Partial Highlight Hair: Benefits and Types Hairstyles

Partial Highlight Hair: Benefits and Types Hairstyles

Wondering what is a partial highlight? It is a hair coloring method that focuses on enhancing specific sections of your hair. Rather than coloring the entire head of hair, a professional stylist strategically placed highlights in selected areas, such as around the face or the top layer (crown). This method is used to create contrast and depth; it can be used to add dimension to your hair color.

Benefits of Partial Highlights

  • Inexpensive: Typically, partial highlights are cheaper compared to full highlights. On average, most partial highlights will cost about $100.
  • Less damage: Since the procedure only highlights a few sections of the hair, you will likely experience less hair damage than full highlights. Full highlights are usually expensive because they require more work and material.
  • Looks more natural: Partial highlights look more natural because you can still see the hair’s base color. Partial highlights look softer and more subtle.
  • Low maintenance: The new growth of a partial highlight can be less visible than the full highlight service.
  • Less time consumption: Most salons take between 1 and 1.5 hours to complete partial highlights, whereas full highlights can take around 3 hours.

How Do You Care for Highlights?

Any amount of bleaching requires you to provide your hair special care to ensure it remains healthy, strong, and beautiful. Whether you do highlights at a salon or home, you need to follow the given steps to keep your hair in good condition:

  • Get a trim within a week of coloring to seal the ends. Follow up with a trim every 6-8 weeks to keep the ends strong.
  • Apply a few drops of good quality hair repair oil after shampooing your hair, gently brushing it through for even distribution. You can also visit any salon for quality hair treatment or access to products like illuminating essential oil.
  • Use a color protection shampoo and conditioner.
  • You can choose to do a keratin treatment to repair protein in your hair and give it a sleek and shiny look.

Different Types of Partial Highlights

There are several techniques and styles to choose from. Each style offers a unique finesse and can complement different hair colors and textures. Let’s explore various types of partial highlights that can transform your look.

Sun-kissed Highlights

Sun-kissed highlights

This highlight texture gives a beachy and effortless look that mimics the natural lighting effect of the sun. These highlights are perfect for creating a sun-kissed glow and adding warmth to your overall hair color.

Face-framing Highlights

Face-framing Highlights

One of the most popular partial highlights is to brighten your locks with face-framing highlights. This focuses on the positioning of your highlights around your face to add warmth to the skin tone. This highlight brings attention to your best features and creates a stunning frame for your face.

Partial Balayage Highlight

Partial or mini balayage highlight is where the color is hand-painted onto your hair for a seamless and blended result. Balayage highlights create a soft and natural look, transitioning gradually from your natural hair color to the highlighted section.


Babylights give a youthful and fresh look. These are ultra-fine highlights that imitate the softness and brightness of a child’s hair. These delicate highlights add a touch of natural brightness and volume to your hair, giving it a youthful and sun-kissed appearance.

Peekaboo Highlights

These highlights add an element of surprise to your hair, where vibrant or contrasting colors are strategically placed underneath your top layer. Peekaboo highlights create a hidden pop of color that peeks through when you move or style your hair. It adds a lively and unique touch to your look.


Partial highlight color is a good choice for those looking to go lighter, but they are okay with it if the bottom half of their head remains in their natural color. It is a good option for those who mostly wear their hair down. The stylist creates a dye that works for your hair color and preference. This process will take slightly less time because the stylist is doing only half of the head.

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