15 Different Types Of Women’s Collars With Their Names

Different Types Of Women's Collars With Their Names

A collar is the part of a shirt, dress, coat, or blouse that goes around your neck. It can be made from different materials like cloth, fur, or leather. Collars can be plain or fancy, and they can have different uses.

15 Different Types Of Women’s Collars With Their Names

1. Point Collar

The point collar has sharp, pointed ends that point downward. It’s a common style for dress shirts, and it looks neat and professional.

2. Spread Collar

A spread collar has wider collar points, which are farther apart. It’s a versatile choice, often seen on business and formal shirts.

3. Button-Down Collar

This collar has small buttons at the points, keeping them in place. It’s classic and often found on casual or preppy shirts.

4. Mandarin Collar

The Mandarin collar stands up and doesn’t fold over. It’s a unique, elegant choice, commonly seen on Asian-inspired clothing.

5. Peter Pan Collar

Named after the fictional character, it’s a round, flat collar that lies close to the neck. It’s popular in children’s and women’s clothing.

6. Shirt Collar

The classic shirt collar is neat and standard. It can come in various shapes, like point or spread, and is common in everyday wear.

7. Sailor Collar

This collar is wide and square, often seen on sailor uniforms. It has a nautical and distinctive look.

8. Ruffle Collar

Ruffle collars have frilly, decorative edges. They add a touch of elegance and are commonly found on dresses and blouses.

9. Band Collar

The band collar is a standing collar with no fold-over. It’s sleek and modern, often used in more formal clothing.

10. Bow-Tie Collar

This collar is designed for a bow tie, with a small loop to hold it in place. It’s perfect for formal events.

11. Cowl Neck Collar

Cowl necks drape in soft folds, creating a loose and comfortable look, often seen in sweaters and dresses.

12. Off-the-Shoulder Collar

Off-the-shoulder collars expose the shoulders, giving a stylish and slightly daring appearance.

13. Hooded Collar

Hooded collars have an attached hood, providing warmth and a casual, sporty style, commonly found on hoodies and jackets.

14. Cowboy Collar

Inspired by Western wear, it’s a pointed collar with a snap or button front, often seen on cowboy shirts.

15. Mock Turtleneck Collar

This collar is a shorter version of a turtleneck, offering a bit of neck coverage without the full height of a turtleneck. It’s a more relaxed option.

What Fabrics Are Used To Make Collars On Clothing?

Collars on clothing can be made from various materials, depending on the style and purpose of the garment. Some common materials used for making collars include:

Fabric: This is the most common material for making collars on clothing like shirts, blouses, and dresses. Fabric collars can be made from the same material as the rest of the garment or a contrasting one for a stylish look.

Leather: Leather collars are often used in jackets, coats, and sometimes casual shirts. They provide a rugged or edgy look to the clothing.

Fur: Fur collars, usually made from animal pelts, are used for warmth and as a fashion statement on outerwear like winter coats.

Lace: Lace collars are delicate and add a touch of femininity to dresses and blouses, often seen in vintage or formal wear.

Denim: Denim collars can be found on denim jackets or casual shirts, contributing to a relaxed and comfortable style.

Satin or Silk: These materials are used for creating elegant and luxurious collars on formal dresses and blouses.

Knit or Ribbed Fabric: Often used for sweaters and cardigans, these collars provide a snug and warm fit.

Velvet: Velvet collars add a plush and regal feel to dresses, blouses, and outerwear.

Jersey Fabric: Jersey collars, made from stretchy and comfortable material, are commonly found on casual wear like T-shirts and sweatshirts.

Corduroy: Corduroy collars are durable and add texture to clothing, commonly seen on jackets and workwear.

Suede: Suede collars are soft and have a distinct texture, used in various styles of clothing, including jackets and shirts.

Shearling: Shearling collars are made from sheepskin and are used for warmth and comfort in cold-weather clothing.


The diverse collar types for women offer a wide range of choices to suit various fashion preferences and occasions. Whether it’s the classic sophistication of a point collar, the elegance of a Mandarin collar, or the trendy off-the-shoulder look, there’s a collar style for every taste. These collar designs contribute to the versatility and individuality of women’s clothing, allowing them to express their personal style with grace and flair.

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