Is It Safe to Put Deodorant Under Your Breasts?

Is It Safe to Put Deodorant Under Your Breasts

Sweat is one of the things that summers bring along. It’s common to get sweaty while working out and indulging in strenuous physical activity, but during summer, things get messier due to high temperature.

While everyone gets sweat in the underarms, forehead, groin, soles of feet, and palms of hand, women get it under their breasts, too. Underboob sweat is not uncommon due to skin fold, and it may lead to an unpleasant smell. It is when the role of deodorant comes into play.

If you wonder if can you use deodorant under your breasts, the article will give an insight.
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Using Deodorant Under the Breasts

Using deodorant under the breasts

The areas of the body where skin-to-skin contact is frequent or persistent such as under breasts, underarms, joint between thighs and calf muscles, get sweatier. As a result, they remain moist and warm, creating a breeding ground for bacterial, fungal and yeast infections.

The development of unpleasant smell due to accumulated sweat makes things even bad. You also become prone to getting skin rashes (1).

Even though you can use quick dry or moisture-wicking clothes or wipes to get rid of sweat, the smell stays for long. While some people use powder in such body parts but its effect is short lived. On the other hand, deodorants work longer.

So, if you think of applying deodorant under your breasts, use them but with caution as follows-

  • Check skin’s sensitivity: People with sensitive skin may experience skin irritation after using deodorant under breasts. Such areas of the body are more sensitive to chemicals and irritants; therefore, you should perform a patch test beforehand.
  • Perform patch test: Irrespective of your skin type, spray a small amount of deodorant on any part of the body and check if it is causing any adverse effects. Now spray it over the sweaty parts and check for skin irritation. If nothing unusual happens, you can use the product under your breasts, too.
  • Gentle formula: It is essential that your deodorant has a gentle formula and is designed with mild ingredients. Products with a hypoallergenic formula will be the best to use under the breasts. Also, it is advised to use an aluminium-free formula for underboobs.

How to Use Deodorant Under the Breasts?

Some people tend to get so much sweat that managing it becomes troublesome. Even after wiping a number of times, the sweat keeps coming and creating an unpleasant smell. If you are one of them, apply deodorant after bathing.

Take a bath thoroughly and get rid of the sweat smell from under the breast areas.
Come out of the shower and take the deodorant of your choice with gentle ingredients.
Lift your breasts up and spray twice under both breasts.

You will not smell awful for certain period until the effect of deodorant fades. If you sweat more than usual, keep the deo in your bag and reapply whenever necessary. You can also spray deodorant on a cotton ball and swipe it under the breasts for increasing its effect for longer.

Deodorants come in different forms roll-on, stick and spray. Among these, spray will be the best for using under the breasts as they are convenient.

Alternatives to Deodorant for Under Breasts

Alternatives to Deodorant for Under Breasts

People who are allergic to using normal deodorants under the breasts can combat sweat and its unpleasant smell using the following alternatives-

1. Antiperspirant

The work of antiperspirants is to reduce sweat. People who sweat more than usual often use antiperspirants, especially on underarms. It is equally beneficial to use under breasts and reduce sweat. Ensure that it suits your skin and doesn’t cause skin irritation.

2. Sweat Cotton Inserts

Women who sweat a lot and accumulate sweat under breasts can opt to bra liners. These are cotton inserts that can help deal with sweat and rashes. You can place the inserts between your bra and skin to allow it to work effectively and prevent moisture from accumulating under breasts. The best thing about the cotton inserts is they are washable and usable.

3. Absorbent Baby Powder

Baby powders are usually sweat absorbent due to their specialized formula. They are made to keep sweat and the rashes due to it at bay. At the same time, they are made with mild ingredients; thus, suitable for every skin type, including sensitive ones. Spreading absorbent baby powder under the breasts will reduce the sweat and its smell.

4. Moisture-wicking Bra

Women who experience too much sweat and irritation in skin folds should try wearing bras (2) made with moisture-wicking materials such as polyester and nylon. They work great in summer and humid environments. For added comfort, spread baby powder to reduce underboob sweat.


Deodorants are your best friends when the temperature rises and sweat starts to create a nuisance. Women who sweat a lot, which tends to accumulate under breasts and make the area moist and preferable for fungal growth, should start using deodorant.

However, make sure that the product does not cause skin irritation. If it does, try opting for alternatives to deodorants for your breast areas.

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