15 Shag Haircuts for Women Over 50

shag haircuts for women over 50

Gone are the days when shag haircuts for women over 50 were considered a bit daring and unconventional. Today, they are the trendiest hairstyles of all that come in different styles, suitable for different face shapes.

Shaggy hairstyle can be understood as a layered haircut with textured ends that make you look youthful and modern. At the same time, shaggy hair makes thin hair appear voluminous and dense, making it a good option for older women who often face hair thinning in the later years of life.

Another advantage of a shaggy haircut is it cancels out wrinkles on your face with its soft finish. Maybe it is the reason why you see some celebrities like Halle Berry and Emma Thompson in shag hairstyles most of the time.

Let’s check out some great shag haircuts for women over 50 and the ways they are enhancing their looks and overall personality.

15 Best Shag Haircuts For Women Over 50

1. Meg Ryan Shaggy Haircut

Let’s start with this popular Meg Ryan shag hairstyle that she has been flaunting recently. This short shag haircut looks super cool on her as it has waves and curls for the wispy look. It is an ultra-modern hairstyle for a gorgeous look.

2. Shaggy Short Curls

For women with curly hair, these shaggy short curls look great. It works well among those also who have thin hair. Go short with shaggy curls to get a cool and funky vibe.

3. Shags With Waves

For the love of wavy hair, this shaggy hairstyle looks amazing. If you are really bored of your usual hairstyle and want to try something new, pick shags with waves to create an extra alluring look in your persona.

4. Layered Shaggy

The shaggy hairstyle is known for having many layered hair, and this layered hairstyle is never going out of trend. It gives a dramatic and edgy makeover to your personality, and you look stunningly beautiful.

5. Messy Shag

For the love of a relaxed and freaky look, you can go for this messy shaggy haircut that looks extremely pretty. It gives such a confident attitude that you will rock your world without any doubt.

6. Short Shags

If you are one of those women who love short haircuts, short shags are your go-to style. It gives a complete makeover to your personality, making you look bold and confident. For a modern women’s look, get this hair cut now.

7. Edgy Shag

With a swag-kind style, this edgy style is one of the perfect shag haircuts for women over 50. You can try this edgy pixie look if you are ready to experiment with your hairstyle and look more fashionable and chic.

8. Curly Shag

Every woman with curly hair can get this curly shag haircut to have a bold and unique look. It works well for women with thin hair as well and makes them look voluminous. The tiny mild bangs, edgy hairstyle, and sleek contemporary style are the best for mature women.

9. Medium Length Shaggy Hair

Women who don’t want to transition from long to short haircuts just for the sake of shag can try medium-length shaggy haircuts. The best part is with a little styling; you can enhance your look and cover your forehead and eyebrows to hide your fine lines.

10. Shag With Bangs

Bangs are always trending, and when paired with a shaggy haircut, they look more gorgeous. Even though this hairstyle look messed up, you can get it to conceal the roundness of your face. It looks great with medium-length hairstyles.

11. Spiked Shag

A spiked shaggy haircut is not something that every woman can try. You need to be bold and confident as this style enhances your personality and makes you look extremely stylish and chic. If you are a woman with a diamond-shaped face, this style will suit you the best.

12. Feathered Shag

Feathered shag looks great on women with a medium-length blonde hairstyle. It gives some texture and volume to otherwise thin hair. When left loose on the shoulders, feathered shag makes you look more beautiful.

13. Shaggy Bob

If you want a short haircut and love bob hairstyles, a shaggy bob will be your best pick. It is trending and fashionable, making you a prime attraction wherever you go.

14. Razor Shag

This edgy razor shag haircut is amazing and makes women look modern and chic. If you are looking for some stylish shag haircuts for women over 50, this is what you can try. It enhances and beautifies your personality multiple times.

15. Curly Messy Shag

Messy shags look great and are low maintenance too. If you have curly hair, this style will complement your personality. Just make a few stroked before heading out of home, and you are good to go.


Every woman has the right to experiment with their hairstyle, and a shag haircut is a great option for older women.

Whether you go for a trendy shag haircut or a sophisticated one, it will make you look gorgeous all the time. The best part is they work best for thin hair to make them look voluminous.

So, what are you waiting for when we have already given you 15 great choices?

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