Why Do Perfumes Smell Different on Everyone

Why Do Perfumes Smell Different on Everyone

When you go for perfume shopping, you want to try various different fragrances before buying one. Usually, the store provides paper blotters for us to try perfume on and take a sniff, and that is how we decide which one we would like to buy.

Here, it is important to know that the smell you get from the perfume on paper blotters will not be the same as in the body. Perfumes on different subjects may smell differently, especially when applied on the skin. That is why we are meant to try the perfume on different areas of our hands and neck to get the actual check of its fragrance.

Not only that, if a perfume smells enchanting on one person, it is not necessary that it would seem equally pleasing to you. It may smell entirely different, which makes us wonder why perfume smells different on everyone.

Factors Affecting Perfume Smell

Factors Affecting Perfume Smell

Perfumes are fragrant liquids typically made from a combination of aromatic compounds, solvents, and fixatives (1). All these compounds are mixed in different proportions to create a pleasing aroma. When these chemicals are mixed with the chemicals in our skin, the smell of perfume changes. Our skin is composed of various chemicals, such as water, lipids, protein, etc., that contribute to its structure, function, and overall health.

Therefore, one size fits all is a big misconception when it comes to perfumes. The chemicals in the perfume, when combined with the chemicals in our bodies, create a completely different scent.

Apart from this, there are many other factors that influence how the perfume smells different on everyone; they are:

Skin Type

The pH level of our skin is one of the enormous factors affecting the smell of the perfume (2). The level of pH and natural oil in your skin can influence the chemical formulation of the perfume when it combines with your body, resulting in a certain smell.

Oily Skin

It was found that oily skin can help enhance the perfume’s smell and make it a masterpiece. The more hydrated and moisturized your skin is, the better it works on you. At the same time, oily skin holds perfume’s smell for longer compared to dry skin; as a result, giving a more pronounced and longer-lasting scent.

Dry Skin

As dry skin lacks hydration, it tends to absorb the perfume rather than stay on the skin. People with dry skin should try perfumes with a stronger fragrance that holds up well and makes them last. Comparatively, the lighter scents will disappear shortly. So, it is recommended to moisturize your skin before applying the perfume so that the body responds better to the smell.

Environmental Factors

There are other external factors that affect the reaction of fragrance with the skin. Herein, weather plays an influential role in deciding how a perfume is working in different conditions. For instance, in hot weather or warm temperature, perfume tends to evaporate and make the fragrance diminish quickly. Conversely, in cold weather perfumes tends to last longer. Humidity tends to hold on to perfume for longer.



Hormones can also be amended with the essence of the perfume (3). During the menstrual cycle, when women’s estrogen levels drop, their bodies produce heat. That heat will affect the perfume, making it more sensual and attractive.


This is surprising to know, but it is a fact that our diet also affects how our perfume smells. Some edible items, like garlic and onion, can temporarily change the odor of your body, affecting the fragrance of your perfume. The same happens with the alcohol wherein excessive intake causes our body to release the smell of alcohol.


Wearing our favorite perfume is always tempting. Since there are a number of aromas from a variety of brands, it’s always fun to try different perfumes to elevate your mood. From making one feel refreshed to more attractive, the different notes of a perfume can do wonders.

Now that we have answered why perfume smells different to everyone and what factors affect its aroma, you can be aware of the situation and apply the perfume accordingly. For instance, people with dry skin should apply a perfume with a strong smell to keep the fragrance for longer and those living in humid conditions should go for a mild fragrance.

Likewise, keeping a note of your diet and alcohol intake will also influence how a perfume will smell on your body. Keeping all these factors in mind will help us smell good and make the scent last longer too.

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