Why is My Wax Not Removing Hair

Why is My Wax Not Removing Hair

Waxing is one way of removing unwanted body hair. We tolerate the pain of waxing for the love of flawless, smooth skin. While some people visit a salon to get their hair removed, others wax at home.

Waxing is an easy and convenient way to get rid of unwanted hair from different parts of the body. At the same time, it is beneficial over other hair removal techniques, such as shaving and laser for varying reasons, making it a preferable choice (1).

Even though waxing may sound easy, women face many issues while doing it at home. One of the most common complaints among women is when I wax the hair that doesn’t come off. If you experience the same, this article will give an insight into the possible reasons behind it along with the potential solutions.

Waxing at Home

To reap the maximum benefit from any kind of beauty treatment at home, it is essential to pay attention to the details. While waxing at home, it is very normal for a couple of hairs to be left behind unnoticed. If you think that it is a lot more than a couple of hairs that aren’t coming off or breaking while waxing, then you need to dig deep into the matter. You need to figure out what is making your wax ineffective.

Why Does Hair Not Come Off While Waxing?

Why does hair not come off while waxing

Waxing at home makes the process of hair removal cost-effective. However, if it is not giving the desired results, it is of no use. Below are various reasons why the hair does not come off while waxing.

1. Not Waxing Properly

For the wax to work effectively, it needs to be applied properly. From wax application to wax strip removal, everything needs precision to achieve the desired outcome.

You need to apply wax in the direction of growth and pull the strip off in the opposite direction. If you apply it in the wrong direction, it won’t work at all. Moreover, it will cause you pain and discomfort, leading to skin irritation later.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you need to be quick and do it in one fast motion while removing the waxing strip. It should be fast enough that the wax comes off with the hair from the targeted area. However, if the wax is not removed fast enough, the hair might break down.

2. Hair Length

The length of your hair is another deciding factor indicating whether the hair will come off. Wax needs to be adhered to the skin and hair properly for smooth removal.

If the length of the hair is not long enough to be covered in wax, it will fail to grip in the process to come off with the wax. Therefore, it is recommended to wait for at least 4-6 weeks before a waxing session. By this time, the hair grows to the length that makes gripping to the wax easy.

Below is the ideal hair length chart for waxing of different body parts-

  • Body Waxing: The hair for body waxing that includes your legs, arms, chest and back should be around 1/4 to 1/2 inch (about 6 to 12 millimeters) long.
  • Facial Waxing: If you are doing it for a face like eyebrows, upper lip or chin, the length should ideally be around 1/8 to 1/4 inch (about 3 to 6 millimeters) long.
  • Bikini Waxing: For bikini waxing, hair should be at least 1/4 to 1/2 inch (about 6 to 12 millimeters) long to ensure wax grip properly, reducing the risk of ingrown hair.

3. Skin Not Cleaned Beforehand

If you have applied any kind of skincare product in your skin before waxing, like moisturizer, body oil or cream, it is likely that the wax will not hold on to the skin. Even the sweat and natural oil will tend to hold off the wax while applying.

Therefore, to get the desired result, your skin should be free from any product, sweat or oil before preparing for waxing. Use a gentle cleanse or toner to wash or wipe off all the surface dirt and debris from the skin before waxing.

4. Correct Pressure

Correct Pressure

While waxing, a proper pressure needs to be applied for the wax to stick and properly hold the hair from roots. If there is a lack of pressure applied to the strip it might make few of the hair inappropriately done and leave them unwaxed.


If you are new to waxing your hair at home, it might be difficult to do it correctly at first, and you may end up saying, when I wax the hair doesn’t come off. Remember, waxing is nothing less than an art where you need to know everything in detail so that every hair is removed without pain and discomfort.

By following proper technique and practice, you will be able to attain successful results. Doing it properly 2 to 3 times will make you a perfectionist. It is also vital to follow before and after waxing skincare to keep your skin smooth and soft.

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