25 Latest Peacock Mehndi Designs for Hands

peacock mehndi designs

Peacock motifs can bring beauty and elegance to any ordinary mehndi design. The peacock symbolizes re-growth, rejuvenation, royalty, respect, integrity, and honor. Applying peacock mehndi design on hand not only makes the hands look beautiful but brings the royal feel as well. Check out some astonishing mehndi designs, perfect for all occasions.

25 Latest Peacock Mehndi Designs for Hands

1. Give Royal Look to the Hands

The charming peacock spreading the fronds all over the palm makes the mehndi look so graceful. To complement the design, you can make elephants, on the other hand, to give a complete royal look to your hands. This design is the best for weddings and engagement days.

2. Beautiful Peacock and the Scattered Fronds

A peacock near the fingers and its beautiful fronds all over the palm gives a royal look to the hands. You can decorate the fingers in the same pattern as the fronds to make the mehndi look more elegant. Easy to make, this design is perfect for the bridesmaid, sisters, and friends of the bride.

3. Gracious Legs with Beautiful Peacock

When peacocks are made on the legs, the beauty of the legs increases manifolds. It is a special leg mehndi design perfect for the brides. Once you are done with this royal and traditional peacock mehndi design, there is no need to look for any other, as it makes your legs look extremely pretty and completely bridal.

4. Artistic, Minimalist and Elegant

For all the girls looking for a simple mehndi design that has the beauty of peacocks and a tinge of royalty, this is just the right choice. This peacock design is very simple to make. It leaves some areas of the palm empty where you can write the name of your beloved. The flower and leaf motifs make it more attractive.

5. Because Some Mehndi Designs Make the Hands Look Royal

It is a unique yet simple bridal mehndi design that has peacocks, lotus flowers, and motifs of leaf patterns that are perfect for all occasions. To give this mehndi a royal look, there are elephants and umbrellas at the top of the palm. The entire scene looks artistic and gives a traditional and elegant look to the hands.

6. Peacock on the Arms for a Stunning Look

Peacock on the Arms for a Stunning Look

instagramSpecial peacock mehndi design that can adorn the arms and make them look royal in all the senses. Even if you are wearing bangles, the design will compliment them, and the beauty of your hands will enhance. Chain and leaf motifs scattered all through the arm bring royalty to the hands.

7. Simple Design with Graceful Fronds

This is another simple peacock design where the scattered fronds give a feeling of a dancing peacock. If you are looking for a design that is easy to make, takes lesser time, and looks extremely beautiful, this is just the right choice. Adorn this design on any occasion and catch the attention of everyone.

8. Elegant Design with Peacock and Typical Mehndi Motifs

A beautiful peacock sitting right at the palm can make any mehndi design look astounding. This design has everything that you are looking for, a cute peacock with beautiful fronds, a big lotus on the arms, and chain motifs covering the rest of the part. You also have some extra space to write the name of your loved one.

9. Intricate Design for a Beautiful Hand

Peacocks on the palm and fronds touching the tips of the fingers make this design one of its kind. Apply the chin motifs, flowers, and big leaves to the rest of the areas to increase the beauty of this typical mehndi design. It is best for the friends, sisters, and close relatives of the bride.

10. Two Peacocks and Uniform Patterns for an Attractive Hand

For all the women applying mehndi to show love for their partner, this peacock mehndi design is perfect that will justify their emotions. It has two peacocks sitting face to face, giving a heart-like resemblance to the design. A cute little heart between the peacocks depicts the love birds and your emotions for your partner.

11. Decorate the Back Hand with Two Peacocks

It is a simple back hand peacock mehndi design. If you have applied peacock design in the palm, getting something similar on the back will complete the royal look. Make a peacock and beautify it with flowers, leaves, and typical mehndi motifs to get a traditional look on the hands.

12. Bring Royalty to Hands with Bridal Peacock Mehndi Design

This is a typical peacock bridal mehndi design that graces the hands and makes them look more attractive. You can apply peacock design, scattering their fronds all over the palm to give it a more elegant and traditional look. The simple design on the fingers compliments the peacock design of the palm.

13. Adorn the Hands Simply with Beautiful Peacocks

It is another simple yet graceful peacock mehndi design for the backhand. It covers the entire backside of the palm. Even if you are applying a simple design n the palm, this beautiful peacock design will cover up the simplicity and brings royalty to the hands. Apply red nail paint to make the hands look more attractive.

14. Some Intricacies are Only for Royal Hands

If you are looking for a bridal design that has many small peacocks, multiple flower motifs, unique leaf patterns, and the typical uniformity that mehndi designs have, it will meet your needs. It is one of the best and most popular bridal mehndi designs that bring attractiveness to the hands.

15. Complete the Bridal Look a Detailed Mehndi Design

Get a complete bridal look with this wonderful and astounding mehndi design. It comes with a matching leg mehndi design to help you get a complete look. Apply this design right up to the arms and below the knees, and look your best on your big day. With this special design, you are definitely going to get all the attention and praise.

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