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28 Best Fringe Hairstyle Ideas to Inspire You

1.  Alexa Chung fringe haircut:

Alexa Chung fringe haircut

2. Anne Hathaway fringe haircut:

anne hathaway fringe haircut

3. Bryce Dallas fringe haircut:

Bryce Dallas fringe haircut

4. Felicity Jones  shot fringe haircut:

Felicity Jones shot fringe haircut

5. Emma Stone Feather Light Side Fringe:

Emma Stone's Feather Light Side Fringe

6. Demi Lovato blonde full Fringe Haircuts:

Demi-Lovato-blonde full Fringe Haircuts

7. Catherine Bell short fringe bob hair style:

catherine-bell short fringe bob hair style

8. Christina Ricci short fringe bob:

Christina Ricci short fringe bob

9.  Jennifer garner Best Fringe Hairstyles:

 Jennifer garner Best Fringe Hairstyles

10. Lou Doillon Best Long Hairstyles with Fringe Bangs Women:

Lou Doillon Best Long Hairstyles with Fringe Bangs Women

11. Frankie Sandford shot fringe haircut :

frankie sandford shot fringe haircut

12. Ginnifer Goodwin short Pixie Fringe Haircuts:

Ginnifer Goodwin short Pixie Fringe Haircuts

13. Lea Michele Fringe Hairstyles:

Lea Michele Fringe Hairstyles

14. Jennifer Lawrence Fringe Hairstyles:

Jennifer Lawrence Fringe Hairstyles

15. Halle Berry short Fringe:

Halle Berry short Fringe

16. Jaime Pressly short Fringe:

Jaime Pressly short Fringe

17. Jenna Elfman  short Fringe:

jenna-elfman short Fringe

18. Karlie Kloss short fringe:

Karlie Kloss short fringe

19. Lily Collins cropped fringe hairstyle:

Lily Collins cropped fringe hairstyle

20. Lauren Conrad fringe haircut:

Lauren Conrad fringe haircut

21. Keira Knightley side fringe:

Keira Knightley side fringe

22. Mandy Moore Fringe Hair style:

mandy moore Fringe Hair style

23. Norma Ruiz Fringe bob hairstyle:

Norma Ruiz Fringe bob hairstyle

24. Olivia Thirlby Fringe Hairstyles:

Olivia Thirlby Fringe Hairstyles

25. Rihanna wide forehead fringe:

Rihanna wide forehead fringe

26. Sara Paxton short hairstyles with fringe cut:

Sara Paxton short hairstyles with fringe cut

27. Cristin Milioti ponytail with fringe hairstyle:

Cristin Milioti ponytail with fringe hairstyle

28. Reese Witherspoon’s with fringe cut:

Reese Witherspoon’s with fringe cut


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28 Best Fringe Hairstyle Ideas to Inspire You
28 Best Fringe Hairstyle Ideas to Inspire You

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