Why Are My Arms So Skinny?

Why my arms are so skinny

Arms form an important part of our body that affects its aesthetics. Hence, people are often concerned when they have skinny arms. The type of food consumed, and the type of exercise can be the reason affecting its build. Read on to know more:

5 Reasons Why Your Arms So Skinny?

1. Lack of Arm Exercises

Lack of enough exercise for the arm muscles can make them skinny. It doesn’t mean doing the arm exercises every day. Choosing the right frequency of training, with some trial and error can help in muscle gain. Current fitness levels and previous resistance training experience can help in determining the right frequency for arm exercises. Also, more hours or workout is needed when the frequency is less

2. Low Recovery Time

Training the arms too much with no time for recovery won’t help in building muscles. At least 1-2 days of recovery in between, is needed to ensure that the exercise works well.

3. Not Doing The Right Exercises

Beginners often make this mistake. While focusing on building muscles, it is important to do bicep curls and triceps extensions in conjunction with the compound exercises for best results.

The compound strength training exercises involve lifting more weight and using multiple muscle groups at once. Quicker results are possible with bent-over rows and bench presses.

4. Not Using Progressive Overload

Lifting heavy weights is needed for developing muscles. So, adding weights gradually and doing sets with 8-12 reps without affecting the form is important for muscle development.

5. Lack of Consumption of The Right Food

Muscle gain requires the consumption of sufficient calories besides working out. Food choice is crucial in this case. Your plate must

To avoid having skinny arms, it is important to check on your mistakes in workout and eating habits. Accordingly, some long term changes can be introduced in your lifestyle to avoid the skinny arms issue.

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