How To Clean Face Roller

how to clean face roller

Face rollers are the new fad that helps to keep the skin healthy. This little gadget, when used properly, can do wonders on the skin and helps to get a natural glow on the face. Commonly made with jade or rose quartz, the face rollers may come in two roller balls or rolling pins of varying sizes, fixed to both ends of the handle.

Delivering multiple benefits to the skin, face rollers are found in every household these days. Some common questions among people are why there is so much fuss about face rollers and is this trend here to stay.

So, today we have compiled a detailed guide about face rollers, their types, benefits, myths, and how to clean face rollers.

Do Face Rollers Work?

Face rollers look simple but are extremely beneficial for the skin. Releasing tension, reducing stress, and relaxing the face muscles, a face roller benefits the face in the same way massage does to the body.

Some potential benefits of using a face roller are the following-

  • Improves blood circulation- The face roller stimulates the blood flow to the face and makes the skin feel lighter and look brighter.
  • Reduce puffiness- Face rollers stimulate lymphatic drainage that helps reduce puffiness of the face and around the eyes.
  • Uplifts mood- Facial massages reduce anxiety and stress, uplifting the mood and making you feel more relaxed.
  • Improves skin texture- Massaging the face delivers anti-aging benefits to the skin. When face massage is
  • combined with anti-aging serums and creams, you get faster results.
  • Soothes the skin- If you are using face rollers made with jade stone, it cools the skin. Using a refrigerated face roller does the same effect on the skin. It soothes the skin, and you will enjoy how it feels.
  • Distributes the skincare products evenly- Apart from massaging, face rollers also help to distribute the skincare products like oils, serums, moisturizers, etc., to the skin evenly. As the tool glides over the skin, the product reaches every part of the face and goes deeper into the skin.

How To Clean A Face Roller?

If you use a face roller and want to know the ways to clean it, keep the following points in handy-

Use a soft and clean washcloth to wipe off the excess oil or residues of any other skincare product from the face roller. Make a habit of wiping off after every use.

Use a gentle soap or face wash to kill bacteria and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water or normal room temperature water.

  • Never put hot water on your face roller.
  • Never soak the face roller in water.
  • Once you clean the face roller, lay it horizontally on a clean cloth to dry.

Is It Okay To Use A Face Roller Every Day?

Yes, you can use a face roller every day for some minutes to give a good massage to your face and improve blood circulation. It will help to bring a natural glow to the face. In fact, it is advised to use a face roller regularly to enjoy long-term benefits.

Myths About Facial Rollers

Face rollers indeed work wonders on the skin; there are many big claims about them as well. However, they are still considered a myth due to a lack of evidence or scientific support.

Some common myths associated with face rollers are-

1. Massaging With Face Rollers Will Slim Your Face- It is a common myth that face roller massage will slim the face. Even though it does help in de-puffing, that will give a slimmer look to the face, but it is temporary and not a rescue to get slim.

2. Face Rollers Can Cure Skin Conditions- There is no scientific evidence that proves face rollers can cure skin conditions. While it helps improve blood circulation and relaxes the facial muscles, which may help indirectly, there is no direct cure delivered by the face rollers.

3. The Effect Of Face Rollers Is Permanent- Massaging with face rollers improves the skin texture and certain elements of the skin; however, these changes are not permanent. Using face rollers consistently may help you get long-term benefits.


Face rollers endow plenty of benefits to the skin, among which relaxing the muscles is the most prominent. Rolling the tool gently on the delicate areas like the face, neck, and clavicle stimulates the blood capillaries and increases the blood flow.

Now that you know the potential benefits and how to clean a face roller, it’s time to invest in a quality face roller and enjoy the face massage.

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