How to Use Olive Leaf Extract for Herpes?

olive leaf extract for herpes

Herpes is a disease caused by a smart virus (Herpes Simplex Virus) which tends to play so smart in the body that it is never get caught by any medicine neither the immune system. It becomes really difficult to cure this disease and is not an easy task to do. But, there has been researching on finding natural ways to cure Herpes one of which includes Olive Leaf extracts.

Olive leaf extract comes from the leaves of the olive plants. The extract contains phenolics such as oleuropein which maintains glucose metabolism and skin health. It is said to be one of the best ingredients to cure herpes. It is said to have healing powers and has been used for treating various other diseases too.

How Does Olive Leaf Extract Cure Herpes?

Olive leaf extracts are gathered from the Olive plant which contains anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-microbial, antioxidant, and more other properties. Olive leaf extract is a remedy which fights all types of the viruses. It has been proved to be a better method than any other medications which do not affect health in return. It has been proved to be an effective to cure the Herpes.

The compound called Oleuropein has a tendency to kill the viruses that are present. Herpes starts to grow in our system when our immune system gets weak by stress or when our body fails to produce protein. Oleuropein present in the Olive leaf is the main component that fights the virus and protects the immune system. Although herpes does not eliminate properly it helps in preventing the virus to outbreak further. When we consume the olive leaf it attacks and damages the virus in our body and prevent further cause. So, the chances are less of the virus getting completely replicate but it will surely experience the death in the host.

How to Use Olive Leaf Extract for Herpes

  • Three to four tablets of before 6 hours of your meal. The dosage must be only one tablet every six hours.
  • Take the medicine until you see a change. If a change occurs that means the medicine is working. If you take more of the tablets then you will face certain symptoms like fatigue, flu, headache etc.
  • Take less amount of tablet if you see symptoms and if these symptoms don’t go away then stop taking the tablets.
  • See a doctor that will set up a proper schedule for taking the medicine and will also show how to take and what the changes that will occur will cure.
  • You can combine olive leaf extracts with Aloe Vera, which can enhance the action for faster results.
  • You can also use Oregano Oil with olive leaf extract together for better-cured results.

How Much Olive Leaf Extract Should I Take for Herpes

The olive leaf contains oleuropein which contains 20 mg that helps in better digestion and removes the virus that causes herpes in our body. This is the best herbal medicine one can opt for. Some olive leaves are not turned into capsules they are dried and then they are put in a glass of warm water and consumed directly. This is very helpful in curing herpes. 500 mg must be consumed daily and that too four times a day. If you want to consume 3 times a day then you are to take dried leaves per drink along with the tablets.

Is There Any Side Effects of Using Olive Leaf Extract on Herpes

There is no such harm but more consumption may lead to little side effects. The overdose may make the disease more complicated and may lead to serious illness. The medicine must be taken in appropriate quantity because when more quantity is taken it may cause heart problems. The heart may reduce its beats and blood pressure may go down. It might also bring detoxification problems just like: Diarrhea, Nausea etc. So, proper care must be taken.

If one encounters issues like shortness of breath, then an immediate action needs to be taken as a lot of people can be sensitive towards a particular form of oil like the olive oil.

So we can conclude that the olive leaves are the best medicine for curing herpes. The dried leave or the capsules both provide benefit to the body and attack the virus of herpes. A proper quantity must be taken to ensure good health.

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