6 Simple Yoga Poses for Neck Pain Relief

Yoga Poses for Neck Pain

Yoga, as a physical exercise, really helped many people to achieve their goals, which was of course very useful, especially for pain that is often difficult to use, such as drugs or any related product. In fact, because of problems like these, most people now like yoga as an exercise. To be precise, we realize that nothing disappoints as long as it is well done. The good news is that there are now many guides on how to practice this unique exercise. People suffering from neck pain should therefore be happy because, at present, many yoga practices work very well. Therefore, it is good to say that yoga works really well for neck pain and, of course, it is often done by self-healing.

Best Yoga Poses for Neck Pain Relief

In addition, yoga provides flexibility, strengthens the neck muscles and also increases the flow of nutrients and blood to the neck area. All these activities relieve neck pain. Those who can do it properly often see many positive results, which have been very well seen and known to those who exercise frequently. Yoga for neck pain is also.

1. Child Pose

child's pose neck pain
  • The Balasana posture is essential for relieving constipation, calming nervous systems and providing considerable relaxation in the back.
  • Sit on your heels and try to rest your hips on your heels.
  • Then lean forward and lower your forehead. Keep your arms along your body and then your hands on the floor where the palms will be facing upwards.
  • Press gently and gently on the chest on the thighs and hold the same position for a moment.

2. Cat Stretch

cat stretch for neck pain

The other name of the cat scene is “Marjariasana”. This helps strengthen the shoulders and wrist and also makes the spine flexible. The function of the digestive organs will increase and tone the abdomen. It also helps to relax the mind and regulates blood circulation accurately. Get on all fours and try to form a counseling structure.

How to do:

  • The back represents the top of the table and the feet and hands form the feet of the table.
  • The knees must be separated by the hips. During inhalation, lift your chin and tilt your head back, press the navigation device and try to lift the tailbone.
  • During expiration, place your chin on your chest and bend as much as possible.
  • Hold the posture for a few seconds.

3. Straight Forward Bend

straight forward bend for neck pain

It is considered the best yoga posture for back and neck pain. With a gentle curve forward, you can enjoy the maximum with great satisfaction.

How to do:

  • Stand on a mat with your feet and make a hip width. Then slowly, turn your hips and let your head hang.
  • Always try to keep a slight crease in the knees and seize the opposite elbows.
  • The impact of this posture begins at the hips, then swings from one side to the other and ends up reaching the head.

4. Corpse Pose

corpse pose for neck pain

It helps energize your body and rejuvenate cells.

  • Lie on your back on the rug, keeping your legs, hands, and feet comfortably.
  • Close your eyes and keep your palms facing up.
  • Concentrate on the breathing process and try to relax more and more.
  • Continue to breathe gently and stay in this position for a while.

5. Cat/Dog

cat and cow pose for neck pain

How to Perform:

  • On your hands and knees, starting with a neutral spine, inhale and start extending your spine by bringing your hips and tailbone towards your collarbone, chin and lifting your eyes.
  • While exhaling, press with the abdominals while flexing the spine.
  • When you let go of the neck and head, let the breathing take you to this extension when you start to bend the spine again.
  • Go at your own pace, keep flipping and releasing your spine.
    Then, with the flat back, bring your right or left knee to your chest while pulling your chin towards your knee.
  • When inhaling, remove this foot by accentuating the extension of the spine with the knee or foot, pressing on the abdomen while pressing on it and raising the head towards the knee.

6. Cobra Pose

cobra pose neck pain

How to do:

  • Place your knees, heels, and toes on your lap in a table position.
  • Start pressing your abdominal muscles and bring your hips into the space created between your hands.
  • When you shrug your shoulders, lower your eyes or raise your chin and eyes.
  • To rest, return to your hands and knees or move the knees farthest from each other and enter the position of the child.
  • Squeeze your palms and hips as far back as possible between your heels.
  • Rest your forehead on the carpet.
  • Back to Cobra. This time, to adjust the abdomen, lift the hips leaving the knees on the carpet or, for greater intensity, lift the hips and knees of the carpet. To rest, lower your knees and / or your hips to the mat.

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