go on increasing.

While many of people prefer to go for some treatments or any surgery to get rid of wrinkles, it is recommended that you should first follow home remedies to treat them. Here we mention you how to prevent next wrinkles, how to treat the wrinkles and other exercise. One of the most important factor that leads to neck wrinkles is sudden weight loss which is due to skin loses it elasticity and tends to look drippy and old. Avoid losing weight all of a sudden.
You should also focus on hydrating the neck area always because if neck does not get enough duration, it dries the skin which leads to occurrence of wrinkles.

You should also focus on the way you are actually sitting or reading books. People who bend more often usually end up making their neck look with more of wrinkles. So, you should focus on reading booking or working over laptop at the level of your eye, which avoids you from bending.

How To Get Rid of Neck Wrinkles?

1. Egg White and Lemon Mask:

You need to separate the egg white from egg and collect it in a container. Now add few drops of lemon to the egg white and mix both the ingredient thoroughly. Apply this on your neck and then wash off the egg white with Luke warm water.

2. Neck Massage:

Doing a neck massage at home is the best remedy to do at home. You need to massage your neck using olive oil or coconut oil. Due to large amount of anti-oxidants present in both the oil, it helps to get rid of wrinkles. You need to heat the oil for few minutes and then massage your neck.

3. Pineapple for Neck:

Take few slices of pineapple and grind them thoroughly. If needed you can add some drops of honey and lemon to the paste. Mix all the ingredients together and then apply the paste on your neck. You need to massage your neck with this and then wash off with Luke warm water. You need to repeat doing this twice a day for better and effective results.

4. Lemon:

Using lemon is one of the most effective ways to fade the wrinkles over your neck. Cut one lemon into half and massage the lemon over your neck. If you are squeezing out the lemon juice, you can apply lemon with the help of cotton ball. Applying lemon on your neck for more than two months continuously can help to fade away the neck wrinkles completely.

5. Hydrating:

You should focus on hydrating your neck every time. Generally, because neck is the most ignored area, we usually do not apply any hydrating cream nor even pay attention. You should mostly apply SPF all over your neck just like you do with your face. If not SPF, you can always apply hydrating cream on your neck so that the skin there is always nourished and supple.

6. Exfoliating the Neck:

You should exfoliate the neck once in a week because exfoliating can help to remove the dirt and debris from the skin. Once the dead cells are removed from the neck area, wrinkles fade away slowly. You can use a loofah or scrubbing gloves to exfoliating the skin.

7. You Should Stop Smoking:

You should stop smoking as smoking can lead to signs of ageing in a person which also leads to wrinkles over your neck area. Regular smoking can damage the collagen over skin and hence it leads to wrinkles over skin. Not only over skin, can smoking lead to wrinkles over neck as well as skin.

8. You Should Take on Fish Oil Supplements:

Due to omega 3 fatty acids present in the fish oil supplements it leads to fade away the wrinkles over neck. Also, it helps to production of collage to the body which helps to restore the elasticity to the skin and avoid wrinkles over face. You need to take fish oil supplement daily and also include eating salmon and other oily fish in your diet, and eat them atleast once a week.

You should also perform various exercise to reduce the wrinkles. Here we mention you different type of exercise that can help to fade away the wrinkles.

1. Lip Exercise:

You should place your lower lip above your upper lip and hold for few minutes. Repeat doing this for few days and continue doing this for more than 15 times. This will help to uphold the neck and also avoid the wrinkles.

2. Neck Exercise:

You need to stand in front of a plain-ceiling and try to look at the wall straight. Avoid bending your neck but focus on watching straight to the wall. Now slowly return back to the original position and repeat doing this for more than 10 times. Performing this for 10 times is more than enough.

3. Mouth Exercise:

Open your mouth and then start saying vowels, A, E, I, O and U without joining your lips. You need to do this exercise for 15 times which will help to fade away the wrinkles from the neck. The thing which you need to remember is avoid closing your mouth in between when you the vowels.

4. Right and Left Neck:

Now look at right and then to left. Do doing this for more than 20 times and start doing this for everyday. Also, you should continue doing this for atleast one month.

These were few simple home remedies and exercise that you can do to prevent neck wrinkles.

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