Can You Try Olive Oil For Tanning

olive oil for tanning

Everyone loves the sun-kissed look of their skin and hopes you might be one of them. If you want to tan your skin, you can choose extra virgin olive oil for skin tanning. Olive oil’s moisturizing minerals content deeply penetrates the skin and gives you a soft and smooth skin look. Olive oil’s sheen attracts the sun’s warmth and creates the best way to obtain a glowing tan.

Try Olive Oil For Tanning

Choose A Perfect Olive Oil For Tanning

There are different varieties of olive oil for a perfect tan. Before you begin the tanning, ensure that you have extra virgin olive oil. Lay a large towel over the tanning chair or bed. Take a small piece of –washed towel or cloth soak it in olive oil and rub it on all parts of the front body including the face. Relax and close your eyes for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, rub the olive oil all over the back of your body with a cloth and lay down on the tanning bed, relax for another 30 minutes. After your tanning session, use soap and wash the olive oil properly in the shower.

The General Guidance Of Tanning Process

Olive oil gives lots of pros for skin care as well as health care. It has the property to help the skin in the best way and some of the essential guidelines are as follows.


1. Utilize sunscreen after using olive oil for tanning and select the sunscreen by knowing its SPF value.
2. Learn about the dangers of unprotected sun exposure.
3. Exfoliate properly before you go for a tan. A sugar scrub with olive oil is best for that.
4. Neglect tanning beds, particularly if you plan to use olive oil for sun exposure protection.
5. Maintain your skin in good condition after your vacation by moisturizing and oiling frequently. Olive oil helps you stay tan longer and it will protect skin aging from ultraviolet exposure.


1. Sunscreens contain harmful chemicals, which are the maximum cause of skin cancer. So use olive oil before going for sunscreen and also don’t use olive oil alone.
2. Olive oil acts as sunscreen, you can use it when going outside for a short walk. But it is not suitable for spending a long day on the beach, it isn’t a short time.
3. If you are doing sunbeds, it is not advisable. because it creates skin cancer risk and creates an older look than your real look.

Tips For Olive Oil Tanning

If you want to use olive oil for skin tan, you have to follow some simple tips, and keep them in your mind. They help you to get your desired effect. Few tips are given below

Get Information About Olive Oil Types

It is essential to have knowledge about the different types of olive oil. You should examine olive oil, whether it is pure olive oil or not. Some of the processed varieties contain artificial ingredients that are not suitable for your skin. As already mentioned, extra virgin olive oil is very pure.

Know About How It Turns Your Skin Tan

Olive oil has many benefits for health and skin. Its antioxidant and antibacterial properties enhance silky smooth skin and softness. The sun’s heat is absorbed by its glow, something you don’t get with other tanning products. Olive oil takes a very short time and gives you a brown as well as deep tan.

Always Be careful

As you know well, the sun’s too much exposure causes a lot of damage. It can cause skin cancer and premature aging. Experiencing high sun exposure also leads to eyes damages. Hence, you should always be careful while olive oil tanning. It is better not to expose our body parts to direct sunlight for a long time.

Have Knowledge About Suntan Lotions Alternatives

Olive oil is plenty better than store-bought suntan lotions to get a tan. It is in natural form, so it is the safest replacement for tanning devices and sunbeds. It has no artificial ingredients and harmful chemicals that can damage your skin. Using olive oil can also heal skin infections and reduce the risk of building up skin conditions.


Although olive oil has enormous skin benefits, it is not a perfect alternative for sun protection. It is far better not to use olive oil alone, you can also use quality sunscreen during tan. The main use of olive oil for tanning is not to replace sunscreen. Olive oil will help prepare your skin better for tanning, and it will keep your tan on longer. If you use the smart way, you’ll have a safe tan

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