How To Take Cherry Juice For Arthritis

cherry juice for arthritis

Arthritis, or joint inflammation is a very common disorder which is characterized by joint pain, stiffness and swelling. It’s treatment is marked with the reduction of the pain. One of the natural and normal ways to cure the joint pain is drinking the cherry juice, Which is also effective in gout pain. Scientific studies have found that drinking Cherry juice or eating the tart Cherry have huge potential to reduce and cure the joint pain. Here we explain how we can use Cherry juice for arthritis and reducing its symptoms.(1)

Does Tart Cherry Juice Work for Arthritis?

  • Tart Cherry juice has major benefits on human body such as fighting inflammation, Arthritis pain, developing the immunity etc.(2)
  • A study conducted in the year 2012 found out that drinking Cherry juice can be quite effective in reducing the pain and fight inflammation.
  • Cherry is full of rich nutrients such as potassium, Vitamin C, manganese, iron etc.
  • Tart cherries contain pigment called anthocyanins, which is likely to reduce pain and inflammation, this is why Cherry is preferable for major and severe joint pains.

How to Use Cherry juice for Arthritis

There are several ways how we can use Cherry juice for the treatment of Arthritis and reducing its symptoms.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar and Cherry Juice for Arthritis

cherry juice for arthritis

Apple cider vinegar is helpful in a number of health disorders. Along with Cherry juice, Apple Cider vinegar can be a major catalyst in treating the arthritis. It relieves pain and is frequently used for multiple purposes. Apple Cider vinegar and Cherry juice, together, often called arthritis diet reduces the symptoms of arthritis.(3)


  • Tart cherry juice
  • Apple Cider vinegar
  • Water

Preparation time: 3-5 minutes.


  • Take around a quarter cup of tart cherry juice
  • Add around 2 teaspoon of vinegar
  • Add a cup of water and mix the solution

How it works: the mixture contains several essential nutrients which help relieving the pain and inflammation.

Normal dosage: An ideal way would be taking the mixture 3 times a day and repeat the same for 2-3 weeks.

Best time to take: Taking a little in morning is likely to be the best time to take.

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How Long Does it Take for Cherry Juice to Help Arthritis

Cherry juice is apparently a great way to relieve pain, and also cure several body problems. As it has been mentioned earlier, Cherry juice has enough potential to cure the joint pain, thus reducing the Arthritis symptoms. A proper consumption of cherry juice for 21 days is likely to be very helpful for arthritis people. In case it has lesser effect, you may repeat this after a few days.

Drinking Cherry juice is a natural method of treating many of the health issues. It is known for raising immunity as well. Arthritis is a severe health problem, which is often deemed as unable to find a permanent solution of, but eating tart cherry or drinking cherry juice does have major impact on not just joints but on other parts of body as well. Apart from Cherry, apple cider vinegar too is a great method. Both of them are a natural and effective way of reducing the Arthritis symptoms.

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