Does Dry Shampoo Expire?

does dry shampoo expire

Dry shampoo has gained popularity in recent years and helped people when they have no time for a conventional shampoo. So how is the dry shampoo different? How long does its effect last and does it ever expire? Read on to know the answer to all these questions.

Dry Shampoo And Its Expiry Date

You might not find an expiry date mentioned on a dry bottle of shampoo but it has an expiry date. As per experts, a dry shampoo bottle must be finished within 2-3 years because after that its effectiveness reduces. The maximum period you can use it for is 3 years. This is true even when the bottle is unopened.

How To Ensure Maximum Effectiveness Of Dry Shampoo Before Its Expiry Date?

1. Store Properly

We usually store our shampoo in the bathroom, which means it is exposed to heat and dampness. This can reduce the effectiveness of the shampoo, so it should be stored in a cool and dry area. Doing this will keep the properties of dry shampoo intact and it won’t expire earlier.

2. Keep an Eye on The Dry Shampoo Quality

Keeping the dry shampoo longer than the recommended period reduces its quality. You might find it smelling bad or notice a change in consistency. Thus, it won’t solve the desired purpose.

3. Alter Your Dry Shampoo

Since hair changes with time, using the same product for many years might not provide effective results. It might happen that you had oily hair earlier but now it is drier. So it is better to re-evaluate the needs of your hair and change the dry shampoo when needed.

Impact Of Using Expired Shampoo On Hair

Besides being less effective, dry shampoo can lead to irritation of the scalp, itching and redness, if used after the expiry date. So, it is strongly recommended to avoid using once expired.

Another reason sufficing this point is that an expired dry shampoo bottle won’t spray the product as effectively as before. In case it is an aerosol product, the probability of its clogged nozzle is higher and you might have to vigorously shake the bottle before every use and still not get the best experience.

Try using a toothpick to scrape off any residues on the nozzle to avoid the issue. You can even place it under hot running water to break the clog in its nozzle.

Know The Process Of Removing The Dry Shampoo

Whether it is a new dry shampoo bottle or one approaching its expiry date, you need to know how to get rid of the residues from the hair. This requires washing the hair with a conventional shampoo. Avoid using too much dry shampoo regularly as this can cause heavy build-up on the hair. Rinsing hair with a mixture of one part of apple cider vinegar and 5 parts of water on such hair can help to red rid of the deposits on the scalp.

Dry shampoo has an expiry date just like other products but it is not extremely harmful to use it after the expiration date, though its effectiveness can decrease. Hence, to avoid wastage, always get a medium or small-sized dry shampoo bottle based on your usage frequency. This will ensure that you can finish it in 3 years without having to simply throw it away after expiry.

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