11 Best Hangover Foods To Eat When You’re Hungover

Best Hangover Foods

Ok, so we all did not know what were we up to last night! All we remember is were drinking, drinking and drinking last night. And today, we are feeling so awful about it. Once you are drunk, water and other essential elements are flushed out of body which leaves the body dehydrated and week. We brought you a list of effective foods to treat hangover. Try to eat these hangover foods after your hangover, and we are sure to benefit you with results.

11 Best Hangover Foods To Eat When You’re Hungover

You are now left with headache! Your liver is over dried and you are craving for sugar, sweet, water and many more. You are left with dizziness, shakiness, blurred vision and you well exhausted. So here is the good news to all the drunker! Guess what?

1. Banana

Due to its binding properties, banana can help to cure hangover in a person. Due to being enriched with various vitamins, calcium, proteins and fiber, banana helps to cure the hangover in a person. To do this, you can grind some banana’s and add a little of sugar to it. If needed add some dry fruits to it, which will make it tastier and more effective.

2. Avocado

Due to drinking in higher proportion, the level of potassium gets depleted in the body, which makes you feel shaky and weak. Avocado helps to keep the potassium in level, and lucky this super food helps to cure the hangover. It also helps in proper functioning of body and also enables neuromuscular function.

3. Salmon

Due to drinking alcohol in higher proportion, there are chances to deplete the proportion of vitamin b complex in the body. Eating salmon helps to restore the lost content in the body which leads you with light head and feels empty food.

4. Ginger Lemon Herbal Tea

Ginger lemon herbal tea is mostly recorded by doctor or dietitian, when you are suffering from headache or upset stomach. Ginger has a great quality to nausea relief and also contains anti-inflammatory compounds in large amount. As lemon is enriched with vitamin c and potassium, it helps to boost the blood circulation in the body, and make you feel refreshed.

5. Dried Apricots

Did you know, dried apricots are absolutely high in sugar? Well, dried apricots are enriched with natural sugar which helps to curb the craving of something sweet or tasty after your hangout. Half cup of milk completely filled with dried apricots helps to boost the lost energy in you. Okay, if you did not know about this! Dried apricots help to give 33% of total energy to the body.

6. Coconut Water

When you are hospitalized, coconut water is your best friend because doctors all around the world have termed coconut water as one of the healthiest food in the world. Due to large content of potassium in it, it helps to cure the hangover in you and also restore the lost content in the body. Coconut water has more potassium than banana or any of the sports drink.

7. Beans

The body craves magnesium after boozing — muscle spasms, cramps, anxiety, and irregular heartbeats are some signs of a deficiency. One cup of cooked beans provides about 20-28% of the daily value of the mineral, which also activates B vitamins for energy metabolism and collaborates with calcium and vitamin D to help maintain proper bone health. So dig into that bean burrito — add guac for a double-hitter.

8. Broccoli

Broccoli is one of the most appealing foods that you must eat after a night out. Broccoli is extremely rich in foliate which are folic acid, and vitamin b. Generally while drinking, the level of vitamin B in the body starts depleting which makes you feel fatigued and lethargic too. You can take one cup of cooked broccoli in the morning, which will help to restore 42% of total; value of foliate, vitamin B and other nutrients in the body. Broccoli also contains high amount of vitamin K which in return helps to boost energy in the body. Apart from its nutritional values, broccoli also contains anti-inflammatory benefits which help to combat with oxidative stress, which is generally after heavy alcohol intake.

9. Eggs

There is high amount of proteins and vitamin d in the egg yolk, which helps to cure the hangover in you. While we are talking about eggs, it should be only egg ‘yolk’ to treat the hangover. Eating one egg will provide you with total of 33% of daily value of B12 in the body. Just eating an egg sandwich or omelet can help you to overcome a hangover in the morning.

10. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes contain unrefined carbohydrate just like in the tuberous roots. After heavy alcohol consumption, the level of sugar goes down in the body and hence it is very important to consume unrefined carbohydrate in the body. Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of beta-carotene, potassium and also dietary fiber. So, you can eat sweet potato as much as you want to in the morning.

11. Green Juice

Now, when nothing is working for you and you know, you are heavy drunk it is the time you will have to drink the miracle green juice. Green juice is nothing but a vegetable cocktail that helps to restore the strength in the body and avoid weakness. If you did not eat want all the vegetables have in the juice, you can concentrate in the green vegetables and grind them adding some spices.

12. Beets

It’s a hangover for you, and you have lost all your stamina. In the morning, you can eat beet to restore the energy in the body. Beet is enriched with nitric oxide which helps to increase the blood flow, oxygen efficiency and also neutralizes your blood pressure. To a surprise, beet is enriched with foliate acid, vitamin C, fiber and high amount of potassium.

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