How to Get Rid of Age Spots on Your Hands

Get Rid of Age Spots on Your Hands

No one accepts unexpected things in our life, in the same way everyone likes to look good. Especially when you show your hands or give hands to shake hands, the first impression will be the best impression so if your hand has age spots you wont like to show up your hands. To get rid of age spots on your hands here are some of the processes you can try.

How to Get Rid of Age Spots on Your Hands

1. Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment

Certain treatments like laser treatment can effectively target spots on hands that break down melanin pigment into small particles and then will dissolve slowly. These laser treatments are safer from years together, the risk may be followed after the treatment like darkening the skin. In this treatment darkening or lightening will depend on your skin tone.

2. Cryotherapy


The freezing and destroying technique is called cryotherapy. In this technique the derm uses liquid nitrogen as a freezing agent, this freeze will destroy the melian pigment formatting cells and make the spots fade away and make the skin lighter and glow, as this process also has some of the side effects like redness and itching.

3. Intense Pulsed Light

This is the best and easiest technique with less pain and the most effective technique. In this technique it destroys the pigmentation of melanin and sloughs off the spots in a week, but this technique takes 3 to 4 sessions for better results.

4. Creams and Serums

Some creams and serums may help to fade away age spots. But these are most effective on the older spots and are not pigmented deeply some of the effective serums and locations are

  1. Vitamin C: Vitamin C is the most effective serum that helps to stop melanin production and reduce dark complexion or dark spots on the hands.
  2. Salicylic and Glycolic Acids: Glycolic acid has alpha hydroxy acid and salicylic acid has beta hydroxy acids. As these two alpha and beta hydroxy acids has an exfoliating effect on skin which removes excess sebum and reduces dark spots on hands.
  3. Hydroquinone: Hydroquinone is a bleaching agent which helps to reduce age spots on hands. These medicines help to fade away spots with the help of some steroids present in hydroquinone.
  4. Kojic Acid: Kojic acids have antifungal properties that help to fight against bacteria. It inhibits and stops the production of tyrosine in which amino acids are present that fades away the age spots and lightens the skin.
  5. Niacinamide: Niacinamide is also known as nicotinamide in the form of vitamin B3. mostly present in chicken breast, salmon and brown rice. It helps to improve tone and fade away dark spots. It also has the ability to repair the DNA and regulate energy.

5. Prescribed Treatment

Prescribed medicine will be more effective in lightening the spots better than other products used by own medications. Dr. Peredo suggests the best cream Tri-Luma which lightens , exfoliates and also reduces the inflammation on the skin of your hands, it is prescribed to be used for 8 weeks. There are a lot more creams that dermatologists may prescribe. Age spots are totally harmless, to avoid more age spots, avoid exposure to sun so that the tanning may not be increased, protect yourself with protective creams, locations, clothes, hats and sunscreens these may reduce the risk of having age spots on hands. Try to talk to your dermatologist before taking any medication, which procedure is suitable for your skin.

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