How to Do Chrome French Tip Nails: Step by Step Guide

How to Do Chrome French Tip Nails: Step by Step Guide

The French manicure trend is never out of fashion. It gives a chic, subtle look to your appearance that suits both casual and formal events. The chrome French tip nails add beauty to the hands and bring elegance and glamour. 

The best part is that it is easily done at home or at the salon with little effort. If you are planning to attend a function and want to stand out from the crowd, having chrome French tip nails will gracefully do this job for you.

French Manicure

Getting a French manicure at the salon is an easy option to slay Chrome French tip nails. But if you are extremely busy and do not have the leisure time to spend at the salon, you can easily do it at home yourself. 

Doing it regularly will make you an expert in this field, and you can get the perfect Chrome French tip nails with a little patience and practice. 

What’s required for Chrome French Tip Nail?

chrome French tip nails

Buy a French manicure kit, or you can make it yourself after buying the essential kit equipment. The following items will be needed to make the kit:

  • You need to buy a base. Choose either pink or beige nail polish
  • French nail striping tape
  • French manicure guide

How to Create Chrome French Tip Nails?

Follow the steps below to get the perfect Chrome French tip nails:

1. Preparation

Clean your nails well. Make sure that no nail polish residue remains on the nails. Clean properly 2-3 times using a nail polish remover. Shape your nails well using a nail file.

2. Soak the Cuticles

Dip the nails in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. Gently push the cuticles back using a cuticle pusher. Remove extra cuticles with a cuticle remover. Remove dirt from the nails underneath.

3. Buff the Nails

Buff the nail top to smoothen the nail. Buffing helps shape the nails and makes them shine.

4. Apply the Base Coat

Choose the base colour depending on your skin tone. Apply the base coat and let it dry. If you are satisfied with the colour first base is giving, leave it as it is. However, if you want a shade darker, apply the second coat once the first base coat dries off. Allow it to dry off completely.

5. Place the Guides

Once the base coat dries off completely, place the nail guides on the nails. If you do not have the guides, you may use any tape. Cut the tape into small pieces and remove its glue by sticking it onto something and removing it. 

Continue this process several times till most of its glue wears off. This is to ensure that when you use it on your base-coated nails, the base nail colour will not peel off upon its removal.

6. Pain the Nail Tips

Using white nail polish, paint the tips of your nails. If there is a need, you may even apply the second coat. However, if you decide to apply the second coat, just make sure that the first coat is completely dry otherwise it may mess up the nail tips.

7. Seal the Manicure

Remove the nail guides or the tape and seal the manicure by applying a top coat of polish. Let this coat dry out.

8. Best Chrome French Tip Nails

Below are some of the best chrome French tip nails that always stay trendy and in fashion. 

1. Mermaid chrome French

Mermaid chrome French

Mermaid chrome French tip nails can be shown off on any occasion. You can experiment between various shades of blue and green to get a great look.

2. Gold chrome ombre

Soak the Cuticles

You can shake up the world by using metallic gold colour. This option looks best on nails of all lengths.

3. Chrome base

Chrome base

You have many options to choose from if you want a chrome base. Use a single metallic colour or mix various colours to get perfect chrome base nails.

4. Gilded tips

Gilded tips

The foil chrome French tips provide a stunning look that complements all the attires.

5. Graphic crossing

Graphic crossing

Give a twist to your usual nails with a criss-cross design. This will take your nail creativity to a higher level.

6. Dotted golden chrome French

Dotted golden chrome French

Using tiny golden dots create unique chrome French tip nails. Keep the base neutral to have a subtle look.

7. Glitter drip

Glitter drip

adding glitter and rhinestones makes French nails appear out of the world. These glitters mesmerize the eyes and take the breath away.

8. Pearlescent chrome

Pearlescent chrome

add a graphic line to the monochromatic pearlescent chrome to rise the bar. This takes your nail art to a perfect look.


Having a clean, classy look is the need of the hour. People unconsciously notice how well-kept hands and feet are. It is important that you maintain the hygiene and health of your nails and keep them in style all the season. 

Remember; don’t forget to experiment with your nail art. Since chrome French tip nails are the latest fad, try them out for a stylish look. 

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